Alternative History
Kingdom of Alaska
Королевство Аляска

Timeline: Failed Continental Congress
(and largest city)
Language English, Russian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Independence 1855

Alaska contains, more or less, the OTL state of Alaska, plus the Kamchatka peninsula, and the Yukon Province


After being explored by Russian explorers, Czar Peter I declared Alaska open for settlement. Many Russian and English settlers began to flock to the gold rich country. When the population boomed, Alaska became an administrative district of the Russian empire. But in order to make some more money in the Russian Treasury, the Rus. Government put a high tariff on Alaskan gold. With their market shrinking, the Alaskan miners declared their independence from Russia on November 12, 1855. In order to quell the rebellion, Czar Nicholas I sent troops across the Bering Strait. The Alaskan War Of Independence (1855-1857) had begun. In two years, and 2000 lives later, Russia recognized its former colony. In 1881, it ceded the Kamchatka Peninsula and the modern day Yukon.


Though legal, slavery didn't catch on until gold was discovered in 1829. After that, Inuits were rounded up by the hundreds and forced to work in the gold mines. However, two years after the rebellion, slavery was outlawed.


Eastern- Rocky Mountains Western- Russia