Allan Oberweis
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Allan Oberweis
Portrait of Allan Oberweis

Born 3rd November, 1969
Kaapstad, New Netherlands
Profession Explorer

Allan Oberweis is a New Netherlander most famous as the first man to reach the South Pole but is also recognized for his other achievements in polar exploration.

Born in Kaapstad in the New Netherlands in 1969 the Oberweis' ran a shipping company heavily involved in the south Atlantic trade between Tawantinsuyu and Africa. This brought the family and young Allan into contact with agents from the United Netherlands Antarctic Agency (UKNAA) as well as the crews from foreign expeditions.

In 1982 he joined the Vinlandic expedition to chart the Einarsson Sea. However the ship and crew were soon locked in ice. During the extended voyage he noted the various differences between the Vinlandic expeditions and those from the United Netherlands or Scandinavia. The Vinlanders, with much more experience in the Arctic, used Inuit style clothes to protect from the cold whereas others used heavy woolens. They used sleds pulled by dogs whereas the Luxembourgois teams used ponies and made careful attempts to avoid scurvy. Oberweis would later write 'this was the most dismal and dreariest place on earth' however what he learned from the Vinlanders would serve his own expeditions well.

Throughout the 1980s and 90s Oberweis made several mapping expeditions successfully employing the Vinlandic techniques to ensure the safety of his crew. During this time Luxembourg made increasing demands on the UKNAA to firmly chart the continent to back up the claims made for the crown in the 1920s and Oberweis was greatly rewarded for his efforts. However he regularly turned down their requests to lead an expedition to the pole arguing it had no scientific benefit and noting the frequently disastrous previous attempts. Even the well-supplied and experienced Vinlandic expedition of 1999 had to be turned back with around 50 miles to go. Oberweis had made an attempt once before in 1994 however had given up thanks to extreme temperatures.

In 2007 Oberweis suddenly announced his intention to strike for the pole. What caused the sudden change in opinion has been much speculated on however the news was taken as a great betrayal by the Ladish expedition which had only just arrived in Kaapstad to resupply. Indeed he was friendly with its leader Roald Oftedal having spent several months in Danish Australia between expeditions discussing new discoveries and techniques. It was however lapped up by the newspaper reading public however, always looking for a foreign rivalry to stir up passions. He carefully spent a season setting down resupply depots and scouting the best route. When conditions became optimum in late 2008 he set out in the knowledge the Ladish team had set off a week earlier. However the caution and preparation stood them in good stead and the team would reach pole, first, on 3rd December 2008. The Ladish expedition arrived three days later and the men shared rum and rations before going their separate ways. Oberweis has said he did not feel any relief in being the first one there and made sure the Ladish flag was raised at the pole alongside the UKN and the New Netherlands' flags.

Following his return to Kaapstad Oberweis was given freedom of the city and was made governor of Chururunin Island and knighted by King William VIII. A directorship at the UKNAA quickly followed. He has officially retired from exploration in 2012.

He married Ingrid Dijkstra in 1993 and the couple have three sons and one daughter.

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