Alternative History
Kingdom of Aceh Darussalam
كوراجوعن اچعه داروسسالام
Kurajuen Acèh Darussalam
Timeline: Ninety-Five Theses (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Aceh Sultanate
Flag of the Aceh Sultanate.png 1496 — present
Coat of arms
السلطان لله والوطن (Arabic)
alssultan lillah walwatan (Arabic translit.)
Sultan, God and Country
Extent of Aceh, 1538
     Aceh Darussalam
     Occupied territories
     Lands currently part of the Sultan's expansion plans
Official languages Acehnese, Malay, Arabic
Demonym Acehnese
Religion Sunni Islam
Government Absolute monarchy
 -  Sultan Alauddin al-Kahar
 -  Coronation of the 1st Sultan 1496 
Currency Gold and silver coins

The Kingdom of Aceh Darussalam, more commonly known as the Aceh Sultanate or simply as Aceh (Acehnese: Kurajuen Acèh Darussalam) is an Islamic sultanate located on the northwestern tip of Sumatra, though it is rapidly expanding and intends to eventually take all of Sumatra before moving on to the rest of Indonesia. It is one of the most powerful Indonesian states and has existed since 1496, when the first Sultan, Ali Mughayat Syah, was crowned.


  • 1496: Foundation of the Acehnese Sultanate
  • 1538: Aceh begins an invasion of the Kingdom of Pagaruyung. Initially, the Sultan's forces make sweeping advances into Pagaruyung, but they are eventually repulsed by stronger Pagaruyung forces.
  • 1539: The Acehnese government cancels the invasion and refocuses on technological, military and industrial development.
  • 1540: Beginning of the Aceh Famine, caused by economic downturn and sharp decrease in productivity on the farms, itself a result of the institution of compulsory education two years earlier. To combat this, the Acehnese government reduces the amount of time every week that students have to be at school.
  • 1542: The Aceh Famine ends after Ayutthaya agrees to provide all required food aid in exchange for the island of Sabang.


Aceh is an absolute monarchy led by the Sultan.




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