Welcome to the representation page of the largest continent on Earth: Asia. The timeline and history representing Asia in relation to our own world vary, but today the continent's countries are not too different from today. However, their histories are dramatically different.

The countries

A list of the most influential countries in Asia, with their economy displayed in the reserve currency: Pound Sterling.

Richest countries in Asia (excluding colonies) Rank GDP (PPP)
Russian Empire 1st  £8.874 Trillion 
Chinese Empire 2nd £8.021 Trillion
Lao Kingdom 3rd £1.346 Trillion
United Korean States 4th  £1.867 Trillion
Cambodia 5th £1.245 Trillion
Vietnam 6th £1.101 Trillion
Yemen 7th  £857 Billion
The Mongol State 8th  £992 Billion
Burmese Southern Kingdom 9th  £1.212 Trillion
Kazakh Federation 10th £323 Billion

Other Nations

There are a few other notable nations within the Alternate Asia sphere. Here is a comprehensive list:

Middle East and Indian Subcontinent (i.e. West Asia)

Israel: A nation created for displaced Jews. Recently ceded half of its territory to create a nation for the Arabs there.

Palestine: Sometimes called Filastine; a nation for Israeli Arabs to call home. Created 2013.

Persia: Constitutional monarchy in OTL Iran. Secular Islamic nation with good democracy record. Created 1982.

Syria: Parliamentary republic in the Levant. Recently had a devastating civil war. Acting military governance.

Indian Commonwealth: Colony of Britain under home rule (like OTL Canada) with governor-general. Fast development.

British Nepal: Colony of Britain under direct administration by the Prime Minister (with Nepalese suffrage).

East Asia

South Korea: Parliamentary democracy. Majority of population are farmers. Highly corrupt government.

Japan: Constitutional Monarchy. Ancient empire, now one of the richest economies in Asia. Nearly identical to OTL.

People's Republic of China: Communist State of Taiwan. Claims sovereignty over China's mainland . Extreme poverty.

Federative Io Tolese Democratic State: Island City states of Io To (Iwo Jima), Marcus Island and several other islands down to Saipan. Very small but rich population. Tax haven.

Okinawan Republic: United Islands centered in Okinawa, tourist trap and tax haven. 

Southeast Asia

British Burma: British Colony under direct administration by Britain. Large rubber production. Generally sleepy.

British Siam: British Colony under home-rule with a Governor-General. Fast growing economy. Strong democracy.


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