Alternative History
Abraham Lincoln
Order: 17th Consul
Term of Office: January 1, 1862 - March 7, 1866
Successor: Friedrich Müller
Date of birth: February 12, 1809
Date of death: March 7, 1866
Place of birth: Hardin County, District of Kentucky
Profession: Lawyer
Political Party: Liberty
Lieutenant Consul:

Abraham Lincoln was the 17th Consul of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and 1st Consul from the Liberty Party.

Abraham Lincoln was a staunch opponent of slavery, which at the time was legal in all of Virginia, though restricted in some districts. His election set off the Virginian Civil War.

Lincoln's administration had sweeping effects on Virginian - and North American - history. He took a broad view of a Consul's war powers, setting a precedent for Consuls having broad powers in times of national emergencies. His administration also spelled the end of the faltering United States. He was the first consul to be assassinated, on March 7, 1866, shortly after the beginning of his second term as Consul.