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|alt_coat = Coat of arms of Alaska
|alt_coat = Coat of arms of Alaska
|symbol_type = Coat of arms
|symbol_type = Coat of arms
|national_motto = ''Съ нами Богъ!'' <small>({{w|Russian language|Russian}})<br>''S' nami Bog'!''<br>"God with us!"</small>
|national_motto = Съ нами Богъ! <small>({{w|Russian language|Russian}})<br>''S' nami Bog'!''<br>"God with us!"</small>
|englishmotto =
|englishmotto =
|national_anthem = {{w|God Save the Tsar!}}
|national_anthem = {{w|God Save the Tsar!}}

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Tsardom of Alaska
Аляское Царство
Flag of the Russian Empire (black-yellow-white).svg Coat of arms of Alaska
Coat of arms
Съ нами Богъ! (Russian)
S' nami Bog'!
"God with us!"
God Save the Tsar!
Alaska location JoW.png
Location of Alaska within North America
CapitalNew Petersburg
Languages Russian, Native Alaskan
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 -  Tsar Nicholas III
 -  Prime Minister Mikhail Danilov
 -  President of the State Duma Boris Yezhov
 -  President of the State Council Ekaterina Giessel
 -  Chief Justice Josif Bulgakov
Legislature Parliament of Alaska
 -  Upper house State Council
 -  Lower house State Duma
 -  Russian America 1784, 1796 
 -  Independence 2 October 1918 
 -  2016 estimate 22,106,762 
Currency Alaskan Ruble (₽) (ARB)
Time zone West American Standard Time (WAST) (UTC-9)
Date formats dd/mm/yyyy
Drives on the Right
Internet TLD .al

Alaska (Russian: Аляска, tr. Aljaska), also officially known as the Tsardom of Alaska (Russian: Аляское Царство, tr. Alyaskoye Tsarstvo) is a country in North America. It covers much of the northwestern parts of the continent, and is the least densely populated country in North America, having a population of around only 22.1 million as of the end of March 2016. Major urban centres in Alaska include Ankerovka and New Yekaterinburg. Alaska is bordered to the east by Louisiana and to the south by California. To the west, over the Bering Strait, lies Russia.

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