In this timeline, a monk and his alchemist/assistant from early Tang dynasty China travel to Japan and teaches a new religion called "Blood-Right". It is a strange religion that says that inside each person is capable of awakening the divine within through meditation, prayer and alchemy. This new faith gains popularity and by the year 800 AD it is the dominant religion.

However, in the year 893 AD, children across Japan are being born with fang-like canine teeth, strangely colored hair or fur. These children are referred to as the "Awakened Generation" and by 1024 AD, they constitute 95% of the Japanese population. Thus begins the Fujiwara period.

The people with fangs {Vampires} are called the Hunter Clan. These Vampires are a proud and arrogant race of man hunters. One such notable family of Vampires is the Minamoto Clan. Their chief concern is that the population of humans to hunt is declining dramatically with each generation.

The Fairy Clan, or people with odd hair and skin colors, are a carefree, childish but wise and mystically powerful race. This clan founded a group warrior mountain monks who fight with psychic abilities and spears. They are the most common common race in Japan.

The Wolf-Seed are a race of Werewolves. They are proud, strong and have a strong sense of loyalty. One family of Wolf-Seed is the Taira Clan.

Due to the near extinction of Japanese humans by 1100 AD, the Genpei War breaks out between the Minamoto {Vampires} and the Taira {werewolves}. The Taira seem to be winning the war until the large Fairy Clan which initially allied itself with the Taira to defects to the Minamoto. After the battle of Dannoura in April 25, 1185, the Taira clan is destroyed and the non-Taira werewolves pledge allegiance to the newly created Kuroken Shogunate.

The Kuroken Shogunate is a military dictatorship ruled by samurai families among all the races of Japan, but the Minamoto vampires rule as the Shoguns. The Fairy clan family known as the Hojo clan gradually gains power over the Kuroken Shoguns. In 1269 AD, a young human warrior monk named Saito rallies his militant clergy to overthrow the Hojo Regency. They are successful and the Kuroken Shoguns once again resume power.

Then, in 1274, the mongols invade Japan.

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