Alternative History

Albert Gore, Jr (World Without Clinton)

Former Senator from Tennesee, Gore ran as Paul Tsongas' Vice-Presidential nominee in 1992. Though garnering a tie in his single debate with Dan Quayle according to most media experts, it was not enough to win for his running mate, who flubbed badly in his last debate with George H.W. Bush.

Gore was the 1996 Democratic nominee, running with Texas Governor Ann Richards. His primary campaign and the Democratic Convention was marred by internal squabbles in the party, between "centrists" and members (like Gore) of the Democratic Leadership Council, and the liberal base, most notably led by Ted Kennedy, Russ Feingold, and Paul Wellstone.

Gore lost to Dan Quayle and began a teaching and lecturing circuit. He "put out feelers" for yet another run in 2004, but the reaction was tepid at best, as he had become tarred as "Unwinnable Al".