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A number of airlines currently serve the Antarctic continent.

The continent-wide carrier, Air Antarctica, serves all major Antarctic cities, and has connections to Europe and the USA, as well as planned connections to Asia and Australia. From Britain, Air Antarctica flies to the Falkand Islands with a refuel stop in Cape Verde. United States cities served by Air Antarctica are Los Angeles, Houston and Miami; with New York and Chicago services to begin in the future. The airline currently has a non-stop daily 747 service from Miami, Florida to Las Estrellas, Ognia.

Air Antarctica is the former Air Ognia, which expanded to become a continent-wide airline.

Bellinsgauzenia Airlines is the national carrier of Bellinsgauzenia. It serves flights mainly to Eastern Europe and other parts of the Antarctic continent.

Air France operates a Paris–Kerguelen route, with stops in Madagascar and Réunion Island. There is also a planned extension of this line to Vostok, the capital of Bellinsguazenia, which also has services for European travellers from Moscow to Vostok, via Delhi.

Several other major European airlines, including Lufthansa and Scandinavian, fly between Europe and Antarctica.

South African Airways has initiated a Houston-Cape Verde-Johannesburg-Cookstown line, for flights between the US and Eduarda.

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