Alternative History

Timelines hosted here, or elsewere, ordered by historical period. This might either be the period in which the POD occured or the period in which the main changes are evident.

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Permian-Triassic Boundary

Permian Extinction: Civilization
Sapient, or intelligent, life evolves shortly (some 90,000 years) before the Permian Extinction, which wipes out 95% of all life on Earth, like that extinction does in OTL (it is the biggest extinction ever to strike Earth). Civilization arises 11,000 years before the extinction, starting near the mountains in the middle of the Pangaean supercontinent. By the time of the extinction, airplanes ply the Tethys Ocean from and to the lands surrounding it and the larger Panthalassic Ocean is being explored, and there is a high level of technology. Then the Siberian Traps eruptions begin anew, releasing great clouds of methane (thus triggering the extinction)... how will the people react?


Blank Slate
The would-be first Amerindians to cross the Bering Land Bridge turn around, leaving a pristine continent until it is later discovered and settled.
Some hominids reached the Americas before the modern Homo sapiens. This led to a different fauna evolution in the Americas allowing later come Homo sapiens to domesticate suitable burden animals.
God eu Mac̉
The languages and religions of Earth never split up, leaving five (slightly) peaceful nations to develop, such as Usic̉uw.
Neanderthals persist in Europe, diverting or interacting with Homo sapiens. Alternatively several 'species of humans' persist.

Classic Era and Religions

Thutmosis the Long-Lived
Thutmosis III lives longer than on OTL, leading to a different cultural and political situation.
Athenian Legacy
Athens defeats Sparta in the Peloponnesian War, forever changing the course of democracies founding father.
Cupiditate Regni Adductus by The Guardian of Forever
A change in a Parthian dynastic struggle and the premature deaths of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra leads to a restoration of the Republic and the rise of Parthia.
Nova Roma by Khalif Ali Husain2
Augustus and Livia dies early in 23 BC, changing world history forever. Leading to an Alternate Roman Empire, one more latin and classical, one which conquered Germania, and one which descendants would later discover the New World.
Empire of the East
Second Rome, 270 AD. Imagine if there was a great eastern empire, stretching from southern Anatolia to Egypt, fusing the cultures of east and west, and fabulously, unimaginably rich. This empire, ruled by a beautiful and wise Queen, lasted for only a few years in our world. But what if it had continued on, matching and perhaps surpassing Rome in greatness and glory? This is the story of the Palmyrene Empire, the forgotten empire, the first Eastern Roman Empire.
No Christianity World
Jesus of Nazareth is released by the governor of Judea, Christianity dies out by around AD 100.
Savior of Pompeii
An explorer discovers rising lava in Vesuvius and saves Pompeii.
Roma Invicta
Augustus' conquest of Germania succeeds, leading to drastic shifts in Roman History.
Rome Endures
In 182 AD, Lucilla ascends the throne of the Roman Empire. Rome returns to a Republic, outlaws gladiatorial combat, and eventually makes peace with the Germanic tribes. The Roman Consulate, as it is now called, remains in existence for the next 2000 years, but continues to evolve.
Whims of Fortune
Fates of nations, empires, religions and cultures are mere playthings to Fortune; some rise to greatness only to be brought low, and some fall, only to rise to breathtaking heights again. In this ATL, a million changes, some great, some small, transform the world. Follow the successes of the Kushans, the Vandals, the Rus' and the Turks, contemplate the lost glories of Carthage, Babylon and Khazar, and weep for Rome and Mecca, whose greatness was denied by Fortune's fickle hand.
History of Rome- After Ætas ab Brian (Ætas ab Brian)
TL after the events of Ætas ab Brian
Gaul Rising
The Gallic Empire is able to permanently remain independent from the Roman Empire and becomes a major power in Europe.

Fall of Rome and Middle Ages

Roman-time barbarians

Germanic Power
The Franks and Visigoths hold more staunchly to their languages thus developing Frankish, Hispagothic, and other Germanic languages, eliminating Spanish, French and Portuguese, but allowing the Langue d'Occ and Catalan come to the fore as independent languages.
Celtic Rules
The Celtic tribes throughout Europe have never been suppressed by other people, yielding highly Celtic-influenced Europe with numerous Celtic nations and languages all over the continent.
Hunnica: The Barbarian Rome
The Huns win at Chalons. They then conquered Rome, and the Roman way of life is absorbed into the Attila's empire.
Romance Britain
After the Romans leave Britain the Romano-British culture survives there and the Angles, Saxons and Jutes are driven out of Britain
Political Goths
Theodoric the Great has a son resulting in the creation of Wistr which lasts for a few centuries and a change in attitude in politics.

Medieval European kingdoms

Ethelred the Pious
Alfred does not take charge of Wessex forces at the Battle of Ashdown, and the Danes take over England, eventually making it a thoroughly Scandinavian country.
The Barbarian Empire
The first part of A Thousand Russian Years, this alt-hist was based on a game of Crusader Kings. During the collapse of the Byzantine Empire under the Dukids, a young warlord - Vladimir Monomach - unexpectedly finds himself in charge of a small army that's about to create a big legacy. Follow the rise and fall of a medieval Graeco-Russian Orthodox superpower.
The Second Heptarchy
Harold II of England is defeated in 1066, not by William of Normandy at Hastings but by Harald Hardrada of Norway at Stamford Bridge
Burgundy Survives
The kingdom of Burgundy survives to the present day, and becomes a colonial power.
Chaos TL - A world without Genghis Khan's conquests
This TL starts with the death of Genghis Khan in the year 1200 and goes until 1993.
Penda Dies
In 642, Oswald of Northumbria kills Penda of Mercia at the Battle of Maserfield. Northumbria remains under one king, Oswald does not become a martyr.
Henry II Dies In 1100
The early demise of Henry II causes a drastic change in succession and the royal houses of Scotland, England, France and greatly affects the politics of Western Europe.
The Third Rome
Ivan the Terrible controls his temper, resulting in the birth of a grandchild, and the life and rule of his heir, Ivan V. Russian history is forever re-directed and The Third Rome rises in the East.
The Western Empire
Geoffrey, Count of Brittany was the younger brother of Richard the Lionhearted. In Our Time Line (OTL), he pre-deceased Richard by dying in 1186 from a fall from a horse. This left his young son, Arthur of Brittany, as Richard's legitimate successor, but Richard and Geoffrey's youngest brother, John Lackland, forced Arthur aside and eventually had him killed. In this timeline, Geoffrey survives, and he is succeeded by Arthur.
Vegetarian World
India becomes a major world power. The Cathars survive the crusades against them and vegetarian Catharism becomes a major religion in Europe and later elsewhere. Many other non-vegetarian related events occur, and this leads to a world not completely unlike our own, but quite different in many ways, too. The Vegetarian World has well over 100 pages and is fully fleshed out (or "veggied out", as the case may be) with demographics info, maps, flags, and even some photos!
Byzantine Khazaria
The Byzantine Empire rises to superpower status in Europe, reviving the former glory of the Roman Empire. They accomplish this by focusing their conquests first on Russia, namely Ukraine, where the people known as the 'Khazars' dwell.
Hastings: Godwin's Victory
In 1066, King Harold's forces win the Battle of Hastings and William is killed. As a result, the Duchy of Normandy falls into chaos within 20 years and the English language has minimal Romance influence.
House of Percy
At the Battle of Shrewsbury in 1403, instead of being killed, Henry 'Hotspur' Percy defeats the forces of Henry, Prince of Wales.

Arab/Islamic expansión

Fidem Pacis
The Roman Empire converts to Islam of its own free will. The Arab conquests never really take off, and Rome remains the dominant power in the Middle East and survives to this day.
Broken Spain
What if the Spanish kingdoms overthrew the Arabs by themselves, and the Reconquista never happened, and so they stood independent later because of a national feeling? What would become of the world's greatest power of the Age of Exploration?
Ard Marjhoola
Ibn Aswad's journey to supposedly new lands is taken seriously, and leads to the colonisation of South America in 933.
Pure Arabica
The Bubonic Plague decimates Europe, killing nearly two-thirds of the population and reducing the Renaissance to ashes. The world was ill prepared for the Arab aggression and resurgence.


Cherry, Plum, and Chrysanthemum
The Mongols delay second invasion to Japan and get better prepared in invading the islands in 1282, resulting to the collapse of Bakufu rule and restoration of Japanese imperial rule. Japanese warrior class is weakened by this event and cultural mentality of Japan as unconquerable nation protected by divine powers is never arise.
Chinese World
A divided China partially resists the Mongol invasion, while the Mongols devastate western Europe. When the Mongols fall, the Chinese states are ready to conquer the unknown world.
The New Map Game
What if Genghis Khan never invades the world? This do-it-yourself is easy and fun! And you won't be alone. With a map in Europe and Asia (and a subplot in the Americas) this was inspired by the original Map Game!


Early modern Europe

Cromwell the Great
In this timeline Oliver Cromwell died in 1658 however he chooses is younger son Henry as Lord Protector instead of Richard.
British Louisiana
Britain fails to capture Cuba during the Seven Years War, but gets Louisiana from the French. A loyalist Louisiana becomes a western Canada to the nascent USA.

Age of Discovery

Discovery of Old World

Americans discover us
Americans have ships and strong army and guns and int 14th century they discover us and try to colonise Europe and Africa.
Quetzalcoatl's World

The Mayans develope gunpowder and form colonial empires.

Discovery of the Americas

A major fatal disease develops in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. As the New World is ravaged by smallpox, the Old World suffers from papatlaca.
The Andean Wars
Christopher Columbus had his journey to the New World delayed 6 months, and his ships are destroyed in a hurricane. Civil war is waiting in Spain and the Ottomans won't be very friendly...
Cabotia and Brasil
The Castilian queen does not support Christopher Columbus who is not lucky in France either. The English and the Portuguese discover the Americas before 1500, though.
Aztec Empire
The Aztecs successfully defeat the Spanish at the gates of Tenochtitlan in 1521. The Aztecs then begin an intense period of isolationism, until a second invasion by the Spanish forces them to find an ally in the form of the newly United States of America. Meanwhile, the Inca empire is destabilised until the 1930s, when it is seized by a fascist dictatorship and, after allying with Germany, Italy, and Japan, seeks revenge.

American colonization

Britannia Prevails!

England is the first nation to colonise the Americas and remains the dominant power to this day.

No Mayflower
What if the Mayflower had sunk during its voyage? What if as a result of this, England was not one of the first to colonize the Americas?
Chinese America
China joined the race to colonize America leaving a very different world in it's wake.
The Haudenosaunee
In 1311 the Iroquois were given a chance to survive Europe's invasion.
Montezuma's Revenge
Cortez and Pizarro fail in their conquests of the Americas and to this day the powerful Aztec and Incan empires exist. The Mississippian Mound-Builders remained strong, and with the support of a technologically vitalized Aztec Empire fended off the attacking western cultures. Also, the enigmatic Anasazi exist to this day...somewhere in the Southwest.
New Albion
Sir Francis Drake reports the existence of a massive bay (St. Francis bay), and sends a large colony to form a secret harbor, from which Spanish ships are seized or destroyed.
Norse America
The Norse colony in North America survives after the leader of the expedition orders his people to remain friendly and generous towards the natives.
Russian America Expansion
This is an alternate history in which Catherine II of Russia decides to send an expedition into OTL Alaska. This expedition travels farther into Russia than the Russians would have done for many years, and on this expedition many useful resources are discovered making Russia expand farther into North America. This eventually leads to the creation of the independent nation, Yavukia.
Swede Victorious
Sweden gains an upper hand in the colonization of the Americas and becomes a superpower to rival and succeed the British.
Save the Indians
Europeans come for furs and discover something they bring is killing their fur business partners.

Far East and Oceania

All Under Heaven
The Ming Empire does not close its doors to the outside world as it did in real life. China instead pursues a policy of colonization and imperialism that allowed it to dominate the world.
Sea Dragons
An ambitious, brutal Chinese pirate achieves his dream of creating his own kingdom by gouging the fledgling colony of the Spanish Philippines. A spark turns into a fire and generations of young Chinese without opportunity are inspired to become mighty beasts of the water, here comes the rise of the Sea Dragons!
Dragon Awakens
The capture of Xu Hongzu by pirates and the subsequent rescue by Spanish merchant ships unleashes the dormant Dragon in the Far East that has been asleep for thousands of years...
Toyotomi Japan
Japan did not become isolationist as it did here, and expanded to fill the Pacific Ocean, colonizing California.

Wars against native human inhabitants

British Empire

African wars

Wars of India

Hamaara 1857 The British would call India their empire's crown jewel in years after the Sepoy Mutiny. Yet over here,the crown jewel seems to have been lost even before it was uncovered.The Indian Rebellion succeeds, and India never goes the British way.

Middle East Wars

U.S.A Indian Wars

Native American Territories never fall
This is a time line based off an (Alt-HTL) Starting at (OTL) The Battle of Fallen Timbers on August 20, 1794.


American Revolution

Failed Continental Congress
The 13 English colonies in North America manage their independence but they cannot agree on a common government.
Federalist Failure
The Federalists lose in their attempts to ratify the new Constitution, and the United States falls apart, leading to the rise of a Virginian "Empire".
Out of One, Many
The United States disintegrates into several independent countries soon after the American Revolution.
September 11, 1777
The Battle of Brandywine changes slightly, resulting in a completely different future for North America and the world.
Timeline Saratoga
Burgoyne wins the battle of Saratoga, and his army escapes capture, spelling the doom of the rebel cause.
The twenty-eight countries of America
The Constitutional Convention decides to improve, instead of recreate, the Articles of Confederation, resulting in Twenty-eight countries.
USA Kingdom
In order to replace the faulty Articles of Confederation, the Constitutional Convention chooses a king to head the government.

South American independence

Greater Colombia
San Martin manage to convince Bolívar he still has a role to perform in South America, letting Bolívar more room to prevent Venezuela seceding from Colombia, and concentrate in freeing the Caribbean.

1822: Brazil split

In 1822, Prince Regent Pedro, from Portugal, returned to Portugal. This led to independence wars all over Brazil. In the lack of a strong leader to unite the old colonies, they soon split into several small, independent countries.


The Legacy of the Glorious
The Spanish Liberal movement manages to dethrone Queen Isabel II in 1868 (like in OTL) and manages to gain a Prussian prince as the new King of Spain.

International Wars

War of 1812

The Roman Empire of America
American armies are successful at launching an attack on Canada.
United States of New England
The War of 1812 goes from being a war against Britain to a full-flung civil war.

Mexican-American War

Viva California
The Mexican-American War was a bust. The California Gold Rush causes a rush of American population to the valleys of California. The Mormons are all Spanish speaking and the US's sentiment of Manifest Destiny is turned Northward, at least at first.

Civil Wars

American Civil War

Eye of the Storm
This reality's POD occurs during the Battle of Gettysburg in which Confederate forces, deciding against the infamous Picket's Charge and instead choosing to flank Union forces eventually going on to rout the Northern army.
Give Them the Bayonet!
General Stonewall Jackson is not shot during the Battle of Chancellorsville. This causes a very different campaign in the East.
No Gettysburg
This althist occurs after the Confederacy successfully sues for peace because Gen. Lee remained on the defensive, rather than invading the North and meeting the Union Armies at Gettysburg.
Rebellion of 61
This althist has two primary PODs. In the first, the nascent Confederate States of America is defeated at the (First) Battle of Bull Run, ending the brief Rebellion of '61. In the second, the Komei Emperor of Japan lives several decades longer than in our time line.
A House Divided but Strong
This Althist has a primary divergent point in the aftermath of the First Battle of Bulls run, where the US congress offers a peace treaty to the CSA.
Two Americas
Confederate diplomacy is successful with Mexico in 1861 leading to annexation of the border states to the Confederacy. This, along with the death of Col. Philip Sheridan at the Battle of Muphreesboro, Tennessee on Dec. 31, 1862, leads to a prolonged war, ending in a ceasefire on Aug. 8, 1866.
A House Divided, Falls
The Confederacy keeps the war going by going on the defensive and not meeting the Union at Gettysburg. However, the Confederacy, still losing ground, invades Mexico and the entire southern half of the N. Americas. A prolonged cold war and a new round of civil war ensues.

Spanish Civil War

A United Front
The Spanish Civil War spills out to the rest of Europe.

Chinese Civil War

Blue Dream
This Alt explores the Chiang Kai-Shek winning the civil war, but still having problems with the Soviets and American dominance

Great Wars

Seven Years War

British Louisiana
Disease in 1762 prevents the British takeover of Cuba, preventing the Spanish loss of Florida. Britain takes Louisiana instead.
For Want of Bad Weather
An unexpected change in weather patterns around the British isles causes naval troubles, helping France and her allies win the "Great War".

Napoleonic Wars

Just a Bit Different
Napoleon Bonaparte dies unexpectedly in 1803, causing the French Empire to lose the Third Napoleonic War. This leads to a timeline in which many of the major political events of the 19th and 20th centuries do occur, albeit in a slightly different way, and much earlier.
French Trafalgar, British Waterloo
The destruction of the British Fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar results in the survival and continuation of the Napoleonic Empire, and the world has become a very different place...
Napoleon's World
Napoleon invades Russia in the spring of 1813 instead of in the winter, and wins. He soon defeats Austria and Britain and France becomes the world's primary superpower.
No Napoleon's Elba
Napoleon makes peace with his enemies, thus his empire continues...
Think Before You Act
Napoleon makes a temporary ceasefire with Russia, instead of invading it, causing him to achieve his dreams.
Napoleonic Age
Napoleon Bonaparte deals serious defeats to the British and Prussians at Ligny and Quatre-Bras, giving him the edge he needs to win at Waterloo. Subsequent victories against the Seventh Coalition brings an end to the Napoleonic Wars and establishes Napoleonic France as the leading power in the world for the rest of the 19th century.

Post-Napoleonic Era

Chinese Meiji
China starts a modernization program in the 1840s, overthrows the Qing dynasty, and sets up a constitutional monarchy. The result is a drastically different 20th century, where Germany dominates Europe and the Middle East is one of the most stable regions in the world.
Long Live The Czar
Czar Alexander II survived the attempt on his life, resulting in the passage of his reforms, gardually leading to a democratic Russia and a very different Geopolitical situation.
Divided Italy
Giuseppe Garibaldi and Vittorio Emmanuele II of Italy die, leading to a divided Italy.
The Right Blunder
Austria sides with Russia in the Crimean War, leading to a hard-won but tangible victory, changing the European alliance system forever. Italian and German unification is delayed by 30 years, Habsburg power remains, (in a modified form), for many decades longer, the Saudis never rise, and Russia becomes a (rather revanchist) republic.
Union States of America
This if USA slowly turn create and uprising few months later in 1912 since the Columbia destroy and some survivors of floating city are trying change the city in first place, Than Second American Civil war come three years in 1915!
Early World War I
The Dogger Bank incident isn't solved diplomatically and it causes Britain to join Japan against the Russian Empire in the Russo-Japanese War; this eventually expands into a World War.
1861: Historical Failing
Giuseppe Garibaldi and its other allies (Camillo Benso Count of Cavour, Nino Bixio, Giuseppe Mazzini etc.) failed to make Italy United.
Vive L'Empire : The Second French Empire defeats the Prussians during the Franco-Prussian War becoming the dominant power in Europe.

World War I

Bogdanov's Russia
The russian philosopher and physician replaces Rasputin in the tzar circle. Then, his influence drives the Empire to ally with Germany, win the WWI, and made a theoretical socialist-monarchical utopia. Meanwhile, the fascism is incubated in a strong punished France.
Bolshevik Bleeding
A wiser and more watchful Alexander Kerensky avoids the rise of the Bolsheviks and October Revolution never occured, making the way free for democracy in Russia.
Capitalists of the World, Unite
The German railroad car smuggling Lenin into St. Petersburg is intercepted by Tsarist forces. Russia bleeds itself dry by the end of the Great War, communism never takes root. Equally pulverized against the Russian anvil, Germany sues for peace in 1917.
A Capitalist World
The White Army wins the Russian Civil War, and Russia becomes a democracy. Due to this, Communism never spreads; leading to most of the world being capitalist or non-Marxist-Leninist socialist.
Deal with the Devil: World War without Winner
What if WW1 ended withouth a real winner? Deal with the Devil 4W is alternative history scenario set in 1920s, where France capitulated in 1918 and ww1 end in 1919 when British and German forces sign Harlem armistice.
General Lavr Kornilov begins his coup earlier, and is successful. Russia fights on to the end of World War One, with various changes major and minor throughout the world.
Princip Arrest
Serbian terrorist Galivrio Princip is arrested before his assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. WWI is delayed and results in a rich Africa; a democratic Socialist government in Russia; and an isolationist, agrarian USA.
1916: Year of Peace
Due to more resistance fom Belgium, Germany loses world war I in 1917.
What Bolsheviks?
In 1917, The Tsar's Police succeeded in maintaining social order in Russia, leading to a Democracy on the Eastern World.
Russian Empire

Grand Tsar Ivan VII of Greater Russia enters World War One and emerges having conquered all of Europe except for Spain, which has been annexed by Britain. Soon, Russia conquers India, ending the Great Game and putting all Asia in the Russian Empire. Australia is quickly annexed, as is Spain. Britain and Ireland are conquered in 1927 and the Great Wars with America began in 1928. These last until 1951, when Russia emerges triumphant, ruler of the world. This timeline's POD is 1613, when the Kerensky's, not the Romanovs, become Tsars.

WWI Aftermath
What if the revolutions and wars in the aftermath of WW I had a different path? Whites are victorious in the Russian Civil War, but the communist are victorious in Germany and Hungary.

Interwar years

United States of Central Europe (VMS)

In 1919, a new democratic country emerges from the ashes of the old world destroyed by the devastating Great War, the United States of Central Europe. It is a union between Czechoslovakia and Austria, and its mission is to bring unity and freedom into the world.

In this scenario the Beer Hall Putsch succeeds, but fascists never become really powerful.

In the Second Great War, the Central Europeans, alongside the Germans, the Dutch (who already removed their troops from their overseas colonies), Scandinavians and others, fight the opressing tyranny of the worlds two biggest colonial empires, Britain and France.

And all this leads to the creation of a seemingly perfect world, where tens of millions of robots are inhabiting our planet by 2020, and the whole Moon is colonised.

Fall Grün
On September 30, 1938, German Führer and Reichs Chancellor Adolf Hitler, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, French Prime Minister Édouard and Italian leader Benito Mussolini signed the Munich Agreement, in which the Czechs were forced to cede the Sudetenland, with its large German speaking minority, to Nazi Germany. The Czech population, angered by the betrayal of their ally France and the fact that the Czechs had not been represented at Munich, urge the the Czechoslovak government under President Edvard Beneš and Prime Minister Arm. Gen. Jan Syrový to refuse to abide by the agreement and fight for their democracy and independence. Later that day, Beneš and Syrový declares that they will not abide by the agreement. Furious with the Czech refusal, Hitler orders the invasion of Czechoslovakia, Fall Frün, to be set in motion the next morning...
European Communist Union
In the 1936 abdication crisis a Communist revolution occurs in Britain. Within five years, all of Europe is conquered and part of the European Communist Union. The continuing Great Depression brings about a similar revolution in the USA.
The Roads Cross At Clarksdale
Robert Johnson never records a single track, and his music remains undiscovered. As a result, Rock and Roll is a mere "indie" phenomenon, with only a small cult following. Popular Culture is changed forever.
Chinese Fascism

World War II

The Rise of the New Samurai
The Pearl Harbor attack is much worse and the Japanese invade mainland America, reaching the Mississippi River by mid 1943, Stalin sues for long lasting peace with the Empire of Japan turning the Non- Aggression Treaty into a formal agreement.
Cold Phoney War
Soviet partial victory on Norway convince Himmler on the near impossibility of re-invading the British Isles, keeps Chamberlain in power and gives the Allies a position to directly fight the Nazi Germany over Finland.
Nuclear Realisation
Albert Einstein does not changes his mind over his support for Nuclear Weaponry in 1939.
See Paris and Die
Field Marshal Erwin von Witzelen successfully assassinates Hitler in May 1941 during a military parade in Paris.
Yamamoto Lives
Admiral Yamamoto never boards his flight in 1943 and survives.
The Four Policemen
Roosevelt's dream of four cooperative Superpowers comes true.
Western empires
New empires are built in WW2
How many Sixes does Adolf Nazi have to Roll?



Meltdown: Cuban Missile Crisis

It is January 1963, and the Soviet Union has refused to pull its missiles out of Cuba. What ensues is a conflict of global proportions, as President Kennedy realizes the only way to force the Soviets to pull their missiles out of Cuba is a war between NATO and the Warsaw Pact, no matter how much he doesn't want it to happen...
1979: Gorbachev Dead
What if Gorbachev never became Premier? What if the new Premier, wanted Berlin?
The Earth Federation
After World War II, the Earth International Federation (commonly referred to as the Earth Federation) was established instead of the United Nations. Because the Earth Federation openly admits that it hopes to become a world government, the United States refuses to join until the 1990s.
Cold War... then World War
In 1983 Britain, Italy, and Greece are taken over by fascists and form an alliance, in response Germany, the USA, and Belgium form another alliance, and the rest is this history...
1983: Doomsday
A different officer on duty at a Soviet bunker misreads a computer glitch as an Ameican attack, sparking global nuclear war. This timeline is the story of mankind's re-emergence from the aftermath.

Countries & Peace For All

The world may be split into many countries but they are all at peace.Almost every place seeking independence is indepedent and at peace.


Cambridge Computing
Computing visionary Alan Turing and iconoclastic philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein establish an interdisciplinary program in Mind, Machine and Mathematics at University of Cambridge. By the year 2000 robots with human-like intelligence are common.

The Americas

John F. Kennedy wasn't assassinated, the shot missed and killed Governor Connally instead. Because JFK was around to see the Space Race to completion, and it took a very different route...
President Gaitan
In 1950, Gaitán is elected president of Colombia. A populist leftist government, but supported by the CIA as a way to prevent true communism to become a major power in Latin America, Gaitan is neither one of the best or worst presidents. But butterflies from him surviving 1948, also prevented Castro to become leader in Cuba.
Cheney's Empire
In January 2002, shortly after 9/11, President Bush reverts to his alcoholism and shows up drunk to his State of the Union address. He shouts offensive remarks at several members of Congress and disturbs the entire country. During his impeachment trial, Dick Cheney consolidates governmental power, forming the new American Empire. By the time the people realize their democracy is no more, Cheney has already taken control. But there were some who resisted...


6-2-5 Upheaval
Korea is reunited after the Korean War, creating a new power in Asia, and altering the Cold War by the lack of a Vietnam War, and the People's Republic of China becoming the Republic of China.
Divided Japan
Japan gets partitioned instead of being entirely under American control during the Occupation, making it a Cold War hotspot.
Monkey Smashes Heaven
The mystical rebel Monkey God- Sun Wukong returns to earth in the form of Mao Zedong. He leads Sun Yatsen's People's Army in a Long March to Mongolia. His Godlike strength and intelligence radically shapes the Russian Revolution and 20th century science and technology leading to a World Communist Soviet Republic.


A World Divided
After Mikhail Gorbachev is killed just prior to him assuming power in the Soviet Union, the Cold War continues until today and many people meet a different fate.
A Safer Europe
1991 could have been a dramatic year. With the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia and the USSR crumbling, many people in the west were fearing wars. Yet, things evolved, apparently for the better.

Post Cold War

Rise Of the East
The Japanese Asset Bubble never occurs and the Japanese economy continues to skyrocket as the American economy plunges. Meanwhile a resurgent China (allying with Japan) begins to take the place of the old Soviet Union, soon overtaking the United States as the world's premier superpower.
Somaliland Independence
Somaliland declares independence and some states recognized the independence. Somalia don´t recognise and declares war. Next to the war, Puntland declares independence too. Eritrea is very small. No Darfur Conflict, due to the independence of the same and South Sudan declares independence early.
The More Things Changed (Timeline)
A graduate from the University of Chicago moves to Plattsburgh, New York. An Indian-born PHD graduate is offered a position as a professor at Mount Royal University in Calgary. An estranged father fails to make it in the United States, and reunites with his family in Alberta. One media company outbids another for a newspaper in New England. The first black Governor of Virginia mounts a long-shot bid for the U.S. Senate. Time winds slowly to world off-kilter from our own, for better or for worse.


L'Uniona Homanus
A World from Four major POD's happening all across the world. This timeline is openly seeking contributions to speed along the development of the world of L'Uniona Homanus.
  • The Emperor Marcus Aurelius conquers Germania and Parthia but dies taking the island of Crimea. his successor was a trusted General from Egypt named Carolus, not Commodus.
  • In China, the Emperors of the Han Dynasty pursue a plan to take the areas of South east Asia, but end up influencing so many of their neighbors.
  • In North America a Chief named Abukcheech creates a league of cities on the Great Lakes region and the stories of that State spread throughout the northeast eventually becoming the stuff of legends.
  • At around the same time as the developments in North America are taking place, the Zapotec people develop iron weapons and more advanced military organization which drastically changes the civilizations of Mesoamerica.
Here we go again
A world formed from several PODs:
  • The British Parliament agrees to the terms of the Albany Congress, ensuring that America remains British.
  • The Emperor Qianlong of China institutes modernising reforms in China, which leads it to becoming one of the Great Powers.
  • Símon Bolívar holds Gran Colombia together, and forms the League of Latin American States, which leads becomes a regional power in Latin America.
  • Germany is formed by the treaty of Erfurt in 1850, with Austria at its head. Prussian manipulations lead to dire consequences in the future.
  • Alexander III of Russia has a different tutor, thus instituting the reforms of his father, and democratising Russia. Thus Lenin and co. become a political party (the Red Army becomes a paramilitary organisation).
  • Charles Babbage's Difference Engine is completed, thus accelerating technology.
Following three major PODs the world comes to be shaped not by the countless small empires of OTL, but is dominated by several world superpowers.
  • The Roman Golden Age of the IInd Century continues on for another two, leading to the Roman Empire becoming the most powerful nation of Earth
  • The Mayan city states are joined together by one of their own genius inventors, and so a continental power came to dominate the New World before European influence, of the Romans, could arrive to crush it
  • Genghis Khan develops a closer relationship with his son Jochi and so a clear line of succession is made. Furthermore, because of this relationship, Genghis Khan focused more on his conquests on Central and Eastern Asia, further solidifying the position of his empire on the continent