Principality of Aismark
Timeline: The Kalmar Union
Flag of Aismark (Kalmar Union).svg No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Language Ais
Prince Pojoy II
Chief Minister Jaega Cacik
Population 2,197,900 
Currency AIK

The Principality of Aismark, Aismark, is a constitutional monarchy situated in the South East of Leifia on the Myrland peninsula. It is bordered to the north by the Utinan Confederation and to the West by Caalusa. To the south lies Coabana and to the East lies the Vinlandic Lucayan Islands. The capital is Jece and the population is around 2.2 million.

The official language is Ais.

The head of state is Prince Pojoy II.

The currency is the Aismark Krona (AIK) and is tied to the Vinlandic Krona.


Historically once the dominant tribe in Myrland (OTL Florida), the Ais began to lose power as the tribes to the north coalesced into nation states during the 1400s.

When Vinland took over the Lucayan Islands to the East it forced Aismark to fly a flag on its vessels to distinguish them from the growing number of pirates in the area. It picked an old faded Danish flag. This was later adjusted to prevent confusion to the current orange with a black cross.

Aismark Map Old (the Kalmar Union)

Aismark c. 1630

As the level and brutality of warfare increased after the First Mexica-Leifia War the Ais began to lose ground to their more organised neighbours. During the period 1650-1700 their territory shrank from the entire south and east coast of Myrland to merely the south-eastern coast.

Aismark Map (the Kalmar Union)

Current extent of Aismark

From there it fell further under the influence of its neighbours the Caalusa, an arrangement that lasted until the 2nd Mexica-Leifia War when it was invaded by a Vinlandic/Abernakrigan force who required secure mainland ports for operations in the Carib Sea. After several years of military rule it was returned to the Ais people.

It was an important staging post during the Mexica-Kalmar War and instrumental in liberating Quisqueyanos.

Aismark is a member of the 4th Kalmar Union.


Aismark virtually copied Vinland's government system in the mid-1700s. In that respect it has a bicameral Althing with very little interference from the royal dynasty. Elections are held every 5 years.

Prince Pojoy II is the head of state and Jaega Cacik is widely regarded as the most capable politician Aismark has ever produced. It is widely assumed that if the long-posited League of Leifian Nations is ever actually created he will become its first secretary-chairman.

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