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European Timeline

  • (Initial POD) January 15th 1499 - Louis XII of France has a son, who is named Charles.
  • (Second POD) - Prince Arthur, son of Henry VII of England does not die of English sweating sickness.
  • April 18th 1509 - Henry VII dies from tuberculosis and Arthur becomes king of England.
  • (Third POD) February 2nd 1511 - Martin Luther falls of his horse in a freak accident and breaks his spine, killing him instantly. Thus the reformation never reaches the momentum it needs to spread.
  • February 23rd 1513 - Pope Julius II (Giuliano della Rovere) dies from fever.
  • March 4th 1513 - Alfredo di Napoli becomes Pope, taking the name Ambrose (Pope Ambrose I). He would go on to make many reforms and changes within the Catholic Church, battling corruption for his entire reign. He is most famous for initiating the Tenth Crusade.
  • August 9th 1513 - Pope Ambrose, seeing the Ottoman Empire under Selim I expanding into Europe, begins planning a crusade.
  • November 1st 1513 - King Arthur of England, being a faithful Catholic, is eager to become involved in the crusade against the Ottomans. He sends his diplomats to Rome.
  • February 9th 1513 - Maximilian I of the Holy Roman Empire plans for the crusade and begins assembling all the armies.
  • April 15th 1513 - Louis XII of France decides to join the other European kings in their plan for a crusade and travels to Rome to attend the councils.
  • March 9th 1515 - Louis XII of France dies and his 16 year old son becomes Charles IX of France.
  • January 23rd 1516 - Charles Habsburg is crowned King Charles I of Spain. Though initially reluctant to join the crusade, he'd eventually become one of the most important leaders.
  • March 14th 1517 - The 10th Crusade begins. See main article: The Tenth Crusade
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