Alternative History

From time to time it's necessary to delete certain articles and timelines from this wiki. This page describes the process to get articles/timelines deleted and some of the reasoning/policies that go with it. To see current proposed deletions go here.

How to delete an article/timeline

  • Add {{delete|~~~~|Insert reason here}} to the top of the page.
  • If you want the images on a page to also be deleted, place the {{delete}} template on their File: pages as well.
  • Discuss on the article's talk page why it should be deleted.
  • If after three days there is consensus to delete, the article/timeline will be deleted.

Good Reasons for deletion

  • Author request
    • If an author blanks their own page, this is considered a request for deletion. But please use the {{delete}} template; it's much easier for admins to find and fulfill these requests.
  • Not alternate history
    • Examples: OTL history (without any AH content), future history, general science fiction or fantasy, revisionist/secret history, etc.
    • Note: The author will be a given a few days to copy content to another wiki if he/she chooses.
  • Abandoned project with minimal content
  • Violation of our Community Guidelines, which prohibit "hate speech, porn, shock images, or explicit descriptions of sex."
  • Copy of an existing article either on this wiki or another wiki
  • Copyright violation, derivative work, or fan fiction
  • Spam
  • Vandalism or trolling
  • Broken/Unused redirect
  • Unused map game
  • Articles of a permanently banned user
  • Article in a solo timeline not created by the current caretaker

Bad reasons for deletion

  • I don't like it.
  • It may not violate our Community Guidelines, but it offends me personally.
  • It has bad spelling/grammar.
    • Instead mark it with the {{grammar}} template.
  • It is implausible, unrealistic, or doesn't specify a POD.
    • Everyone has a different opinion about what is plausible or not. If you do not believe me, check out the talk pages of some of the most edited timelines on this wiki. An editor's subjective opinion of a timeline is not sufficient enough reason to delete it.
  • It's biased.
    • All alternate history shows a bias to some extent. While extremely biased projects may never be marked as featured timelines, they will not be deleted for that reason alone.
    • The "No Cross, No Crown" policy is meant to rein in off topic conversations on talk pages, not to control what timelines/articles are allowed on this wiki.

Alternatives to deletion

  • Improve or adopt
  • Suggest placing it in Category:Alien Space Bats (See Alternative History:Alien Space Bats)
  • Mark with the {{obsolete}} template
  • Merge: In some very rare situations, an article unattached to any timeline can be merged into an existing timeline if the original author agrees or he/she cannot be contacted after a reasonable amount of time
  • Redirect
  • Move to your own user space
  • Disambiguation