To begin making articles, simply click on "Contribute" at the upper right corner of any page, and then "Add a Page". Then type in the name of your article, hit enter, and write away.


Wikis use several tags for formatting and so forth. As mentioned above, the most basic is the link tag, [[ ]]. If you wish to link to something but using a different name, use |, thus [[Alternative History:Terminology|Words]] will look like Words, but link you to the page entitled "terminology"

HTML-style tags

  • ''italics'' create italics
  • '''bold''' creates bold
  • To create bulleted lists like this, use asterisks, thus:

*Item 1
*Item 2
**Item 3
Will look like

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
    • Item 3
For indented lists
Use colons
Like this:

:Item one
:Item two
::Item three
Looks like

Item one
Item two
Item three
  1. For numbered lists
  2. Use the pound sign
  3. That is

#Look like

  1. This
  2. Will
  3. Look like
  4. This

Finally, the tags <nowiki></nowiki> turn off formatting, which was used above in my explanations

To make section headings, use ==Name==, which will look like


For more help, see Wikipedia:Help:Contents

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