African Economic Community (1983: Doomsday)

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African Economic Community
Area CentrumPort Elizabeth
(and largest city) Cape Town
Official languages English, Aafrikaans
Recognised regional languages Zulu, Tswana, French
Demonym AEC
Membership Flag of Botswana.svg Botswana
Flag of Good Hope-prop (DD).png Cape Good
Flaggenentwurf 7 Südwestafrika 1914.svg German South West Africa
New Britain Flag 3.png New Britain
KwaXhosa.png KwaXhosa
Afrikaner Vryheidsvlag.svg Volkstaat
Voortrekker flag.svg Waterboersland
Establishment 2009
 -   estimate ~10,000,000 
 -   census None Yet 
HDI  0.??? 
Currency N/A
Time zone Central African Time (UTC +2)

The African Economic Community is an attempt by New Britain to unite the various economies of the South African region. Having shaky origins due to its establishment as an attempt to secure influence over KwaXhosa, it has since developed into a true economic union.

Initially, only the states of KwaXhosa and RZA in former South Africa were a part of the AEC when the organization was founded in 2009. Since then, Botswana joined, first as an observer then as a full member in (insert year), along with other states in the region.

The biggest expansion phase for the AEC came in late-2014, with the states of Volkstaat, Waterboersland and German South West Africa becoming full members.


New Britain founded the African Economic Community in direct competition with the New Union of South Africa, following its attempt at violent expansion into the Orange Free State and KwaXhosa. Though it started as an attempt to secure influence over KwaXhosa, it later became a true international organisation as the RZA was incorporated in as an attempt to reintroduce the area into the sphere of southern African politics rather than focused on the whims of the SAC and ANZC. As New Britain increased in wealth so did these states and a newly resurgent Botswana became interested in expanding its influence further south. Botswana too became a member and slowly, the AEC began to gravitate away from being just an organisation made to benefit New Britain and its belief in a resurgent British Empire.

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