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Africa is the world's third largest continent. It is characterised by the vast Sahara desert in the north, the wide rain forest belts of the centre and extensive plains to the south. While continuously inhabited since the very dawn of humanity the terrain and climate has made nation building difficult and prevented many innovations and ideas spreading southward.

The European explorers of the early modern era rarely paid much attention to the continent, merely using its ports to reach the richer lands of India and the spice islands beyond. Portugal populated its mid-Atlantic islands with slaves bought in the great markets of West Africa but with ample man-power available in Leifia other nations rarely made the effort to engage with the native kingdoms. However, trade did slowly begin to build and by the mid 1700s an intense rivalry involving Europe and several Leifian nations powered a boom in fortress building to stake definitive claims on a particular area's products. Nowadays the coasts are dotted with trade forts belonging to foreign powers, some literally just a building, others endowed with more substantial lands with limited colonisation.

The Caliphate and the five great African Sultanates occupy much of the Sahara and Sudan areas, often more at war with each other than the non-Islamic states to their south. Clinging to the West African coast are a multitude of states, many forming loose federations. On the central West coast the old kingdoms of Kongo and Lunda are slowly appearing from a century of civil war to become economic powerhouses. To their south lies the only major European colony on the continent; the New Netherlands. To its East the paint is still drying on the Union of Southern States of Africa and the jury is still out on whether it will hold. Along the East coast old Arabian sultanates are slowly being turned into native controlled kingdoms eager to fight one another and the ancient Kingdom of Ethiopia for the centre.

African Nations
Country Capital Flag Current Head of State
Akan Union 23px
Anglian Indian Ocean Islands (Anglia) Hannahsdort AIOI Flag (The Kalmar Union).svg King William V
Aro Confederation Arochukwu 23px
Benin 23px
Boke 23px
Borgu 23px
Bornu 23px
Cayor 23px
The Caliphate Baghdad Flag of Cyrenaica Caliph
Dahomey Aborney 23px
Darfur 23px
Ethiopia 23px
Eweland Akatsi Flag of Eweland (The Kalmar Union) King Letsa III
Farim Republic 23px
Fulo 23px
Gazaland Giyani 23px
Granada Granada Flag of Granada (The Kalmar Union).svg Emir Ismael VI
Igala 23px
Ijoland 23px
Jukun 23px
Kaabu 23px
Kakongo 23px
Katsina 23px
Kongo 23px
Loango 23px
Lunda 23px
Mali 23px
Mane Kenema Flag of Mane (The Kalmar Union) Farima Bonokai III Kpanna
Merina Ambohimanga Merina Flag (The Kalmar Union) King Radama VI
Mossi 23px
New Netherlands (United Netherlands) Kaapstad New Netherlands (The Kalmar Union).svg Queen Charlotta
Nupe 23px
Oyo 23px
Portuguese Africa (Portugal) Mombasa Flag of Portuguese Africa (The Kalmar Union).svg King Manuel IV
Sabe 23px
Sekukuniland Seshego 23px
Sennar 23px
Shilluk 23px
Sine 23px
Songhay 23px
United States of South Africa USSA Flag (The Kalmar Union).svg
Venda Thohoyandou 23px
Xweda 23px
Zaria 23px
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