Editors may adopt timelines that have been abandoned by the creator/caretaker. This policy describes the correct way to adopt a timeline and it will be enforced by the TSPTF.

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The Alternate History Wiki strives to be a database of the best alternate history found on the internet. To meet this goal the community allows timelines that have been abandoned to be adopted by other editors. This is to ensure that timelines continue to be updated instead of remaining stuck in limbo. The new caretaker, however, must adhere to QSS and QAA or else he may be blocked from editing.

How to put a timeline up for adoption

The creator or caretaker of a timeline can put the timeline up for adoption by adding the adoption banner to the top of the portal page. Just add {{ofa}} to the top of the page and the timeline will be open for adoption.

Once a timeline is put up for adoption, the former caretaker releases all control he or she had over the timeline. They cannot put conditions on adoption (besides QSS and QAA) and they cannot deny any editor the opportunity to adopt the timeline. The former caretaker can reasset control over the timeline by removing the adoption banner from the portal page, as long as it is done in good faith and not to prevent another editor from rightfully adopting the article.


Generally, only the creator or caretaker of a timeline can add the adoption banner. Members of the TSPTF, however, can add the adoption banner if the timeline has not been updated after a significant amount of time has passed and the creator/caretaker has not been active on the wiki for sometime.

How to adopt a timeline

With adoption banner

To adopt a timeline that has the adoption banner on it's portal page, the adopting editor only has to remove the banner. It is that simple. The adopting editor probably should make an announcement on the portal page talk page informing the community that they are adopting the timeline, but it is not required.

Without the adoption banner

Sometimes editors abandoned their timelines before they have the chance to add the adoption banner. If an editor discovers a timeline they wish to contribute and it appears to be abandoned, they can adopt the timeline as long as they complete the following steps:

  1. Contact the creator or most recent caretaker and ask if you can adopt the timeline (if it is an open timeline or collaborative project it may be necessary to contact more than one editor before you complete this step). If he or she says yes, you may adopt the timeline. If he or she says no, then you may not adopt the timeline. If you get no response after one week, go to step two.
  2. Leave a message on the portal page stating your intentions to adopt the timeline and ask if anyone objects. If no one objects after three days, you may adopt the timeline. If there are objections, go to step three.
  3. Listen to the objections and try to reach a comprise. The issue might be solved by simply sharing control over the timeline with the other editor(s). If you cannot reach a comprise, appeal to the TSPTF.
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