Alexander II
Alexander II in 1961
Emperor of Alaska
Reign 23 October, 1960 - 12 August, 1964
Coronation 1 November, 1960
Predecessor Alexander I
Successor Alexander III
Born 10 April, 1912
Swan Palace, Sitka, Alaska
Died 12 August, 1964
Kodiak, Alaska
Spouse Svetlana Makarova
Issue Nicholas II
Princess Svetlana Alexandrovna
Full name
Aleksandr Aleksandreyevitch Dmitrov
House House of Dmitrov
Father Alexander I
Mother Feodora Feodorovna Edmarova
Burial 14 August 1964

Aleksandr Aleksandreyevitch Dmitrov (Russ: Александр Александреиевич Дмайтров) (4/10/1912-8/12/1964), better known as Alexander II of Alaska, was the sixth Tsar of Alaska, reigning from October 28, 1960 until his assassination on August 12, 1964. His reign is noted for a series of grand and ambitious social schemes he himself masterminded and a distinct movement toward the Tsar reaffirming his power in government, which was a trend his father and predecessor, Alexander I, had shied away from. Alexander II struggled with his popularity - the elite disliked him for his radical reforms, and the lower classes felt that he was out of touch with their pressing needs. He was assassinated by Marxists while speaking to striking shipyard workers in Kodiak on August 12, 1964

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