State of Absaroka
State of the United States
Timeline: Russian America

OTL equivalent: Portions of Montana and Wyoming
Flag of Absaroka
Flag of Absaroka
Location of Absaroka
Location of Absaroka (top-left green).
Capital Cody
Largest city Billings
Other cities Bozeman, Casper, Helena
English (de facto)
  others German, Russian, Spanish
Catholics and Protestants
  others Eastern Orthodox, Muslims
Ethnic groups
English and Germans
  others Irish, Russians, Ukrainians
Demonym Absarokan
Admission November 8, 1889
Abbreviations US-AB, Abs.

The State of Absaroka, colloquially known as Absaroka, is one of the 45 states which makes up the United States of America. The state is bordered by Chippewa in the north, Dakota and Nebraska in the east, Jefferson and Texas in the south, and the Alaskan governorates of Idaho and Oregon in the west.

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