Republic of Achumawiland
Timeline: The Kalmar Union
Flag of Achumawiland (The Kalmar Union) No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Language Achomawi
President Talakayi
Population 222,300 
Currency CLY

The Republic of Achumawiland, Achumawiland, is a small authoritarian republic in western Leifia. It is bordered (clockwise from north) by Modocland, Kidütökaland, Atsugkriga, Wintuland and Shastaland. The capital is Ilmawi and the population is around 222,000.

The Head of State is President Talakayi.

The official language is Achomawi.

The currency is the Chinese Leifian Yuan (CLY).


Like most of the other neighbouring mountain states prior to the intrusion of Eastern Leifian armies the Achomawi lived in small. They had had a long history of conflict with their neighburs. The Shasta and the Modoc people often raided into Achomawi villages on slave raids. However a strong warrior tradition had been forged over the centuries with its tribal warriors wielding bows and wearing leather and bear-skin armour.

After Álengsk troops occupied and developed Snjorjamark (see Atsugrika) to the south in the 1630s the Achomawi embarked on a decade-long war to dislodge their new competitors. This conflict ended with an abrupt volte-face. The Achomawi took a peace deal in return for muskets and livestock, forming a principality and a barrier between the semi-official Álengsk earldom and the tribes to the north. The Achomawi quickly adapted to a settled agriculture whilst pursuing wars against their non-Álengsk neighbours. In 1695 they would capture the fort of Ilmawi from the Northern Kidütökadö on the plains to the east. This trading town would be used by the Álengsk as a focal point for the long Gullvega and its population quickly blossomed with extensive farms feeding the Achomawi and Álengsk alike. And while Achumawiland's own small gold deposits were quickly exhausted silver mines proved more long-lasting.

During the Second Mexic-Leifian War Ilmawi was occupied but the mountainous west proved secure and withstood considerable Mexic assault but the Achomawi had chosen to remain allied to Álengiamark, long after the destruction of Snjorjamark, and by the early 1800s would be completely surrounded by states aligned to China. Petty arguments between Achumawiland and Wintuland sparked the Álengsk-Chinese War of 1836-37. The Achomawi would be comprehensively defeated by the Chinese Leifian League before the Álengsk army could be brought to bear and the mountain passes once again denied access to the invaders.

The Prince and his family fled eastwards following the occupation and the small state was re-modelled into a autocratic republic aligned to Chinese Leifia and with little economic or political freedom.


There is a sheen of democracy but like most of the mountain states aligned to Chinese Leifia this is little more than a sham. Weak laws setting term limits for the presidency were broken and then dispensed with by the current incumbent President Talakayi in the early 2000s. There is a small 'presidential council' but this is completely unelected.

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