Alternative History

Adolf Hitler, Führer of the Greater German Reich

Adolf Hitler (1888-Present), was the Führer of the Greater German Reich, and the man responsible for the fateful cooperation with the Zheronians, an alliance that created the largest empire in history, the complete subjugation of the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Soviet Union.

Hitler and the Zheronian Fleet Admiral Vor'Kloren worked together in the conquest of Britain, Operation Sealion. Hitler, after receiving cybernetic augmentation, also fought personally in Operation Barbarossa, personally killing Joseph Stalin. Cooperating with the Zheronians, Hitler oversaw the conquest of Europe, annexing France, Norway, the Low Countries, Sweden, Poland, and the Soviet Union west of the Yenisei River, ceding the rest to Japan.

In 1942, Hitler declared a state of war with the United States of America, using Zheronian weaponry to destroy Washington, New York, Boston, San Diego, Las Angeles, Denver, and other American cities. Zheronian weaponry was also given to the Empire of Japan, to use in China and the invasion of the United States. Hitler negotiated with Japanese Prime Minister Hideki Tojo to divide the United States in two, with Hawaii, Alaska, and the states west of the Rockies to Japan, while Texas, the Midwest, and the rest of the country to Germany. Germany also annexed Canada, while Australia and New Zealand were given to Japan, after allowing Zheronian ships to transfer white people of the area back to Germany.

In 1943, Hitler chaired the Berlin Conference on the Restructuring of the World, with Vor'Kloren, Tojo, Benito Mussolini, and other Fascist leaders in attendance. The Conference divided the continents into spheres of influence, all under the watchful eyes of the Zheronians, headquartered in conquered Moscow. After the conference, Hitler sent Joachim von Ribbentrop to the Zheronian home planet of Cvidarrki.

Hitler oversaw the creation of the Reich Ministry of Space, an offshoot of the Luftwaffe, headed by Hermann Goring. The Ministry oversaw colonization of the solar system, including the transformation of Pluto into a colony for "Untermenschen."

Hitler's authority over the Reich was challenged in the SS coup of 1961, led by Heinrich Himmler and Haj Amin al-Husseini. Hitler was trapped in Berlin for a month during the Siege of Berlin. However, Himmler was assassinated on his ship, the Reichsraumschiff Herrenvolk, the coup was crushed, and its leaders executed.

In 1965, Hitler went with Vor'Kloren to the Zheronian home planet of Cvidarrki, to meet Zheronian Emperor Kon'Glaphon. The Emperor expressed impressment with Hitler.