Principality of Achaea
‎Principauté d'Achaïe (French)
Πριγκιπάτο της Αχαΐας (Greek)
Timeline: Merveilles du Monde (Map Game)
Byzantine Empire
1205 - Present
Armoiries Achaïe.svg
Largest city Glarentza
Official languages Latin; French
Regional Languages Greek
Ethnic groups  Greek; Gasmouloi; French; Italian
Religion Catholic (Official);
Orthodox (Popular)
Demonym Achaean
Government Feudal Monarchy
 -  Princess Isabella of Villehardouin
History Vassal of Latin Empire (1204-1261);
Vassal of the Angevins (1278-Present) 
 -  Fourth Crusade 1205 
Currency Denier
The Principality of Achaea (French: Principauté d'Achaïe; Greek: Πριγκιπάτο της Αχαΐας) is a Frankish feudal nation in Greece. A major nation in the Frankokratia, Achaea is a crusader state that was formed in the wake of the Fourth Crusade

Alongside the Despotate of Epirus, Duchy of Athens, Triarchy of Negroponte, and Duchy of Naxos, the Principality of Achaea is one of the foremost crusader nations in Greece.


Greek Rule (Prehistory to 1204)

Achaea ...

Frankish Rule (1204 to Present)

The Fourth Crusade, waged between the Latin West and the Orthodox East, led to the creation of a number of Latin and Frankish states formed in Greek territory.


Princes of Achaea

The Principaity is led by a hereditary Prince. 

Name Portrait/Coat of Arms Lifespan Reign Span Notes
William I of Champlitte 1160s-1209 1205-1209 Conqueror of Achaea
Geoffrey I of Villehardouin 1169-1228 1209-1228 Aided in conquest of Achaea
Geoffrey II of Villehardouin 1195-1245 1228-1245 Son of Geoffrey I
William II of Villehardouin after 1195-1278 1245-1278 Son of Geoffrey I, brother of Geoffrey II
Charles I of Anjou 1226-1285 1278-1286 Inherited via Treaty of Viterbo
Charles II of Anjou 1254-Present 1285-1289 Son of Charles I
Isabella of Villehardouin and Florent of Hainaut 1260-Present; 1255-Present 1289-Present Daughter of William II; Wife of Isabella



Court of Peers

The Prince is not an entirely unchecked monarch, however.


The Achaean economy is undergoing a period of investment.


Largely comprise of Latin knights, Gasmouloi men-at-arms, and Greek peasant warriors. 

Notable castles: Clermont, Corinth, Beauvoir, and Kalamata.


The culture is a mixture of 

Foreign Relations

  • Good Relations
    • Duchy of Athens - Royal Marriage. Duke Guy II de la Roche of Athens is currently betrothed to Matilda of Hainaut, the heiress to Achaea.
    • Palatine County of Cephalonia and Zakynthos - Tributary.
    • Duchy of Naxos - Tributary.
    • Despotate of Epirus - Defensive Pact.
  • Neutral Relations
    • Kingdom of Albania - Controlled by the former suzerains of Achaea (the Angevins), Achaea has since stopped being under the yoke of the Angevins, given their recent fall from power in Naples. 
    • Republic of Venice - Trading Partner.
      • Triarchy of Negroponte.
    • Republic of Genoa.
  • Negative Relations
    • Byzantine Empire - Conflict.

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