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Аляскинская Республика
Alaskan Republic
Timeline: Russian America
Preceded by 1917 — 1923 Succeeded by
Flag of the Russian-American Company (Russian America) Flag of Oregon (No Napoleon)
Flag of Cascadia
Flag of the Alaskan Socialist Republic (Russian America)
Russian Border Guard
Flag of the Alaskan Republic (Russian America)
Flag of the Alaskan Republic
(and largest city)
New Archangel
Language Russian
Government Parliamentary republic
Currency Chervonets

The Alaskan Republic (Russian: Аляскинская Республика, Alyaskinskaya Respublika) was a former nation which existed in North America. The republic was proclaimed in 1917 following the Russian Revolution and the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II, and corresponded to the oblasts of the American Krai of the former Russian Empire. Despite hopes for change upon independence, the new government remained dominated by those who ruled Russian America previously (just under a republican form of government). Because of which, democratic factions gained support in the three southern governorates (Columbia [which included Vancouver], Oregon [which included Idaho], and Sonoma), and together declared independence in 1919 as the Republic of Oregon. In 1921, parts of Alaska were annexed and occupied by the newly formed Republic of New Albion.

The remaining regions remained united until 1923 when communists ceased Nooshagak and the northwestern regions of the republic. The Alaskan Socialist Republic was proclaimed shortly afterwards. To defend against a communist takeover, the remaining regions united under the conservative Democratic Republic of New Russia; thereby voiding the Alaskan Republic. It wouldn't be until 1939 that all of Russian America would be reunited as the Alaskan Democratic Federative Republic.

The flag of the Alaskan Republic was based on the former flag of the Russian-American Company (which was the de facto flag of Russian America), with the company seal being replaced by nine stars varying between red and blue. The nine stars represented the nine oblasts of the former American Krai (which became governorates upon the formation of the republic).

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