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Advancement tells the story of an alternate world, where the renaissance begins in 1000 A.D, in Genoa and Venice. Soon, Europe is under the sway of the new liberal movement ...

Soon, the Papacy ends and the Pope is dead. Relations between the Christian World of the West and the Muslim World prosper, and the Muslims develop many advanced technologies which they share with their Christian Friends. Eventually the world is (on average) 200 years more advanced than our own! By the early 20th century, several moon nations are being given independence.

By the 21st Century man has go to everything in the Sol System (with the exception of the Sun). Although the entire galaxy is mapped out, Science has calculated that it would take 700 years for man to travel to the nearest star. No alien lifeforms have been met yet, but scientists believe they have located stars that have life on them (albeit thousands of years away).

What will happen in a world far more advanced than our own?

Advancement World

This is a map of Earth, nicknamed "Capital of the Sol System"

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