Alternative History

King Alexander (1884-1955) was the son of King Albert, and the first king crowned in Philadelphia.

King Alexander came to the throne during the last phases of the North American War. He suspended the American parliament and the Oregon Act, declaring them to be in rebellion against the Crown. Though his actions were technically unconstitutional, they succeeded in bringing the war to a halt.

Under his reign, the re-democratized nations of the NAC and Oregon fought in the Second Eurasian War together with their neighboring allies and Japan against the Quintuple Alliance containing England, leading to the historically unique situation that the former metropole of a colonial empire is fought by its released daughter nations. After the English Cartwright "dynasty" was forced to surrender in 1946, Alexander was readmitted into the English throne in his function as King of the Commonwealth and thus restored the reign of the House of Orange-Nassau in England, 53 years after his father was forced to abdicate.

Preceded by:
King of the Commonwealth of British Nations
Succeeded by:
Frederick I

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