The African Confederation is a loose grouping of African Republics.


After a long series of rebellions against the former Spanish, French and German Empires, the European settlers knew it was time for change. The Confederation was formed shortly before the formation of the UEC on the basis of economic growth, defense against the Zulu Empire, and to promote self rule. Originally fairly racist, the Grey Movement that similarly swept Europe had the constitution changed to outlaw discrimination against "any person of black, white, yellow skin, as all are citizens of our nation and more importantly our world". After a long series of border wars with the Zulu, the Confederation developed strong ties with its economic allies the UEC, Colonial Alliance and the many Japanses traders who stopped there. When the Great War began, the Confederation was neutral. However, with the invasion of the Colonial Alliance by the FSA, the Confederation declared war in the name of its ally. The Zulu and Meccans saw an opportunity to increase their holdings, and declared for the Americans. Within six months of each declaration, the Confederation managed to destroy the opposing state's army and force their surrender and disarment.

Military Tactics

The Confederation relies heavily on artillery and fortified positions. In the air they use swarms of Corvettes with Fist Rockets to great effect. The Confederation did manage to procure a single air fortress under construction in Mecca, and finished it to become the pride of the Navy, if one that never has seen combat and likely never will due to lack of a supporting fleet of capital ships.

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