The Collapse began with the failure of banks across the world on January 5, 1910. A stock trading crisis and buying on credit instigated runs on banks first in powerful economic entities such as Great Britain and the United States, then across the world, creating chaos. Police and peacekeeping forces were quickly overwhelmed by the billions of confused and panicked citizens swarmed in and out of cities. Devastating fires tore through residential districts as firefighters looked on helplessly, their hoses and trucks insufficient for putting out the infernos that consumed what were once symbols of civilization. Gun violence in both the cities and the surrounding areas end in the death of untold millions, while those without the ability to manufacture of find bullets quickly find their weapons become useless, devoid of ammunition. In the anarchy and chaos the ensued, several organizations managed to retake control, albeit at a heavy cost of lives. This trend continued for several decades, into the modern year of 2010, or 100AC (after collapse) in the common slang. Technology has fallen to nearly medieval levels in most places, with only the most secluded few remembering even the possibility of steam power. Fortunately, understanding of clockwork and gears is much more advanced than before.

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