Alternative History

The Akellian Kingdom can be divided into three main times: formative [400 bc to 200 ad] pre-Constantinople [200 ad-1600] and post con.[1600-present]

Formative era[]

In around 380 BC a man by the name of Akellos roams in the Greek city states speaking of a land free from war with war only just done with the Spartans and Thebans many choose to join him after roaming five years more a modest group of about 750 men reach an area northwest of the Black Sea that is where a new nation is born and others fall for it.

For the next 30 years or so akellos rules a peaceful expansion so that by the time of his death on 354 BC his people control land from the extreme north of eorgia to areas on the northern tip of the Black Sea but this would all fall around akellos'es son Dombadi.

Dombadi started his reign at the age of 22 unlike his father he had no charisma and lacked patience in what was as many historians now call the Akellian 1st campaigns they conquered much of west Georgia and even tried assaulting the Persians, although, the latter failed it gave them the notability for a Phillip the 2nd to send a explorer or two up into the kellos land [ironically he would be assassinated a decade exactly after the explorer reached it giving rise to the famous any who wish for  our city will die for it quote by Dombadi himself.

Dombadi would die in 328 at the age of 48 failing to defeat any of his enemies permanently witht the rise of the Alexander stopping any chance of conquering the Persians in his time and the Scythians although weak still to powerful to attack as well the akellian kingdom would fall into chaos until 316 BC with the rise of Sosuke The Simple.

Sosukes the simples reign from 316 to 300  was as short as it was doubled that land that the Akellians controlled but more importantly made a incredibly advanced central goverNment system for the time.