Here's a few hints to writing a good Althist (this is not definitive though):

  • Points of Divergence (PoDs) - Chose your PoD carefully. Sometimes even the most insignificant change can make a great difference. Also, if one PoD won't work, or the change is too unrealistic, use several PoDs to reinforce the change.
  • Plausibility - When writing an althist, always take time to think: "would that actually work?".
  • Butterfly effect - PoDs change everything that occurs after it/them. For example:
    • People born after the PoD in our timeline would have a different birthday in the other one. People conceived *here* after the PoD would almost certainly never exist *there*.
    • What happens to people's lives would be different following the PoD. Financial situations change, perhaps with the roll of a dice or a toss of a coin.
    • People would die at different dates and/or of different circumstances following the PoD.
  • Don't hesitate to use obscure people. After all, following the PoD, they might have risen to prominence instead of others that did over *here*.
  • Don't hesitate to make some people up, should they be born after the PoD. After all, the person that did something *here* some 30 years down the line probably wouldn't exist in the other timeline.
  • Don't forget, since the PoD will change everything after it, the course of events would change (sometimes quite wildly). Use your imagination.
  • Above all else, don't forget to have fun.

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