Governorate of Aleutia
Унаӈам губēрния̄
Алеутская губерния

Governorate of Alaska
Timeline: Russian America

OTL equivalent: The Aleutsky District, the Aleutians West,
and portions ofGreany Attu Woman the Aleutians East.
Flag of Aleutia (Russian America) Coat of Arms of Aleutia (Russian America)
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Aleutia (Russian America)
Location of Aleutia
Capital Unalaska
Other cities Akutan, Nikolskoye, Peschany Mys
Aleut and Russian
  others English, Filipino, Vietnamese
Eastern Orthodox
  others Animists, Buddhists, Catholics
Ethnic groups
Aleuts, Creoles, and Russians
  others Filipinos, Vietnamese
Demonym Aleutian, Aleutets
Area 77,023 km² (67,679 кв. врс
Population 864,698 (2017 Census) 
Established January 10, 1932 (ASR)
Admission August 24, 1962
Time zone AKWST (UTC-10)
  summer AKWDT (UTC-9)
Abbreviations AK-AE

Aleutia (Aleut: Танам Унаӈā, Tanam Unangaa;
Russian: Алеутия, Aleutiya), officially referred to as
the Governorate of Aleutia (Унаӈам губēрния̄, Unangam gubеerniyaa; Алеутская губерния, Aleutskaya guberniya), is a governorate of Alaska. The governorate is bordered by Shelikof in the northeast and maritime border with the Russian Federation in the west. The territory of Aleutia is comprised of the entire Catherine Archipelago, the Pribilof Islands, and a third of the Alaskan Peninsula.

Aleutia is unique for being the only Alaskan governorate to have an Indian majority (comprised of Aleuts and Creoles), as well as being the only governorate to recognize an indigenous language (Aleut).


The name Aleutia (Алеутия, Aleutiya) was coined by the Alaskan Communists of the 1920s, and translates as the "land of the Aleuts." In Aleut, the name Tanam Unangaa (Танам Унаӈā) is used instead (and whose translation is similar to the Russian one).

Throughout the 19th Century (and still used today for geographical purposes), the islands were referred to as the Catherine Archipelago (Архипелаг Екатерины, Arkhipelag Yekateriny) — which were named in honor of Catherine the Great.


The Catherine Archipelago have been populated by the Aleuts since the Ice Age. The Russian Empire first made contact with the islands in 1741. Cooperation between the Aleuts and the Russians would be crucial in the expansion and colonization of Russian America.

Greany Attu Woman

An Aleut Woman and her Child.

The Aleuts were granted regional autonomy during the Alaskan Wars, though it wouldn't be until the 1960s that they became a governorate. The archipelago gained international attention during the Alaskan Missile Crisis, in which New Archangel allowed for the construction of American missile sites on the Commander Islands. Soviet and International pressure would force the Alaskans and Americans to remove these weapons.

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