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Alaskan Armed Forces
Вооружённые Силы Аляски
Founded 1917
Current form 1933
Service branches Flag Air Force
Flag Army
Flag Cyber Force
Flag Navy
Flag Rear
Headquarters New Archangel
Commander-in-Chief Presidential Standard of Alaska (Russian America) President Ivan Kasich
Military age 18-40
Conscription wartime
Available for
military service
10,323,256, age 16-49 (2010 est.), age 15–49
Fit for
military service
6,789,240, age 16-49 (2010 est.), age 15–49
Reaching military
age annually
214,405 (2010 est.)
Active personnel 320,000
Reserve personnel 700,000
Deployed personnel 1280
Budget USD 4,345,000,000 (2013)

CHE 8,789,200,000

Percent of GDP 4%
Domestic suppliers Alaskan Defense Corporation

Alaska Aircraft Corporation New Archangel Shipyard

Foreign suppliers Russia, Finland, Sweden, Ukraine, United States,
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History Russo-Japanese War, World War I, Alaskan Wars, World War II, Bering Crisis

The Alaskan Armed Forces is the second largest in North America, only second to the United States in military capabilities. Presently one million Alaskan citizens and legal residents serve the armed forces as personnel. Over 1,200 are deployed in international missions, 300,000 are active and 700,000 are on reserve. Conscription is legal, with a one year minimum but currently not enforced. In case of active conscription exemptions are granted to certified pacifist groups, conscientious objectors, and the medically unfit. However, these groups must provide an alternate, civilian service at the period they are supposed to serve, or will be sentenced to two years in jails or katorgas, depending on their physical conditions. Conscription is applicable only for men, women being allowed to volunteer in most combat services.

The Alaskan military was descended from Russian units in Alaska in the 19th and 20th century. These units were successful in the Russo-Japanese War, where they are credited in the victory in Mukden Manchruria over the Japanese. In World War I, they served on the Eastern Front. In the Alaskan Civil War that followed, many units deserted to the Alaskan Socialist Republic, others to Sonoma, New Albion, Oregon, and New Russia. When the AFDR was founded, all the Armed Forces of the former Alaskan states have been integrated.

Although undoubtedly based on the military of the Russian Empire, the Alaskan Armed Forces developed a distinctive character based on its proximity to the United States and Borealia. Still, the Armed Forces has a good relationship with Russia and the other former Soviet republics, sharing certain military equipment though Alaska mostly produces its own designs.



The Army is the largest of the Armed Forces, totaling 220,000 personnel. Geographically organized into nine military districts, corresponding to territories of the former American Krai. Mechanized divisions are equipped with T-80 and Alaskan Medved Tanks. The standard rifle is the ShB-62 assault rifle, an Alaskan version of the Finnish RK 62 and since 2000 the ShB-05 bullpup assault rifle. 


Naval Ensign of Alaska (Russian America)

Ensign of the Alaskan Navy.

The Navy has 50,000 men of all ranks. 

had purchased some of the former Soviet Union's aircraft carriers, incorporating them to its fleet. They are the Luchkovich, the Hendrikson, and the Tomin


The Alaskan Marines are a special branch of the Navy

Air Force

Roundel of Alaska (Russian America)

Roundel of the Alaskan Air Force.

The Air Force had 30,000 personnel of all ranks.

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