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  • Clive-Less World (Tony Jones). An alternate history where Robert Clive (Clive of India) committed suicide before forcing the French from India, leading to a French-dominated world with a different path of political and scientific development.
  • Dai Nippon Teikoku: An Alternate History is a history of a Japan which loses its territories on the Asian mainland in a war with the Soviet Union. As a result, Japan never goes to war with the United States, and thus retains Karafuto and Micronesia.
  • Decades of Darkness (Jared) suggests the early death of President Thomas Jefferson leading to the secession of New England, resulting in a United States of America dominated by slave owners.
  • Drowned Baby Timeline (Johnny Pez) an alternate history where Adolf Hitler was drowned at birth, averting WWII and the Holocaust and making Poland into a major European power.
  • For All Nails is an ongoing, collaborative online continuation of For Want of a Nail, which ended in 1971, the year the book had been written. The authors believed the world depicted at the end of For Want of a Nail was an unpleasant one — hence the name inspired by Chet's For All Time.
  • For All Time ("President Chester A. Arthur" or Mike Davis) is a dystopian post-WWII scenario resulting from the death of Roosevelt shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor, featuring horrific three-way race riots in the United States between white, black and Jewish gangs, and frequent usage of nuclear weapons around the world.
  • Futurhistory - Point of divergence just before Brexit - A day-by-day overview of a changing world, from a journalistic point of view.
  • [1] by a guy named Ian. Several essays on alternate history conventions and novels. two-and-a-half original timelines: Unification: a timeline to make totalitarian governments as plausible and stable as possible; Atomic League: where the United States government is decidedly more militaristic to the detriment of its international power down the line; Draka 2 (the point five original) A timeline designed to make the Draka novel series more realistic and continuous.
  • What if Gordon Banks had Played? - England international goalkeeper Gordon Banks does not contract flu before the 1970 World Cup quarter-final, leading to a feel-good factor based Labour victory in the 1970 general election and, later an authoritarian government under Enoch Powell and war and ethnic cleansing in Ireland.
  • "A Greater Britain" (Ed Thomas) sees Oswald Mosley staying within the Labour Party, stopping the formation of the National Government and eventually becoming Prime Minister. This has major effects on international diplomacy in the 1930s.
  • Gurkani Âlam (Tony Jones). An alternate history where the Mughal Empire remains strong, leading to a world dominated by the nations of India and Europe, with somewhat more rapid technological development than in the real world.
  • A Loose Bandage (Beck Reilly) is an alternate 20th century following the failed assassination of William McKinley.
  • Monarchy World (Tony Jones). An alternate history where there are three superpowers, the British, Russian and Chinese Empires, engaged in a three-way nuclear balance of power.
  • "Mr. Clay's War" (Thaddeus Holt). An excerpt from a much longer work, "The Prince of the Rocky Mountains," based on the proposition that Napoleon did not sell Louisiana but escaped to New Orleans in 1814, while Alexander Hamilton survived his duel with Aaron Burr.
  • Mr. Hughes Goes to War An alternate history where Charles Evans Hughes is elected President of the United States in 1916.
  • Ong's Hat by Ong's Hat, New Jersey is an Internet legend that deals with a group of renegade scientists from Princeton that developed a means of travel to parallel universes and fled this Universe to found a colony in another world.
  • Puritan World (Tony Jones). A different English Civil War results in a much earlier and much nastier American Revolution. Britain never becomes a world power. By 1996, the New Commonwealth, a totalitarian Puritan theocracy controlling all of North America, Britain, Australia and most of Japan, has recently begun a world war against the combined European powers of the Octuple Alliance.
  • Sealion Fails (Steven Rogers) is an alternate World War II in which Germany invades England, but the invasion is defeated.
  • Shattered World (Bobby Hardenbrook) is a devastating alternate World War II, resulting from a Soviet invasion of Poland in 1937. The timeline currently continues up to the spring of 1949 and beyond. See also, Shattered Wiki
  • A Shot Heard Around the World (Ed Thomas) follows from the assassination of the Prince of Wales in 1900 (who in OTL became King Edward VII), preventing the Entente Cordiale. Without Britain as an ally France and Russia are easily defeated by the Central Powers. After the war Charles de Gaulle seizes power in France, and plans a war of vengeance against the Germans.
  • Southern Cone Under the British (Y.D. Robinson). An alternate history (or parallel universe) where British soldiers, under General John Whitelocke, succeed in conquering Buenos Aires in 1807. Thus, the southern half of South America (and especially Argentina and Uruguay) becomes much more politically and economically stable than in OTL, and Argentina and Uruguay speak English as well as Spanish.
  • The Spiders an online graphic novel created by cartoonist Patrick S. Farley, traces an alternate history of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, where Al Gore is President of the United States, and ordinary civilians can view the war through web cams carried by roving robotic "spiders" dispersed into Afghanistan by the U.S. Army.
  • Tellus: A world Background and Alternate History (Tony Jones, 2005) A timeline where the Chinese emperor hears word of a powerful western empire and sends armed forces to investigate. The technological acceleration peaks with the Nex. A massive 3-day war busting down the world to the stone age and keeping it there for 500 years (courtesy of self-repairing warbots).
  • Thaxted (Sydney Webb) sees a young Margaret Thatcher's political outlook changed completely when her family moves from the town of Grantham to Thaxted, in Essex.
  • Today in Alternate History a daily-updated blog, featuring "Important Events In History That Never Occurred Today" in several recurring timelines. Imagine what would be, if history had occurred a bit differently. Who says it didn't, somewhere? These items explore that possibility.
  • WikiDusk is an Open Source novel - Wiki-editable - where on December 27 2004, a huge explosion halfway across the galaxy had packed even more power. [2]

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