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Aleutian Islands Campaign
Part of the Pacific War
Hauling supplies on Attu
American troops hauling supplies on Attu in May 1940 through Jarmin pass. Their vehicles could not move across the island's rugged terrain.
Date 9 June 1939 – 21 August 1940
Location Aleutian Islands, Republic of Alaska
US Pacific-Asiatic Zone Merchant flag of Japan (1870) Empire of Japan

The Aleutian Islands Campaign was a military campaign during the Pacific War over the Aleutian Islands between the nation of Alaska and the nations of the US Pacific-Asiatic Zone, and the Empire of Japan beginning on 9 June 1939. During the early days of the campaign a small Japanese force occupied the islands of Attu and Kiska, but the remoteness of the islands and the difficulties of weather and terrain meant that it took nearly a year for a far larger Allied force to combat them. The Aleutian Islands served as an important strategic location, if held allowing Japanese forces a base of operations to assault further into American remnant territory and also launch deadly bombing raids on American cities in the area. The campaign was launched to coincide with the larger Battle of Midway taking place near Hawaii during this time, possibly as a diversion to draw precious resources away from the South Pacific, or to strengthen the northern flank of the Japanese empire.

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