Ahmed Al-Ankabut
احمد العنكبوت

Statue of Al-Ankabut in Aleppo

Born c.1370
Last active 1409
Spouse Aisha Al-Mumtaz
Issue unknown
Religion Sunni Islam
Profession Freedom fighter
Ahmed Al-Ankabut (literally, "the spider", real name unknown) was a semi-legendary figure, warlord and soldier active in Syria and Palestine during the last years of the Mamluk Sultanate. As the Mamluks were collapsing in themselves, Al-Ankabut managed to carve out a section of Syria and Palestine as de facto independent, looting the Mamluk treasuries to give to the poor. Although quite a lot of his life has been embellished on with myth and song for generations, what we do know is he was successful in frustrating the Mamluk efforts until his mysterious disappearance in 1409, just before the Abbasids took power in their restoration. His exact origin and final fate remains unknown. 


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