Alternative History

This is a completely open timeline, and anyone can contribute and do what they want (except for vandalism of course!).

In OTL, Adelsverein was the name of an attempted colony made by Germans in 1842 to create a new Germany. The colony created the only lasting treaty between Plains Indians (The Comanche) and European settlers. However it soon fell apart in 1853. But in this timeline, Adelsverein was a major success. It became an independent nation and for a short period of time, was very powerful. Here is the timeline.

Kingdom of Adelsverein (1842-1875)

  • 1842 Adelsverein is formed by German settlers. It is formed right in the middle of a war zone, between Mexico and the American backed separatist movements. It is an absolute Monarchy.
  • 1845 Comanches are given full rights, however other Native Americans are treated very poorly, much like Natives in America are.
  • 1846 Mexico is attacked by America and Adelsverein. America recognizes Adelsverein as an independent nation. The Adel Marc becomes the national currency for Adelsverein.

    The eve of the Mexican-American War 1845

  • 1848 Mexico surrenders to Adelsverein. The treaty of Gaudalupe Hidalgo angers many Adelsvereiners, because they did more fighting than the Americans did, yet America gets almost all of the new lands.
  • 1849 Slavery is made illegal in Adelsverein. Adelsverein is now recognized by almost all of the European powers.
  • 1855 Adelsverein declares war on America because it wants to expand and get the territory it deserves. Adelsvereiners flood into America, attacking.
  • 1857 After two years of fighting with very few casualties on America's side, and almost none on Adelsverein's, peace is made. Lots of Territory is given to Adelsverein, and a vassal state is created called Texas. The Kingdom of Texas is unpopular amongst the locals, who hoped for a democracy.

    The eve of the American Civil War, 1860

  • 1858 Konig Otto Von Comanche Stadt begins starting a program to encourage German and Comanche to migrate to Texas.
  • 1859 Another Program is started to convince Anglo and Spanish Texans to leave the country.
  • 1860 The Civil War breaks out in America, between the North and the South.
  • 1861 The Confederate States of America help a rebel group in Texas. The Texas revolution occurs, and Texas joins the Confederacy. This is an amazing win for the South, because do to Adelsverein most industrial centers in that region are in Texas.
  • 1863 Although the Confederacy has not won the Civil War yet, it declares victory. Few Northern Armies remain. Arizona joins the Confederacy. Now, Adelsverein is surrounded on two sides by the Confederate States of America.
  • 1864 Adelsverein declares war on the Confederacy. This is a major relief for the North, because now they have a chance of Victory. Adelvereiners and Comanche fight Confederate soldiers on major battle fields.
  • 1865 The Confederate States of America ends. The U.S. keeps Texas, but gives lots of land west to Adelsverein.
  • 1869 Cars, or Automobiles, are invented by America.

    German America, 1875

  • 1870 The Franco-Prussian war starts in Europe.
  • 1871 The Franco-Prussian War ends with the formation of the German Empire. Adelsverrein buys land from Mexico.
  • 1874 The Kingdom of Adelsverein joins the German Empire. It is promised that it will be treated as part of the homeland, not as a colony.

German America (1875-1920)

  • 1876 Comanche's and other Native American's basic human rights are taken away. This angers many Adelsvereiners, because they are one of the few white people who actually treat the natives ad equals.
  • 1883 Massive industrialization starts in German America.
  • 1890 German America is officially a colony, no longer an actual part of Germany Proper.
  • 1892 A Revolt takes place, but is crushed by the end of the year.
  • 1898 America losses a brief, but important war with Spain. America is forced to pay large sums of money to the European Kingdom. After the War, America retreats into isolation.
  • 1900 Radio is invented by Great Britain.
  • 1901 The American President McKinley is murdered.
  • 1903 America emerges from the isolation again, and declares war on Spain a second time. America wins Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines which it keeps for itself. This time though, it is seen as a warmonger not a liberator.
  • 1910 Airplanes are first invented by America.
  • 1914 World War One begins when Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand is murdered while in Bosnia. Central Powers are Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire. Their Enemies, the Allies are Britain, France, Russia, and Serbia.
  • 1915 Because of the support from German America, Germany is very successful in it's invasion of France.
  • 1916 France falls to Germany. Riots break out in German America.
  • 1917 German America breaks free of Germany's tight grip. German Diplomats convince Mexico to invade their former colony. This convinces America to go to war with the Central Powers.
  • 1918 Russian revolution occurs. Russia becomes a neutral communist state. Mexico has complete control over the former German America.
  • 1919 France is liberated.
  • 1920 Germany and the Central Powers surrender to the allied nations. The German Empire is disbanded. German Colonies in Africa and the Pacific are given to Great Britain. The Ottoman Empire is divided between North (French Control) and South (British Control). Austria is divided into many small states. Bulgaria is made into a democratic nation. Former German America is under temporary American occupation. Only Mexico is allowed to stay the same.

Adelsverein, directly after World War One

Communism and Fascism(1921-1955)

  • 1922 In Italy, Mussolini comes to power with the Fascists.
  • 1925 America releases its occupation of Adelsverein. Adelsverein is the now commonly accepted name for the former German American Territory.
  • 1927 American President, Calvin Coolidge makes several trips to Adelsverein. He expresses interest of having Adelsverein join the United States of America. After he announces that to the press of Adelsverein, he is stoned to death. America forces Adelsverein to pay large sums of money to the U.S.A.
  • 1929 Wall Street crashes. The Great Depression begins. The President of Adelsverein states that there is no reason for America to force it to pay vast sums of money.
  • 1931 The government is overthrown in a military coup. However the new General-President cannot keep power, and several more revolutions occur by the end of the year. America cannot intervene, because it has many financial problems of its own.
  • 1932 After several more bloody wars, Adelsverein is taken over by the Communist Party. The Nation is renamed Comancheria, after the Comanche people who originally lived their.
  • 1933 In Germany, Hitler comes to power with the Nazis.
  • 1935 Austria is annexed by Germany.
  • 1936 Czechoslovakia is divided between Germany and Hungary. Japan joins Germany and attacks China.
  • 1937 Fascists who are inspired by Germany and Italy try to overthrow the government of the Communists.
  • 1939 Poland is divided between the Soviet Union (a Communist Nation) and Germany (a Fascist Nation). Seeing this two nations work together so well, the Fascists and Communists in Comancheria decide to work together. Waves of Pro-German Nationalism go through the nation.
  • 1940 World War Two starts when Germany invades Denmark and Norway. Britain and France come to Denmark's aid, but it falls. Norway falls shortly afterwards.
  • 1941 Comancheria officially becomes a Fascist nation. Italy and Comancheria join Japan and Germany to form the Axis. Most of the Balkan nations are now Pro-Italian or have been conquered by Italy. France falls to Germany.
  • 1943 The Soviet Union annexes Finland, and the Baltic states. Belgium and the Netherlands fall to Germany.
  • 1944 Britain has a failed attempt to liberate Europe.
  • 1945 Germany launches a massive invasion of the Soviet Union. The border is pushed back to the Ural Mountains. American President Roosevelt dies. American attempt at an atomic bomb fails.
  • 1946 Japan(Which now controls most of Asia Proper) attacks the United States. America joins the allies. Spain joins the axis and tries to invade Portugal.
  • 1947 Spain's invasion of Portugal completely fails. By the end of the year, Portugal has completely occupied Spain. America attacks Comancheria and Japan.
  • 1948 British and Portuguese troops go through the undefended territories of Southern France. The Soviet Union takes back Moscow and a small area around it. America establishes the smaller Pro-American nations of Adelsverein, Comancheria, Texlahoma, and the Silb Republic.

    The creation of four smaller states.

  • 1949 Mexican Revolution occurs. Mexico becomes a Pro-American Democracy. Italy falls to British and Portuguese forces. China goes Communist.
  • 1950 Axis powers in Europe collapse. Only Japan remains.
  • 1953 Japan finally collapses. Japan keeps all its conquered territories, but becomes a democracy.

The New Nations' Rise (1954-Present)

  • 1954 Equal rights are created in Texlahoma and Adelsverein.
  • 1955 The Korean War starts between America and allies and North Korea and allies.
  • 1957 All four nations in the former Greater Comancheria open their own stock markets.
  • 1960 Equal rights are granted in Comancheria. NATO is created by America, Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Portugal, Adelsverein, and Canada.
  • 1963 The Silb Crisis begins. It is a genocide against Native Spanish and English speakers. Within the first year, Almost two million people have been killed.
  • 1965 Attempted Communist revolutions occur in both Aldelsverein and Comancheria.
  • 1966 Texlahoma is American in all but name.
  • 1970 Adelsverein and Comancheria announce that they will make Texlahoma a truly independent nation by force, if America doesn't release it hold over it. The Soviet Union flies in as much military support as possible to help the two small nations fight America.
  • 1971 America agrees to back off on its influence in Texlahoma. The Korean War ends in a Status Qo Ante Bellum.
  • 1978 TV is invented by American Scientists.
  • 1985 The Republic of the Silb officially ends the Fatherland Party (the same one responsible for the genocide) becomes the permanent government. The death toll is now about 10 million. The rest of the World starts to take an interest in the killings.
  • 1987 Comancheria threatens to intervene in the Silb Crisis.
  • 1988 Adelsvereiner Scientists create the World Wide Web, or the internet. Computers become common for the average person.
  • 1992 Adelsverein and Comancheria decide to jointly invade Silb.
  • 1995 Silb finally surrenders to their enemies, once the world's first atomic bomb has been dropped. The Silb Crisis ends, and more than 14 million have been killed (including deaths caused by the Atomic Bomb).
  • 1998 A new independent Democracy in Silb is created.
  • 1999 The Soviet Union successfully invades Afghanistan.
  • 2000 America invades and takes Afghanistan from the Soviet Union.
  • 2007 The World Trade Center in America is bombed by Extremist Afghanis. (OTL: 9/11)
  • 2008 Comancheria joins NATO. NATO starts the war on Terror.