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  1. 1983: Doomsday
  2. Ætas ab Brian
  3. Aztec Empire
  4. Basileus' Interference Timeline
  5. Central Victory
  6. Chaos
  7. Cromwell the Great
  8. Easternized World
  9. Fidem Pacis
  10. French Trafalgar, British Waterloo
  11. Great White South
  12. The Kalmar Union
  13. Napoleon's World
  14. New Union
  15. Ohga Shrugs
  16. President McCain
  17. Russian America
  18. Step in a Different Direction
  19. Superpowers
  20. Terra Cognita
  21. Toyotomi Japan
  22. Twilight of a New Era
  23. Vegetarian World
  24. War in a Far Away Country
  25. Washington Shot at Murdering Town!
  26. Welsh History Post Glyndwr



1066 by Caged1
In this world the Normans attacked and the vikings didn't so Harold won the battle of Hastings
1066 Discovery Of America by idontknow9797
Rumors of a new land to the west causes William The Conqueror and Harold Godwinson to unite and head west.
1884:Rise of AmCap by Gmx0
The National Bank of Hamilton is declared unconstitutional, giving rise to unfettered American Capitalism.
51st state
5th of November
The Gunpowder Plot succeeds.
6/4 Revolution
14 points by Buk5
Woodrow Wilson's 14 Points are accepted at Versailles, which leads to a more peaceful Europe than OTL, until the Soviet war machine under an expansionist Stalin comes knocking...
1210: The Discovery of America by Riley.Konner
An English trade ship is blown off course during a massive storm, and lands in North America.
1495 - Death of Columbus by Smoggy80
Columbus doesn't make it home after his first voyage.
15th Century: Eight Changes by
The Teutonic Order wins the Battle of Grunwald, Moors defeat Portugal at the Battle of Ceuta, Joan of Arc dies aged eight, Inca Empire is never founded, Aztec fishing trip discovers Europe, Byzantine Empire survives, Ottomans defeat Moldavia, and the Italian Wars never happen.
1648: Kingdom of the Three Sicilies by GermanicusBritannicus
Louis XIII of France has twin boys. One succeeds him, and the other one is given the backwater Kingdom of Sicily.
1683: Fall of Vienna by User:House Habsburg
The Battle of Vienna in 1683 ends in failure for the Austrian forces, and the Habsburgs are forced to flee west from the Ottoman menace of the east.
1811- US Revolution by LeoT17
The American Revolution of 1776 fails, and the Continental Congress is excecuted. However, in 1811, a new Revolution is born, overthrowing British tyranny. The colonial powers in North America, however, have had time to cement their holdings, and the USA must fight for survival.
1812 closure by Marcpasquin
The British win a clearer victory during the War of 1812.

1812: Great New France

The French win the 7 Years War.

1814: Norwegian Independence by Steffplays on map

Surprisingly, the Norwegian forces manages to win the Swedish-Norwegian war of 1814, and the history of the region has been changed. Will this state survive and will it inspire freedom for other peoples in Europe?!

1814: A German-Italian Path

The Client states of the French Empire negotiate for their independence at the expense of France. A new change has been made on the balance of power.

1822: Brazil split by Parsifal_br
Prince Regent Pedro of Portugal leaves Brazil when he is commanded to. Brazil splits into nine countries.
1828 California by
1861: Confederate Antietam by Riley.Konner
The Confederacy wins the Battle of Antietam, and continues the Maryland Campaign.
1861: Historical Failing by TheMaster001
Giuseppe Garibaldi failed to make Italy united.
1879: Agreement by Collie Kaltenbrunner
1885 The Map Game
1907: No Triple Entente by
Russia does not ally with Britain and France. When Franz Ferdinand is killed, there are some major differences.
1908 Event Created by Fero
In the Real World The Tunguska Event, or Tunguska Explosion, was a powerful explosion that occurred near the Podkamennaya (Lower Stony) Tunguska River in what is now Krasnoyarsk Krai of Russia, at around 7:14 a.m. (0:14 UT, 7:02 a.m. local solar time) on June 30, 1908 (June 17 in the Julian calendar, in use locally at the time). Although the cause is the subject of some debate, the explosion was most likely to have been caused by the air burst of a large meteoroid or comet fragment at an altitude of 5–10 km above Earth's surface. That is based changing impact zone and power, and meteor character in derived timelines London Event, Washington Event, Catholic Miracle, St Petersburg Event and others.
London Event by Fero
derived timelines of 1908 Event
On June 30 of 1908, a meteor destroys London and kills almost all of her population, the Pope says it is a punishment of God. Europeans sack London's ruins and land occupation starts by declaration of German Emperor Frederick Wilhelm II. 1908-1912 a World War almost breaks out. 1908-1917 English/British diaspora.
St. Petersburg Event by Chris Bacon
derived timelines of 1908 Event
Instead of an isolated wilderness, the capital of Russia is hit, killing the Tsar, his family as well as most of the government and most of the Baltic Fleet which is stationed at Krondstadt. This jump starts both WWI and the Russian Revolution.
1912 Contact
1914: Failed Plot by Riley.Konner
One of the members of the Black Hand never misfired their gun, and so it did not cause Archduke Franz Ferdinand's car to take an alternate route, and so he is never actually killed. Therefore, World War 1 does not happen until much later.
1914: Fall of Berlin
1914 Incident by TimeMaster
Germany's Schlieffen Plan is successful in World War I, leading to the surrender of France. Great Britain and Belgium quickly agree to peace, while Russia, Serbia, and Montenegro are defeated by December. Therefore, the German Empire continues to exist, and Europe only meets one Great War.
1916: Year of Peace by H2O-s
The situation in the beginning of World War One creates a victory for Germany in the West, and eventually in the East, without the entrance of the US and Italy on the Allied side.
1922 Revolution by Riley.Konner
Prohibition is never enacted. This causes US states to eventually become xenophobic with each other leading to a point of secession and war...
1941: German-British Cease-Fire by Louisiannan
Churchill negotiates a cease-fire with Germany to save Britain, and the war changes for the worse.
1942 Stress by AltHistoryNerd
The USA splits after major tensions in 1942; as the former CSA from the American Civil War gains its chance, so do other states!
Soviet Union Collapse: 1943 by User:Saturn120
Operation Barbarossa succeeds and the Soviet Union falls. Plus Japan decides to focus more on mainland Asia than the Pacific so there's no Pearl Harbor bombing.
1944: Desperate Measures
1945 – Rise of the Werewolf
Against direct orders from Hitler, Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler makes preparations for an insurgency campaign against the Allied occupation. However, after his capture and subsequent suicide, the duty falls to SS-Standartenführer Joachim Pieper.
1948: Berlin backfire
The British and American bombers take off to deliver aid to Berliners, only to be shot down by an increasingly annoyed Soviet Union. The Cold War turns hot.
1948: The New Korea
In 1948, despite cold war tensions, a unified Republic of Korea was established on the peninsula. A republic free from American, Soviet and Chinese influences. In despite differences in political view, Syngman Rhee and Kim Il-sung managed to hold and participate in the first democratic election in the Republic of Korea in 1948.
1956: Crisis
1960: Castro Hits The Floor
On January 2, 1960, Fidel Castro (and, accidentally, his brother Raul) are vaporized by a bomb dropped from a B-52. The mantle of Cuban Prime Minister is passed down to Che Guevara, who organizes a revenge attack on the Southern US.
1961: Berlin Crisis by Kargandarr
This alternate timeline is what could have happened in Berlin in late 1961 during the Berlin crisis. In this reality, the balloon does go up and the cold war becomes a hot war with all manner of nukes being used by all sides.
1962: First Strike
Attempts to bring a peaceful end to the Cuban Missile Crisis fail, resulting in a nuclear confrontation between the two superpowers.
1963: No Dallas
Lee Harvey Oswald is arrested in April 1963 for the assassination of former General Edwin Walker. John F. Kennedy completes his tour of Dallas seven months later.
Kennedy War: 1963 by User:MagnusWiki

In this timeline, the assassination of JFK lead to a nuclear war.

1972: Bye Bye, Wallace by IdealisticPrawn
Arthur Bremer succeeded in mortally wounding George Wallace, who goes into a vegetative states and dies weeks later. Anti-segregation goes rampant across the United States, with Richard Nixon outlawing the KKK & KKK-related activities in last official act of office.
1973 Arab-Israeli War
01977: The Skynyrd's Live by Idealistic Prawn
In October 1977, a plane crash over Mississippi doesn't kill the members of Lynyrd Skynyrd, and the band is catapulted to greater heights within the industry.
1979: Gorbachev Dead
Gorbachev is killed in a car accident in 1979. Therefore, he never comes to power; the noose around Eastern Europe isn't loosened, it's tightened.
1983: Doomsday
Stanislav Petrov is NOT the officer on duty at the Serpukhov-15 bunker near Moscow. A different officer on duty at the bunker misreads a computer glitch as an American attack, sparking global nuclear war between NATO, the Warsaw Pact, and China. This timeline is the story of mankind's re-emergence from the aftermath. Now, 30 years later, mankind is seemingly securing its survival. New coalitions and alliances have emerged from the ruins of near-total nuclear destruction and the League of Nations foundation is the first sign of a better future for mankind. But a new threat is rising in the heart of the Old World once more.
1983: Saskatoon Blues NHL by DimitriFaustin
The St. Louis Blues relocate to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for the 1983-84 season of the National Hockey League. As a result, the landscape of the NHL and hockey is changed forever, Saskatoon is transformed into a major city, and many people that didn't a get a proper chance to in OTL get to leave their lasting mark. The (eventually ten) Canadian NHL teams remain successful as the early 1990s Canadian recession has no major effect on the future of the teams.
1984: We Begin Bombing
President Reagan turns out to be serious with "We begin bombing in five minutes", and this will change the world forever. The United States and the Soviet Union confronts each other openly. Open for adoption.
1985: Goodbye, Kremlin! by IdealisticPrawn
What would happen if, on March 13, 1985, the Kremlin was destroyed by a terrorist bomb. Perhaps, it would change the Cold War, change Russia, change the world.
1986-Soviet Russia attempts expansion of influence by force
1987: Bombs Over Kabul by IdealisticPrawn
In 1987, Gorbachev is overthrown by rebels, who launch a missile attack on Afghanistan's major cities. This escalates into a nuclear campaign that kills thousands.
1988 Lebanon war
1988: The Austro-Indonesian War by [user
1989: European Crisis
1989: Wipe-out
The outbreak of Ebola virus at the Hazelton Research Products office in Reston, VA is not the OTL type that was non-fatal to humans, but a near duplicate strain to Ebola Zaire, which is. Unfortunately, it also has the capacity to be airborne. Within a week, the world is infected. Within three weeks, 90% of the Earth's population lies dead.

1990: Two Germanies by Steffplays on map

Welcome to 1990: Two Germanies. The premise of this alternate history is not grand. It is very simple. The reunification of East and West Germany in 1990 never happened.

1991: Longer Gulf War
On February 28, 1991, President George H.W. Bush refuses to sign a ceasefire and instead swears to liberate Iraq from the menace of Saddam Hussein.
1991 Soviet August Coup Works
1992: A World Divided
1996 Presidential Election Alternative
1998: "9/11" Occurs Instead of the African Embassy Bombings
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed formally joins al-Qaeda in 1996 rather than 1999, bringing the planning of 9/11 forward by three years, with the attack coming on 8/8/1998 - the date of the African Embassy Bombings in the "Real World".
2003: World War 3
After several years of deteriorating global relations, Russia and China support Saddam Hussein against the United States, prior to the invasion of Iraq. This in turn sparks World War III.
2000: The Third War
After China halts an attempted coup, and investigation leads to a revelation that the coup was planned by the Russian government. Russia invades China, starting WWIII.
2006: US Stays Red
"Abramoff-gate", "Macaca-gate", and "Foley-gate" fail to emerge, and the Republicans keep Congress in the 2006 midterms.
2009: Rise of the Red Fox Movement
2009: 2nd American Revolution
In a shocking turn of events President Obama announces to the world during his inauguration speech that he is suspending all activities of the Republican, Libertarian and Constitution parties, essentially turning America into a one-party state. He then goes on to declare martial law across the nation, and declares himself President for Life. Uprisings across the nation occur and several states, counties, and even some cities declare their independence from the United States. Instead of banding together to form a strong central nation, several seccessionist groups seize the opportunity and take power, resulting in a weak alliance between several new nations against the USSA (United Socialist States of America, as declared by President for Life Obama).
3-Year Term
The delegates to the Constitutional Convention decide to create a presidency with a 3 year term.
Three Powers of Europe
In 1938 the Democrat powers from Europe (France And England) join the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War, starting the European Wars which changes the political structure of Europe into three different powers (Socialist Republics, Liberal Kingdoms and Fascist States)
9/11/2001 was MUCH worse
The original attacks were supposed to be even more ghastly than most people realize, and they were only curtailed by Bin Laden in OTL when it was realized how a much larger operation would have been detected prior to its fulfillment. What if KSM got his way, and it all went down?


A bad day for the Allies
Aboriginal Resistance (by Kronicsunflower)
1788 saw the First Fleet of Britain land on the shores of Australia. Owing to the disorganization of the Aborigines, there was no collective resistance to this threat in our timeline. In this history the Aboriginal tribes had long since joined together and the resistance was far more effective.
Abrittus (by Salvador79)
Roman Emperor Decius survives and wins the battle at Abrittus against the Visigoths in 251 AD and continues to persecute Christians. A splintered and radicalised Christianity sparks armed rebellion in the Eastern part of the Roman Empire, which will ultimately bring about a strong, democratic, but isolationist Second Roman Republic which survives the Huns` invasion of Europe. World history is deeply altered by the absence of a feudalist medieval period in Europe.
A Broken World
In 2000 the United States elected their first Independent President for over 150 years, little did they know the mistake they made. This election turned not only the United States but the entire world on its head.
A Better Tsar (by User:Reesesistastylol2439)
As he enters his 20s, Grand Duke Nicholas is trained by his father, Alexander III, to be tsar when his advisors convince him that it is the best idea, and spends his final years tutoring and educating his son. Eventually Alexander passes away and Grand Duke Nicholas is made Tsar in 1894, becoming Tsar Nicholas II. Nicholas proves to be a liberal autocrat who grants freedom and equality to all, while still retaining great power for himself. He reforms Russia into a modernized and prosperous state and leads it to victory in 1904-05 and the World Wars. Thanks to the tsar's actions, Russia was one of the two great superpowers of the world alongside the United States, and no Cold War breaks out due to the two nations' enduring alliance. However, when Nicholas' grandson Mikhail II takes the throne, Russia spirals into a large mess, with Russia transforming into a federation with Mikhail as president, but Mikhail releases all nations under Russian rule and destroys the economy, as well as serving as an effective dictator. While he is ousted and brutally executed in 1995, the damage has been done, and Russia is currently recovering from the effects of the disastrous Mikhail. Recently, it has seen a few nations rejoin the motherland and the economy's recovery. Today, Russia is effectively equal to OTL, minus the corruption, dictatorship, and country incidents, as well as a slightly better economy than OTL.
Abya Yala (by Chlewey)
In 200 BC, a trading network begins to develop in the Caribbean. Americans discover Africa before 600 AD, and had circumnavigated the world by 800 AD.

Alliance City (by S9ud0w)

Arctic Empires
A Capitalist World by Claus the Mighty
The Russian Civil War is won by the White Army, leading to a vastly different world. The USSR is never created, and communism never spreads throughout the world; to this day it is still simply an idea.
A Change for the Persian by Teonod
The Persian Empire conquers the Greek peninsula in 480 BC. Their weakened army continues west, but gets caught between a massive Illyrian invasion force and a Greek uprising. After paying a Phoenician fleet commander to take them to Anatolia, a storm lands them in Apulia. The Romans never rise, Carthage never falls and Pontius Pilatus isn't there to kill Jesus.
A Change in Plans by Ariosto Marzani
The German Spring offensive of 1918 never occurs. Instead, half of those troops are sent to the Italian and Salonikan fronts, where they prove the decisive factor.
Adams Dies 1797 by Dstafne
US President John Adams dies in his first month in office, and the new President Jefferson sides with the Directory-led French Republic against Britain.
Adfinitas genesis
A world where history diverges several times: with no one single event establishing it as different from our time line.
A Different World
A Different World War II and Cold War by Azecreth
Instead of wheeling to the east of Paris, Kluck's army brushes aside the division guarding Paris, taking the city and ending WW1 way earlier than normal.
Advancement by User:Eastward Expansion
The Dark ages end 200 years early, resulting in a world 200 years more advanced than our own...
A Fractured America
A Federation of Equals by User:99KingHigh
A Federation of "Equals" is a Alternate History composing of information based off the Victoria II Interactive After Action Report, written by theAhawk. It explains the history of the Danubian Federation, a nation born from the fires of Revolution in the old Hapsburg Monarchy, and the subsequent affairs, legislation, and wars of the state.
A History of a World by zagoria
An alternative timeline where there are many PODs that begins in 1509. The modern day global superpowers include the UK, Columbia, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, and Castille.
Ætas ab Brian by C II R
After Ptolemaic Egypt was driven out of Greece, split in half and conquered by 750 AUC, the mastermind behind Rome's victories roams the countryside in Judea and returns with an adopted son.

Age of Darkness by wanderingmagusThe world has collapsed and reformed politically. Throughout the various continents new powers are rising, but the main concern remains survival in most places. Will civilization survive, or will the world fall into an Age of Darkness?

Age of Dinosaurs

The meteorite which would have caused the End-Cretaceous extinction event, causing 75 percent of the animal species to go extinct, misses the Earth.

Age of Kings by Monster Pumpkin
When the United States wins the battle of Fort Cumberland and the battle of Miramichi, the Maritime provinces fall under American Control, while nationalism rises continuously throughout the world.
Age of the Turtle by
The Turtle, a very early attack submarine, successfully sinks several British ships. Many other countries begin this new kind of warfare, thus beginning the Age of the Turtle.
A History of the CSA Victory by Emanresu11
Ahtobiton by Dr. 8-Bit
Germanic tribes unite and conquer much of Europe in 200 BCE; Lithuania remains a world power.
A Kingdom and a Horse by Nekromans
Richard III defeats Henry Tudor at Bosworth Field, leading to Wacky Personal Unions (c) and Alternate American Colonisation (TM)...
Alan Shepard: First Man in Space
Alas, Poor Harry by Cprhodesact
In 1967, Australia's Prime Minister, Harold Holt, disappeared without a trace while swimming. This timeline depicts a Harold Holt who lives much longer, though the life he leads is still tinted with tragedy and scandal.
Alaska Forever! by Gws234
The United States never successfully integrates Alaska, and it develops its own separate identity. This ultimately leads to a razor's-edge independence referendum.
A Less Perfect Union
The Thirteen Colonies declare independence from Britain, but political differences cause the colonies to form three distinct unions, the United Federation of America, the Confederation of American States, and the Republic of New England.
Alexander Empire by Joechao, TimeMaster
Alexander the Great dies at age 86 and unifies most of the known world, including the Roman Republic and Carthage. He cements an empire spanning from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean.
Alien Presence by
Space exploration reveals an inhabited Venus and Mars, and has massive implications for the Cold War.
Allied Nations
Alternate Africa by Mikhail Voronov
Africa a tribal continent until roughly 100 AD, when the Kongo Empire made contact with the Axum Empire. We start our tale from 0, the supposed birth of Jesus, to modern times.
Alternate Asia by Mikhail Voronov
The world today, but changed. Asia suffered drastic changes throughout history, from putdowns of Communism to global war.
Alternate Imperialism by Mscoree
Old feuds and alliances lead to a different shuffling of European powers.
Alternity by Airwolf fanatic94
Multiple divergences throughout history create a world both radically different and oddly familiar to our own.
Alternative 2014 by DannyCity
A study in the butterfly effect, Alternative 2014 visualizes a world where there was no August Coup, Atlantis exists and never sunk, Lake Bonneville is still there, Kerguelen never sunk, the United Kingdom purchased Alaska for Canada, Cuba is a US state along with the Cayman Islands and Bermuda, Britain purchased the Territory of Oregon for Canada, and that the USSR, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia still exist. These changes lead to increasingly dramatic effects on world history, leading to a vastly "Alternative 2014."
A Little of America
All Under Heaven by Marshall of the Templars
After the untimely death of the Yongle Emperor in 1404, China descends into 14 years of economic depression. When the 15-year-old son of the Yongle Emperor ascends to the Dragon Throne in 1418, a chain of events starts that will ultimately result with the Ming Empire as the world's dominant faction. (Under construction)
Al Smith Victorious! by Orion-5
By some miracle, Al Smith defeats Herbert Hoover in the 1928 US presidential election and is the first Catholic Irish-American president. This puts a new spin on the outcome of the Great Depression and, inevitably, the rise of Hitler and World War II! (Open for editing)
America First in Space
America The Fallen by What if?
In the years following the American Revolution, the Articles of Confederation remains the single governing document and the US Constitution is never written. The federal government is significantly much more weakened as a result and, within several years, the American colonies have returned to self-governing city states.
American Commonwealth by NyBob85
The American Revolution is put down early on with General Burgoyne's decisive victory at Saratoga. America carries on through history as Britain's most prosperous colony, eventually achieving Commonwealth status and facing down a powerful Mexican Empire for control of the continent.
American Revolution Fails
The American Revolutions fails as Britain uses her powerful navy to strangle the 13 colonies. A much different world emerges...
American Empire by
The entire Earth is united by the United States.
American Expansion by Emanresu11
After the assassination of President McKinley by an anarchist President, Roosevelt realizes that the United States must increase its influence across Latin America, and eventually across the entire world.
American Expansion Campaign
American Foreign Legion
American Union by Jeffrbenn
Lord North resigns after the Battle of Saratoga, leading to an independent United States within the British Empire.
Americans acquire all of Mexico by Mavisman
The United States conquers all of Mexico, and things turn out differently.
A New America by Mikhail Voronov
A lone warrior from the fictional Hecan Tribe unites and conquers the OTL area of the USA, in 4,000 BC. From there on she has to build an empire to stand the test of time.
A Modern Confederacy
Andalusian Empire (by Chlewey)
The Moorish territories in the Iberian Peninsula survive until the Age of Discoveries, where they become a front runner.
The Andean Wars Henneth
Christopher Columbus has his journey to the New World delayed 6 months, and his ships are destroyed in a hurricane. Civil war is waiting in Spain, and the Ottomans won't be very friendly...
An African People by EmperorCuolec
Africa is today a write-off continent, fraught with war and poverty. But, what if it was different? What if history changed, and the African continent came to dominate the world?
An Earlier War on Terrorism by Sleeper23
By 2005 the so-called "War on Terrorism" is approaching its twentieth year.
An Early October Revolution by Marcpasquin
The Russian October Revolution take place 12 years earlier than in our timeline.
Anglo-France by
England wins the Hundred Years War but becomes weak, and it is under attack from all sides...
Anglo-German Alliance by WAg500
Instead of improving relations with the British Empire during his reign, Napoleon III focuses more on making alliances with Austria and Russia. This leads to an alliance between the British and German empires, and furthermore, allows the centuries-old Anglo-French rivalry to continue into the 20th century.
An Earlier World Cup of Football by HawkAussie
Where the FIFA World Cup was held earlier than it was in OTL.
An Independent in 2000 by YNot1989
A billionaire of the dot-com boom successfully upstages Al Gore and George W. Bush for the Presidency in the 2000 election, winning a plurality and changing the course of the New Millennium...
An Mhaidín Mhaith sá Chionn tSáile by Denten007
In 1601 the Irish army of Hugh O'Neill and Hugh O'Donnell reach Kinsale before the English. They meet the Spanish army there and defeat the English forces, thus quelling the English appetite for a colonial empire for quite some time. The power sphere of western Europe is greatly reduced on the world stage in the modern era.
A North American Cold War by Emanresu11
The CSA secedes 10 years early in 1851. By 1950 The USA and CSA are the two most powerful nations on earth thus paving the way for a much different Cold War.

A Non-Nazi 1936-2000 by LegoKopek

The Nazis never come to power after WWI, setting off a chain reaction with Soviet conquest.
Another Day That Will Live in Infamy
Antarctica Farther North: The Rise of Khyropyten
Anse Aux Meadows by Louisiannan
The Nordic settlement of the Americas did happen successfully.
Apocalypse 1985
A Progressive America by Riley.Konner
A rich scientist wins the 1912 presidential election, as a progressive candidate.
A Peoples’ History of the Third Great Patriotic War by
USSR wins the Cold War and is faced with a war on terror.
Arabic Unity by Marcpasquin
A pan-Arab state is created in the early years of the Cold War when Egypt and Syria merge to form the United Arab Republic.
Archimedes Invents Gunpowder by
Archimedes, the famed scientist, discovers gunpowder before his death, and when it is rediscovered during the reign of Constantine it has drastic effects.
Ardennes Disaster by Das Taub
Adolf Hitler's Final Gamble succeeds beyond his wildest dreams, changing the course of the War.
Ard Marjhoola by Mikebloke
Ibn Aswad's journey to supposedly new lands is taken seriously, and leads to the colonisation of South America in 933.
A Reich Disunited by Deutschland Ost
Germany is never fully united in 1872. Prussia becomes the dominant kingdom and several major European events, such as World War Two, never happen.
A Red Century by World Master
Ayatollah Khomeini dies in 1978, the Islamic Revolution fails, Iraq and Israel goes to war, and the Soviet Union survives as a superpower.
Arrival by Fegaxeyl
An extraterrestrial race of refugees arrives on Earth in 1963, completely revamping world politics.
As A Glass Darkly by Mamercus
George Willett, Jr.'s twin brother survives, allowing George Sr. to disinherit George Jr. when he runs off to join the Barnum & Bailey Circus.
Asian Empires' Triumphants
Assassins Denten007
The Hashshashin survive as an underground society into the modern era. They are no longer an Islamic sect. They are not assassins for hire. They instead choose to kill certain individuals to shape the world to their specifications, and to keep the world largely at peace.
A Stronger Loving World
A Thousand Russian Years by RGB531
Athenian Legacy by 99KingHigh
The Athenian Empire and Delian League are able to defeat the Spartans in the Peloponnesian War, forever changing the course of civilizations founding father.
Arthropod Intelligence
Atlantic Islands by
World geography is a little different and there are a few more islands in the Atlantic Ocean.
Atlantis TL
Atlantic Resolve by User:Experiment632
13 June 2015: (Point of Divergence) Ukrainian military launches air strikes against Russian forces in Crimea. This starts a chain reaction of events that ultimately lead to a military conflict between NATO and Russia.
Austrian Germany by Semyon Edikovich
Austria wins the Austrian-Prussian War and excludes Prussia from the German Federation. (In OTL, the opposite occurs.)
Austria and others by Collie Kaltenbrunner
A Cautious Decision by PESTICIDE
The allies overcome the trench warfare on the hills of Gallipoli, going on the capture Constantinople, changing the run of the war.

A Democracy of Rome by SirDoHa

A Fallen Star

The United States collapses in the 1930s into several nations after not intervening in World War I, therefore having a very poor economy when the Great Depression occured. (work in Progress)

1940 Presidential Election (A Precedent Kept) A Precedent Kept

President Franklin D. Roosevelt decides not to run for a thrid term as President in 1940, possibly changing the course of U.S. History.

A United Front by Marcpasquin
The Spanish Civil War spills out into the rest of Europe.
A United Kingdom of Scandinavia by TechMoutenDew
1928: A welcomed Change by Jamie Wall

Cordell Hull is nominated in 1928 instead of Al Smith, and while he still loses to Herbert Hoover. The Hoover Administration occurs pretty much as OTL, and Smith remains governor of New York, and in 1932 Al Smith successfully wins the election and becomes president.(The Main Page for this is still a Work in Progress)

A World Divided by Kennelly
After Mikhail Gorbachev is killed just prior to him assuming power in the Soviet Union, the Cold War continues until today, and many people meet a different fate.
A World Apart by Masakuni
Humankind develops on a completely different continental map than OTL Earth, causing human society to develop utterly differently.
A World in Chaos (The Great World Wide Earthquake of 1977) Onmybelief
A World Without America by Platnia101
A disaster at sea causes the world to lose hope in ever finding a Trans-Atlantic passage to East Asia, and therefor leaves the new world to slowly cultivate to become actual cometition against the old world when it is "discovered" in 1951.
A World without Rome
A World Without Hitler by SovietBritain
Adolf Hitler is killed in World War I, leading to slightly different outcomes in 1930s Germany and World War II.
Axis Powers
Axis Reign
Axis World by NyBob85
The Confederacy wins the American Civil War and slowly transforms into a fascist colonial empire, setting history down a radically different course and eventually culminating in a World War II that the Allied Powers lose.
Aztec Empire by
The Aztecs successfully defeat the Spanish at the gates of Tenochtitlan in 1521. The Aztecs then begin an intense period of isolationism, until a second invasion by the Spanish forces them to find an ally in the form of the newly United States of America. Meanwhile, the Inca empire is destabilised until the 1930s, when it is seized by a fascist dictatorship and, after allying with Germany, Italy, and Japan, seeks revenge...


Quaid-e-Azam doesn't die of TB on 11 September, 1948, changing the way Pakistan endures in its history and in the Cold War.
Babylonian War
Balance Point
Banana World
United Fruit (later Chiquita) and Standard Fruit (later Dole) maintain their strangleholds on the Latin American nations, bringing a quite literal definition to the term "Banana Republics".
Banat Republic
The tiny Banat Republic that emerged after WWI is not invaded by Serbia, and so it remains independent until WWII, and it regains independence after the collapse of Yugoslavia.
The Barbarian Empire
The first part of A Thousand Russian Years, this alt-hist was based on a game of Crusader Kings. During the collapse of the Byzantine Empire under the Dukids, a young warlord - Vladimir Monomach - unexpectedly finds himself in charge of a small army that's about to create a big legacy. Follow the rise and fall of a medieval Graeco-Russian Orthodox superpower.
Barony of France
Basileus' Interference Timeline
An extremely involved, far-reaching, and complex timeline of human history from the times of Jesus onwards, to a newer, stimulating possible scenario. Its development can be followed at: the forum.
Battleground Germany
The Battle of Caldbeck
North of Hastings, 1066. This neglected footnote in the early career of Harold Godwinson could have turned out very differently indeed. It is perhaps best remembered today for the comical name of Harold's opponent, William the Bastard, Duke of Normandy. Had William triumphed, the horrors of the feudal system would have been visited on this island.
Bella Gerant Alii
A world with numerous (mainly European) points of divergence - the defeat of France in the Hundred Years War, the absence of a unified Spain, no execution of Mary, Queen of Scots etc., which affect the rest of the world in greater proportions
Bermudas United Nations
Winston Churchill, with European support, establishes the Headquarters of the United Nation(s) on the middle North Atlantic island of Bermuda, in response to the creation and growth of the World Bank/Internacional Monetary Fund in the USA. That becomes a non-USA-puppet organization with a more utopian result. (Stub) (Open to adoption)
Between Iraq and a Hard Place
Political turmoil in the UK means that the US is forced to go it alone in Iraq. It is militarily more than capable, but is left politically isolated...
Beyond the Ocean
In 1223, a mistake causes Jebe and Subutai to lose the Battle of the Kalka River. Angered, Genghis Khan aborts an invasion to Europe, demotes Jebe and Subutai to a lower rank in the imperial court, and decides to focus on exploring the ocean to the east of China.
Bicentennial Divergence
Biden vs. Bush
Delaware Senator Joe Biden wins the Democrat nomination for President in 1988. What happens when Vice-President George H.W. Bush has to face off against the "common man" candidate for the Presidency?
Big Benito
Mussolini gets nicer and starts a new Roman Empire that is greater than Germany or Britain.
The Bishop Royal
Prince August Frederick (1773-1843) follows his youthful ambition of being ordained.
Black American Revolution
In the 1930s, before WW2 starts, in the USA black/negro peoples are segregated. At some point, a group of blacks take control of a military base in a southern state, a civil conflict arises, and that end with the acceptance of self-government of a new republic in North America for the "enemies" of the USA. (Open for adoption, preferably by an American citizen)
Black Death - Thirteenth Century
What if The Black Death happened a century earlier?
Black Magic Rituals on Easter Island
Blank Slate
The would-be first Amerindians to cross the Bering Land Bridge turn around, leaving a pristine continent until it is later discovered and settled.
Blond Death
A new plague pandemic occurs in the late 20th century. It is called "the blonde", and it ravages, basically, Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand. "The blonde" kills a quarter of the population of Europe, but is present in the minus range around the world. "The blonde" is present, like a flu, in many people, but with the oddity that the flu kills a high percentage of white, blonde people with clear eyes that are infected. The social scale of the world changes forever.
Blue Dream
What if Chiang Kai-Shek could defeat the communists early on? How would China be different from today? Well, in this alternate history, discover the challenges and rewards of maintaining a Nationalist China and the woes with the nations around it. More importantly, see how China deals with being a sleeping dragon under American domination and influence!
Blue Marble
What if Mars was a Blue Marble rather than being a boring rock? What if it was home to a species more advanced than us? How would things play out?
Blue Mars
Bolshevik Bleeding
A wiser and more watchful Alexander Kerensky avoids the rise of the Bolsheviks, and the October Revolution never occurs, making the way free for democracy in Russia.
Bolivar's Dream
Bolivar is able to unify all of Hispano-America.
Bonaparte Victory
The Boulanger Era
A proto-fascistic regime emerges in 1890s France.
Brian Felled Brodir
Brian Boru wins the Battle at Clontarf and unifies Eire.
Breitenfeld and Luetzen
Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden leads his troops to victory in both Breitenfeld and Luetzen, and survives to carry the banner of the Reformation still further.
Britain's reconquest of America
Britannia not United
The early medieval nations of Britain don't unify, and thus England is never born. The countries then face external invasion from powerful France and Ireland.
British Baltimore Win
Major General Robert Ross survives the Battle of Baltimore in the War of 1812.
British Civil War
British Empire
British Empire Glory
Neutral British
The British do not enter World War One and remain the dominant power into the 21st Century.
British Empire Triumphant
Bigger British Empire
After some major wars, the British do not lose their colonies; as a result, the empire gets larger and larger.
British Supreme Power
The British create the greatest empire by not joining WW1.
British Louisiana
Disease in 1762 prevents the British takeover of Cuba, preventing the Spanish loss of Florida. Britain takes Louisiana instead.
Brittanese-Speaking World
Anglo-Saxon Britain competes with the Scandinavian Vikings over the settlement of Vineland and eventually succeed in colonizing North America.
Brothers No More
The Confederacy wins the Civil War, leading to huge changes all over the world.
Business Plot
The Business Plot succeeds as originally planned.
Bull Moose
Former President Theodore Roosevelt wins the 1912 Republican Party nomination for President, after convincing President Taft to step down as the nominee. Roosevelt goes on to defeat Woodrow Wilson and reshapes the US political landscape, the map of Europe and, consequently, world events.
Burgundy Survives
The kingdom of Burgundy survives to the present day, and becomes a colonial power.
Bush is Betrayed; Unity '04
Butterfly of Quebec
US forces win the battle of Quebec, leading to a butterfly effect which changes the world forever.
By Grace of God Protector of the Commonwealth
Byzantine Khazaria
The Byzantine Empire prevents the Seljuk Turks from encroaching into western Asia Minor under the rule of Alexios I Comnenus. The Byzantines then focus their conquests on Russia, namely Khazaria, home to the Asiatic tribe known as the Khazars, and go on to become a dominant power in Europe.
Byzantine Empire Triumphant
Byzantine Glory
A small and insignificant war in Central Asia leads to a revolution in Constantinople, setting the Byzantine Empire on a path of glory, survival, and becoming the world's most powerful nation.
Byzantine Gunpowder
A trader inadvertently takes some gunpowder down the Silk Road and into the Byzantine Empire. With new weapons, a new age of Byzantine rule begins.
Byzantine World
The conversion of Mohammed to Christianity prevents the Arabic conquests of Byzantine lands and allows the Eastern Roman Empire to flourish much longer. The shape of Western Europe is also changed considerably.


Cabotia and Brasil
The Castillian queen does not support Christopher Columbus, who is not lucky in France, either. The English and the Portuguese discover the Americas before 1500, though.
Call Me Carter
Operation Eagle Claw is successful, and Jimmy Carter is elected to a second term.
Canadian Independence
The Quebec Act of 1774 is never passed, which results in a greater rift between Quebec and the rest of British Canada. The invasion of Quebec is successful, and Canada has achieved independence by the 1780s.
Capitalists of the World, Unite
The German railroad car smuggling Lenin into St. Petersburg is intercepted by Tsarist forces. Russia bleeds itself dry by the end of the Great War, but Communism never takes root. Equally pulverized against the Russian anvil, Germany sues for peace in 1917.
The Capitol Burns
The September 11 attacks never take place. Instead, the Al-Qaida network chooses a bigger, and more deadly, target. On January 29, 2002, during George W. Bush's State of the Union address, an airliner dive-bombs into the US Capitol building. 97% of the members of Congress are killed, and so are most of the cabinet, including the President and Vice President. The Presidency passes to Interior Secretary Gale Norton, who presides over the beginning of the end of American democracy.
The Clontarf Split
After the Battle of Clontarf in Ireland, the land is split into two kingdoms - one ruled by the High King of Ireland, and one ruled by the Vikings.
The Cold War continues and is cancelled in 2001
Gorbachev's reforms work in the Soviet Union, so much that the Communist world survives into the 21st Century, along with the Warsaw Pact. Then when the September 11th Attacks come, the Cold War is cancelled, as the Communist and Capitalist world unite in the face of terrorism.
Caeser lives
The assassination attempt of the Ides of March fails.
Caroline Era
A series of PODs leads to the continuation of a 1970s-style world into the 1980s and beyond.
Cecil's Society
Cecil Rhodes' secret society is set up to try and rule the world, but America is not so subservient to the society, which leads to a world war between the Old World and the New World/China. Now an open timeline.
Celebrity World
The election of Ronald Reagan as President in 1968 starts the United States, and the world, off on a celebrity kick. From then on, every US President is an actor, musician or other non-political celebrity prior to entering politics, the entire US Senate is made up of celebrities, and this craze has spread to other nations as well.
Celtic Empire
Celtic tribes are able to repel Roman invaders, and after the repulsion, they establish a very powerful nation throughout Europe.
A successful rebellion against the English in the early 17th century results in Wales becoming the dominant power in Great Britain. Wales then leads Europe in the "Age of Exploration".
Celtic Rules
The Celtic tribes throughout Europe are never suppressed by other people, yielding a highly Celtic-influenced Europe with numerous Celtic nations, and languages, spreading all over the continent.
Central powers Shift East
Germany allies with Russia and Austria-Hungary to form the Central Powers. Britain, faced with the prospect of war, blackmails the United States to join the Entente. With the major players shifted, World War One turns out differently.
Central World
The Central Powers win World War I.
Chamberlain's Legacy
Joseph Chamberlain, the father of Neville Chamberlain. In OTL, he is a footnote in history, an obscure radical imperialist who started as one of the rising stars of the Liberal Party and ended a man who split his party and joined the Conservatives. Instead, in the new timeline, he becomes Prime Minister in 1886. The results today: a world with five Superpowers- the United States of America; the United Britannic Commonwealth; the United Federation of Europe; the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China.
Chamberlain's Failure
Joshua Chamberlain loses the Battle of Gettysburg for the Union, resulting in more Americas and American powerhouses.
Chaos TL - A world without Genghis Khan's conquests
This long, finished TL starts with the death of Genghis Khan in the year 1200 and goes until 1993. It has more than 350 pages in this wiki, of which more than 100 are about the nations alone.
Charlottic Era - One Princess' Life could save Europe.
Charlotte of Wales died in 1817 of post-partum complications. The only child of George IV her death led onto the ascension of her uncle William IV and ultimately, Queen Victoria. In this TL Charlotte does not die, going on to reign through the industrial era of the United Kingdom. While a seemingly minor detail Victoria does not go on to see her children spread throughout the royalty of Europe. Charlotte's two children compared to Victoria's nine make less of an impact on an ever changing world.
Cherry, Plum, and Chrysanthemum
China's industrial-age space program
In 850, the Chinese alchemist who discovered gunpowder by accident, instead of adding honey to his concoction of sulfur, realgar and saltpetre, adds animal dung, and subsequently discovers explosives.
Chinese America
Chinese Meiji
China starts a modernization program in the 1840s, overthrows the Qing dynasty, and sets up a constitutional monarchy. The result is a drastically different 20th century, where Germany dominates Europe and the Middle East is one of the most stable regions in the world.
Chinese World
A divided China partially resists the Mongol invasion, while the Mongols devastate western Europe. At the downfall of the Mongols, the Chinese states are ready to conquer the unknown world.
Christ Dynasty
Jesus Christ takes a less peaceful approach, but still emphasizes himself as Messiah and as the son of God. He leads a rebellion and establishes an empire.
Clash of Empires: Han meets Rome
Clash of Empires
The Axis won the second World War in short time using better strategies. The communists were not completely banned because of the Minsk Agreement. The Soviet Union, now under the control of Trotsky, used this opportunity to spread communists revolutions all over Europe, but this plan couldn't see success because of the Hungarian Revolution that overthrew the new socialist government in Budapest. It eventually led to the start of the 3rd World War.
Clausewitz Lives!
Cliche CSA Victory Timeline
The many cliches of a CSA victory timeline in one easy to use timeline. Watch as a victory of Gettysburg changes the destiny for North America...again.
Clinton Who?
Bill Clinton's disastrous 1988 Convention speech does more harm than previously thought. His bid for the nomination in 1992 ends disastrously as well, when the Gennifer Flowers tapes are released before the Iowa primary, Clinton ends up in the single digits there and in New Hampshire. Paul Tsongas wins the nomination.
Clinton Assassinated
While campaigning in Iowa in 1996, Bill Clinton is assassinated by a religious zealot. Gore is sworn in as President and is nominated in his place.
Close Encounters of the Third Reich
The crash of an extraterrestrial spacecraft gives Nazi Germany a crucial advantage in the war to come.
Cold Phoney War
An Allied partial victory in Norway convinces Hitler of the near impossibility of invading the British Isles, keeps Chamberlain in power, and gives the Allies a position to fight the Soviet Union directly over Finland.
Cold War actually slightly Chilly War
Stalin dies near the end of World War II, causing a different Yalta Conference, along with different post-war politics. Tensions between the Soviet Union and the west remain, however.
Collapse of the United States.
An American Chernobyl happens, thus causing the United States to collapse.
Colón Pact Victory
Gran Colombia survives, Mexico keeps central America, and an alliance is made that will bring the Revolution to all the oppressed proletariat of the world, and not even the oppressive Japanese Empire can stand in their way.
Commonwealth of America
The American Rebellion fails. When Canada gains self-government in 1867, America follows suit as a free, democratic constitutional monarchy, consisting of the 13 original colonies plus the captured Louisiana territory. With no United States to threaten its existence, Mexico flourishes until it is torn apart by unrest and civil war.
The Compromise of 1856
Though having won a decisive plurality of the popular vote, James Buchanan fails to win a majority of the electoral vote. As the election moves to the House of Representatives, division occurs over the issue of slavery, with the representatives being equally divided between Fremont and Buchanan. Eventually, a compromise is reached, today known as the Compromise of 1856.
Concert of Europe
Tecumseh's War turns out to be a disaster for the United States, which gradually dissolve during the 19th century. Without the US and after a devastating, thirty years long Great War, power is left in the hands of a few world powers, reunited in a congress known as the Concert of Europe: a concert in which every player tries to play his own tune...
Confederacy Survives
Confederate Provinces of Canada
The Confederate Utopia
The Confederates win the Civil War — with ironic results.
A Confederate Victory
General Lee makes a crucial decision at Gettysburg that alters the course of the Americas.
Conflict in the SouthWest
After being defeated in the short but bloody Mormon War, the citizens of the Deseret region of Utah, Nevada, Western Colorado, Southern Idaho and Wyoming, and South Eastern California, are angry. Tempers simmer until they flare up in 2003, causing the Deseret Conflict.
Coniuratio Bohemica
After their military victories, the Hussite factions do not turn against each other. Instead, they form a Confederacy. The radicals (Taborites, Orebites, Sirotci) continue to support peasant revolts across Europe, bringing about a very different Reformation.
Conservative Century
William McKinley survives Leon Czolgoz's attempted assassination, leading to over a century of peace and prosperity worldwide.
Controversy: A Universe in Parallel
Cotton Party
Jefferson Davis wins the 1860 elections; the North secedes from the South, forming a Northern 'Dixie',
Country Kennedy
Joseph Kennedy wins the election of 1952.
Crescent & Cross - A Norman Egypt
A timeline from exploring the consequences of Normans under Robert Guiscard conquering Egypt in 1083. The spiritual successor to the Hauteville Empire.
Cromwell the Great
Charles I, the last monarch of the three kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland is executed in 1649. Following his death, the three kingdoms become a republic, known as the Commonwealth - governed ostensibly by Parliament and Cromwell. With the monarchy abolished, and the 'pretender' Stuarts never again to return to the throne, Cromwell and his successors lead a very different kind of British Empire.
Cross of Gold
William Jennings Bryan wins the election of 1896, and as President tries to change the morals of a nation.
Crusader World
Saladin's forces are badly beaten at the battle of Hattin, and King Guys army receives help from the landing Crusader armies of France and England. After besieging Jerusalem for 2 years, Barbarossa's huge German army arrives and enters Jerusalem. Saladin surrenders and retreats to Baghdad, but the Crusaders widen their claims until an early form of Colonialism takes place. Meanwhile, the Mongols are defeated by the Russians, and great power arises in Eastern Europe.
Cruz Wins
Cupiditate Regni Adductus by The Guardian of Forever
A change in a Parthian dynastic struggle and the premature deaths of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra leads to a very different Mediterranean, divided between a weak and despotic empire, a resurgent Republic, (but not in Rome) and the new superpower, Parthia.
The Curie Bomb
After her children were killed in a German gas attack in 1916, Marie Curie takes revenge, by working with the French government to develop a dirty bomb, which is dropped behind German lines in 1918, irradiating part of Northern France and decimating the German army, leading to a surrender. With other discoveries in the 1920s, a new cold war begins with many more players.


D-Day Disaster
Dae Han Jeguk: an Alternate History of Korea
Korea modernizes in the 19th century. The world today looks much the same, and different.Doggerland

Doggerland, the now sunken land bridge that connected Britain to mainland Europe, survives as a small island that is in OTL the Dogger bank. As a result Doggerland is a nation, with a similar history to Britain, which is much influenced by the Romans, Celts and Germanic peoples.

Damalias Untold
Damalias Untold tells the story of a fictional island called Damalias, and their emergence to the rest of the world through several catastrophic but crucial events.
Damned Marxies!
Dark Brazilian Empire
The 1889 Republican coup fails. In 1957, during the Cold War, an absolute monarchy, based on dictatorship, is born in Brazil.
Dawn of Hope
Hitler successfully becomes a painter, and a much more competent leader takes his place, making his way to world leader, and he establishes a dystopian version of the UN as a world state.
Day of Glory
Starting with New-France never falling to the British, a domino effect creates a timeline where the balance of power is held by the Gallican Republic and the United Royal Provinces.
Death of an Empire

1905 The British Empire collapses from nations declaring independence and civil war in its member nations. France and Russia step in to fill the power vacuum. WWI never happens until 1938.

Death of the old world
Death of a Queen
Queen Elizabeth II's plane crashes during the 2007 state visit to the USA, she survives but is very badly injured.
Death of a President - 2003
Death Years
Decimalisation of the Shilling
Decimation at Dunkirk
Hitler never orders his armor to halt, and they obliterate the allied armies at Dunkirk before they can be evacuated.
Defenders of the Fang- a Dinosaur Althist
Dinosaurs never go extinct. Civilization begins a couple hundred thousand years earlier, and there are a lot of other big changes.
The world suffers under a global flood that shows no signs of stopping.
Devshaan's Alternate History
A Alternate History that is just things I want to change in history.
Democratic Afghanistan
Ahmed Shah Massoud establishes a stable Afghanistan in the aftermath of the Soviet withdrawal, thus preventing the rise of the Taliban.
Democratic Century
Harry Truman once again beats the odds, winning a 3rd term in office, beginning a long period of Democratic dominanace in national affairs, and a great many events occur earlier or later then OTL. Operates jointly with "Republican Century".
Democatic Republic of the Balkan
The people in the Ottoman Empire gain independence, and they form a nation.
Die Deutschen Seigreich
Hitler thinks out his battle plans, gets superior technology, and WW2 starts in 1955 and has a much different victor....
Die Sonne geht im Reich nie unter...
The Central Powers win the First World War, and Germany goes on to become a worldwide colonial superpower.
A timeline with several curious points of divergence.
Different Same Union
Scotland becomes the main power in the United Kingdom.
Divergence Factor -0.229
The year is 1860. The point of divergence is 1784. The Republican Party is never formed, John C. Breckenridge is elected President, and New England secedes from the union, leading to civil war.
Divided Japan
Harry S Truman does not argue as forcefully for possession of Japan as he does in OTL, and he does not order the dropping of the Bomb in 1945. The war ends the next year, and Japan is partitioned like Germany.
Doctor who isn't cancelled in 1989
The TV show "Doctor Who" is not cancelled in 1989. (in progress)
Domahn Ceilteach
The Angles form the Anglo-Burgundians. The Saxons invade Normandy, and all the British Isles remain a thoroughly Celtic nation. UP FOR ADOPTION.
Doomsday 2012
On Christmas Eve, an unnatural phenomenon happens. The poles switch, which only happens once every 450,000 years.
Downfall of the Old World
America stays out of World War I. (WIP)
Dragon Awakens
A fire in the Forbidden City caused the young future Chongzhen Emperor to wonder the streets of Beijing, where he meets a man named Xu Hongzu who offers to become his tutor.... The Empire of Ming grows to become the largest empire to ever exist on the face of Earth.
DSO (Demokrata Socialisma Organizo / Democratic Socialist Organization)
Dunkirk Disaster


Eagle of the Nile
Nasser decides to work with the Ba'ath Party to ensure the continuity of the United Arab Republic through the present day.
Early World War I
The Dodger Bank incident isn't solved diplomatically, and it causes the Russo-Japanese War to expand into an earlier World War I.
Eastern Collapse
During the decline of Rome, The Eastern Empire (Byzantium) becomes the first to fall instead of the West. (Open for edits)
Easternized World
The Tang Dynasty lasts into the late 10th century. After a new dynasty takes over, China takes over much of Asia.

The Egypto-Hittite Empire

In the 1320s BC, Tutankhamun, Pharaoh of Egypt, died. His widow, Ankhesenamun, sent a letter to the Hittite king, asking to marry one of his sons. He sent over his son, Zannanza, to marry her, but he died on the way. He accused the new Egyptian Pharaoh Ay of killing him. This led to a war between the two nations. But what if that hadn't happened? What if Zannanza became Pharaoh and later King of the Hittites uniting the two nations into a formidable empire?

Election 1952
Adlai Stevenson wins the 1952 Presidential Election after Robert Taft takes the Republican nomination away from Dwight Eisenhower. This has a huge effect on history and future elections.
Emperor Belisarius
540 - Belisarius accepts the title of Western Roman Emperor from the Ostrogoths.
Emperor Sejanus
37 - During the fragile early years of the Roman Principate, the fate of Sejanus, Prefect of the Praetorian Guard, friend and ally of the second Emperor, Tiberius, is sealed in OTL upon the latter's decision to favour his nephew Gaius for succession, commonly called Caligula. In the new timeline, water runs thicker than blood, and Sejanus succeeds in succeeding Tiberius.
Emperor George I (not done yet)
Empire of Forever
The Spanish Empire makes its way to survive until the Twentieth century.
English Empire
Ericson's Vinland
Leif Ericson encourages Greenlanders to settle Vinland after he discovers the island and stays there for a winter. After the Greenlanders create several successful settlements, word gets out to Iceland that a more hospitable land than Greenland has been found. This encourages Icelandic settlement and the establishment of a permanent colony.
Erin Go Bragh
Ireland begins the fight for their independence one hundred years before it does in OTL.
Eryr Wen
Eternal Migration
65 million years ago - A gigantic meteor hits the Earth. This kills off the dinosaurs and many other species... but not mammals. The meteor hit, however, causes the Earth to change its speed of rotation, so it is almost locked with the sun (i.e. one side always faces the sun), However, it is slightly off. Now, it takes 1000 years for one point on Earth to move all the way around to the same position relative to the sun. The human race evolves anyway, and, coincidentally, many OTL historical people appear, but all are subject to the ETERNAL MIGRATION.
Ethelred the Pious
871 - Alfred does not take charge of Wessex forces at the Battle of Ashdown, and the Danes take over England, eventually making it a thoroughly Scandinavian country.
Eurasian Alliance
1921 - One year after a successful Kapp Putsch: Disappointed how she was treated by the Allies after World War I, an authoritarian Germany seeks new allies for her revenge: the Soviet Union and the Nationalist Republic of China.
Europäische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft 1919
In 1919 a victorious Germany establishes a free trade zone in Central Europe, consisting of Germany, Finland, The Baltic Duchy, Poland, Austria-Hungary, and Ukraine. This lays the groundwork for future European integration and the European Confederation.
The European Collapse
The EU collapses into civil war.
Europe Submerged
When most of the 'old world' gets destroyed the countries and colonies of the 'new world' have to find new ways to survive and thrive.

In 1854, at the Eureka Stockade in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, the leader of the miners, Peter Lalor, is killed in battle. His martyrdom turns a small conflict into a big one, the Eureka Rebellion, aided by a charismatic and brilliant commanding general, and Australia is transformed into an American-style republic.

Evil Man in the World

The Japanese manage to destroy all the US refineries and Dockyard in Hawaii when the Pearl Harbour attack making the US government decide to negotiate a peace deal with The Japanese Empire, causing The British to surrenders to German in WW2

Explorers and Empires
Columbus sails for Portugal in 1485, leading to Portuguese domination of the Americas, a Venetian colonial empire, Inca survival, and a Jewish republic in the New World, among many other changes.
Extinction Event
An extinction event refers to a rapid, worldwide decrease in life on Earth, further causing drastic effect on what little life remains. The most recent extinction event was the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event, taking place about 65 million years ago. What if this were to happen again, 65 million years late. Pretend the meteor hits in the same exact place, and the same exact things happen. What would be the future of the human race?
Eye of the Storm
The rise of the Confederate States of America, following their victory over the Union in the American Civil War, sees a new world order emerge without the presence of the United States.


Failed American Revolution
The American Revolution is swiftly quashed, and America expands much more quickly under British rule.
Failed Continental Congress
The 13 English colonies in North America manage their independence, but they cannot agree on a common government.
Fall Grün
The Czechoslovak government refuses to abide by the Munich Agreement, sparking a German (and later Hungarian) invasion of Czechoslovakia on October 1, 1938.
Fall of the East
The Eastern Roman Empire falls, due to barbarian invasions, and most of the Western Empire survives unscathed.
Farewell My Canada
Quebec separates from Canada in 1995, leading to a wave of separatism.
Fascist Britain
Britain loses World War I and turns to Oswald Mosley.
Fascist Coup Britain
The British Union of Fascists launches a coup, overthrowing the British government and establishing an Fascist Dictatorship.
Fascist USA
Franklin D. Roosevelt dies in 1921. Al Smith wins the 1932 election and becomes President of the United States. Smith proves just as incapable of pulling the United States out of the Great Depression, but is less successful politically than OTL Roosevelt, and the result is that Smith is overthrown by a fascist coup in 1936. The fascist United States then allies with Hitler against the Allies in Europe, but conflicts with Japan in the Pacific lead to a very different World War II...
Fashoda Timeline
In 1898, the Fashoda incident escalates into a fullscale war between the UK and France, leading all other major powers in Europe to take a side in the conflict. Two more world wars follow with different winning sides, leading into a cold war between the USA and Japan.
In 1941, the United Kingdom and China join the Axis, the Soviets surrender in 1943, and so the Axis win World War II. After that, the Cold War begins between the Allies and the Axis...
FDR Two Term Timeline
In 1937, Nazi Germany decided to invade the Eastern United States, to which they would be successful and capture the rest of the United States with the Axis Powers in 1940. Franklin D. Roosevelt would lead a successful resistance similar to the Founding Fathers in the American Revolution and would only lead America until 1945 to free the world from Nazi Control by joining the Allies in WW2.
FDR Follows his Platform
Franklin D. Roosevelt follows his platform of 1932, repudiating the reckless big government policies of Herbert Hoover. America recovers from the Great Depression and enters a boom. America remains isolationist, resulting in a longer World War II.
February's Legacy
The Russian Provisional Government is not overthrown by the Bolsheviks.
Federalist Failure
The Federalists fail in their attempts to ratify the new Constitution and the United States falls apart, leading to the rise of a Virginian "empire".
Federalist Republic of Louisiana
Alexander Hamilton is never born, and thus he is unable to stop Aaron Burr's plot to form a Federalist republic in the Midwest.
Federation of Nations
Federalist America
The Federalist Party, led by Alexander Hamilton, wins re-election in 1800 and achieves dominance as the United States' primary political faction. The following two centuries are the product of the country's gradual centralization and western dominance.
Fidem Pacis
The Roman Empire converts to Islam of its own accord. The Arab conquests never get started, and as a result the world today looks very different.
Field of Honor
Dueling still affects US politics in a parallel world.
Fight Forevermore


Napoléon does not invade Swedish Pomerania and Rügen, leading to Sweden's participation in the Invasion of Russia and a spiraling cascade of consequences.

Five Element Earth
First One Hundred Days of the Obama Administration IN SPACE
Five Nations
Although the OTL Battle of Gettysburg is seen as the turning point in the American Civil War, it is actually much closer than it might seem. In the Five Nations timeline, Jeb Stuart does not go off on a glory-grabbing raid; instead, he provides intelligence to the Army of Northern Virginia. The Confederates are successful in getting artillery to the summit of Big Round Top to enfilade the Federal lines. The second day’s plans are executed properly on the Confederate side. The battle and the war, and thus the world, turn out differently.
Flak in the Falkland
An escalation in the Falkland War lead to the involvement of more countries.
Florida voted Blue
Some chads fall off in Florida in 2000, and its 25 electoral votes go to Gore. Explores the first four years of a Gore Presidency - his responses to September 11, the invasion of Sudan and the prospect of four more years.
Flood Basalt Eruption
There is a massive flood basalt eruption under Hawaii.
Foreign Ambassadors
For Queen and Country
For the Fatherland
For Want of a Heimlich
George W. Bush chokes on a pretzel in 2002, drastically changing the next seven years.
For Want of an Inch
Shrapnel from an artillery shell ends the life of Adolf Hitler, eliminating his influence over post-war history.
For Want of a Telegram
The Zimmerman Telegram is never sent from Germany to Mexico, and the US never enters World War One, resulting in a Central Powers victory
Forward century
Forward and Backward
Four Policemen
The Grand Alliance of World War 2 continues through the 1950s, as the Soviet Union and United States join together to end Imperialism.
Fourteen Points
Four-way Cold War
Franz Lives!
Gavrilo Princip's gun jams, thus delaying WW1, resulting with a constitutional Monarchy in Russia that lasts to the present day, a much more powerful USA, and a very strong British Empire, all of which are racing for the stars.
Franz's World
Franz Ferdinand survives an assassination attempt in Sarajevo and goes on to see his dream of a United States of Greater Austria come true.
Frederick the Great
America's Empire
Free Catalonia
Prats de Molló uprising succeeds. A newly independent Catalan State is proclaimed.
Free Polish State (1939-1991)
French Canada
Following the French-Indian War, the French keep Canada, while the British claim Louisiana instead.
The French invasion of Germany-1939
French Empire (CS-1)
Napoleon does not attack Russia and is not defeated in Europe... resulting in the First French Empire surviving to the present day.
French Waterloo
Napoleon wins the Battle of Waterloo, altering the world forever.
From Dixie to World War

The Battle of Gettysburg ends in a stalemate, with both sides establishing long-term trenches. The Confederates launch a sneak attack up to the Potomac, besieging Washington. The British Empire and the French Republic recognize the CSA. In desperation, Lincoln offers the Oregon Territory to Russia if they distract Western Europe. This creates a cascade of alliances and wars that have nothing to do with the American and Civil War, other than their common origin.


Gate of Heavenly Peace:The Third Chinese Revolution
The Tiananmen Square massacre escalates into full-scale civil war.
Gaul Rising
The Gallic Empire is able to permanently remain independent from the Roman Empire and becomes a major power in Europe.
Gaul survives
After Caesar conquers Gaul, an uprising a few years later permanently frees it from Roman rule.
The Gekíun Empire, known in the native language as Gekím, is originally founded as several, separate colonies and refugee sites from multiple independent countries, near the Bab el Mandeb Strait. This is the history of the culture of the artificial Gekíje language.
A pair of Mid-Atlantic islands, unknown in OTL, exist.
Germanic Power
The Franks and Visigoths hold more staunchly to their languages, thus developing Frankish, Hispagothic, and other Germanic languages, eliminating Spanish, French and Portuguese, but allowing the Langue d'Occ and Catalan come to the fore as independent languages.
The Gipper Goes Down
Ronald Wilson Reagan, 40th President of the United States, is assassinated in 1981 by John Hinckley Jr. His Vice President, George Bush, assumes the Presidency and is bombarded from all sides by the Iran-Contra scandal, which brings him down and his administration with it.
Give Them the Bayonet!
General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson is not shot by his own men at Chancellorsville. The battle becomes an even greater victory for the Army of Northern Virginia. The Northern desertion rate climbs. The two armies collide in Gettysburg in similar fashion to OTL, but with an outcome unlike our past's. The history of North America is rewritten.
Glenn McArthur
Glenrowan Affair
Alternative cause and effect of event's to Ned Kelly's 'final stand' at Glenrowan, Victoria, Australia.
Global Implications
The Dutch retain New Amsterdam from the English and build-up a powerful nation in the Northeast.
Global Soviet Union
As the Great Patriotic War is won, Stalin seeks to bring about the Communist Revolution to all the world.
God eu Mac̉
The languages and religions of Earth never split up, leaving a few (slightly) peaceful nations, such as Usic̉uw.
Goddard's legacy
Robert Goddard gets more funding for his rocketry and the space race, the world, is forever changed.
God-King Era of Britain
A series of Kings, taking the name of Ancient Gods (hence this Era's name) rule Britain with ruthlessness and totalitarianism.
Castille invades Portugal during the Reconquest. As a result, the history of Spain turns out more differently than ever.
Goodbye Portugal
Grand French Empire
France has gained a lot of land from the 100 Years War, and lost almost no troops. But as Russia conquers East Europe, will a Grand French Empire be formed from the following wars?

Gramsci Lives

The chairman of the Italian Communist Party and Marxist thinker, philosopher Antonio Gramsci lives.

Great Alliance
The Wampanoag, the Aztecs, and the Incas and various tribes join together in the Great Alliance. From civil war to touring operas and "The War to End All Wars", history is changed forever.
Great Germany
After the reunification of East and West Germany, the successive presidents and Chancellor of Germany discuss their plan in unification with Austria and other official German-speaking nations of Europe. This results in a early euro currency development, and a more German-centered European Union. In 2009, "The United Republic of Great Germany" has a gross domestic product bigger than Japan.
Greater America
Global Chaos 1954
Glorious Trebizond
Greater Australia Union
Greater Britain - All territories
Britain wins every single independence war, and it keeps every territory it ever had. How would Britain look today?
Greater Colombia
San Martin manages to convince Bolívar he still has a role to perform in South America, giving Bolívar more room to prevent Venezuela seceding from Colombia and to concentrate in freeing the Caribbean islands.
Great Solar Flare (2004: Doomsday)
Near-extinction of the human race caused by fatal solar flares and solar winds.
Greater Russia
The assassination attempt on Alexander II fails and creates a stronger Russian empire, which lasts to the present day.
The Greater Iraq War
The Great Utah War
Great White South
20,000 years ago an unknown event took place in the southern hemisphere, causing Antarctica to warm up. Despite the fact that the continent remains cold and dark, it is now inhabitable enough for Humans to live in.
Greka Democracy
Germany allies with Great Britain in the 19th century, and completes the Großdeutsche Lösung, taking a more moderate course than our history.
The Gulf Coast Alliance


Avian Flu virus mutates in Western Europe, causing deadly effect to both population and politics.
Habitable Mars
As often imagined in science fiction, on July 14, 1965, the "Mariner-IV" Mars probe reveals that the Red Planet is truly habitable with a breathable atmosphere and moderately cool temperatures.
Have you heard about the Habsburgs
The Habsburgs' reign goes on much more better resulting in one of the largest empires in the world.
Hail Mighty Joan
Joan of Arc escapes from English captivity, returning to her countrymen and leading them to victory. But, even as France celebrates, the Pope declares her a heretic against the Catholic Church...
Under construction and open.
The Hanfstaengl Effect
Hanover- the millstone around Britain's neck
Happy History
Everything goes right from the late 1500's onward. The Roanoake colony doesn't fail, Hamilton and Burr make peace, Abraham Lincoln isn't assassinated, and WWII is never started.
Harold II Godwinson
Harsiesi's Egypt
A timeline in which a revolt against the Ptolemies in 130 BC is successful and Egypt returns to native rule (I don't know how not to make this bold can someone please change this?).
Hauteville Empire
A world where Norman Sicily survives. A reposting of the timeline from the discussion board.
Henry II Dies In 1100
The early demise of Henry II causes a drastic change in succession in the royal houses of Scotland, England, and France, greatly affecting the politics of western Europe.
Henry IX
Hephaestion The Conqueror
Alexander The Great's lover, Hephaestion does not die of a fever and is named by Alexander as his successor, keeping the Macedonian Empire together and drastically altering the course of history. Vinnland is established and grows into a large empire in America. The Mongol Empire does not collapse.
Here we go again
The acception of the Albany Congress, and a renaissance in China leads to a world somewhat different to our own.
Historia Punica
History of Rome-After Ætas ab Brian
Taking the history of Ætas ab Brian way to far. Starting in 803AUC (50) and continuing on so far up to 2192 (1439).
History of the Kingdom of the United States
The History of the Progressive Party of America
A America centric alternate history of an alternate political landscape. It focus is on Presidential and Congress elections. When the progressive Roosevelt and socialist Eugene Debs form a coalition in the 1912 election it causes a cascade of events that leads to a much different political landscape in America.
Hitan Republic
Hitan Republic, also Khitan Republic in English (Mongolian: Hitan Uls), is a country in Manchuria. Originally a nation-state designated for/by the Manchu nationality, it is also home to Mongolic and other Tungusic ethnic groups. It borders the Chinese Union to the south, Heilongjiang of Chinese Union to the north, Southern Mongolia of Mongolian Union to the west, and the Yellow Sea to the east.
Hitler Holds Back
After being informed by Britain and France that they would not tolerate an invasion of Poland Hitler decides against the move, keeping content with the occupation of Czechoslovakia and the anschlus of Austria.
Hitler an American Citizen
Hitler a British Citizen
Adolf Hitler is born and raised in England.
Hitler is an American---Version 1
Adolf Hitler is born and raised in North America, thus, WWII as we know it does not occur, because Hitler is an American. In this version he is conservative.
Hitler is an American---Version 2
Adolf Hitler is born and raised in North America, thus, WWII as we know it does not occur, because Hitler is an American. In this version he is very liberal.
Hitler's Mediterranean Strategy
In 1941, Hitler decides to attack the Brits instead of invading the Soviet Union.
Hitler's Almost Immortal
Hitler is almost immortal except for one weakness discovered at the end of his reign.
Hoch Himmel Flotte
In 1848, a genius is born in Prussia. He is an orphan and starts small, but he has a huge destiny.
Homo Sapiens Idaltu Survives
Homo Sapiens Idaltu avoids extinction and survives into the modern era.
Hoover Reelected
Following the revelation of FDR's extramarital affairs and an impassioned RNC acceptance speech from the president, Herbert Hoover is reelected in a shocking upset.
A House Divided but Strong
Following the Confederate victory at the Battle of Bulls Run, the US congress sends a peace treaty to the CSA instead of adopting a stance of further war.
How many Sixes does Adolf Nazi have to Roll?
So far a collection of ideas, researching the question whether Nazi Germany would actually be able to win World War II, in a somewhat realistic way.
How Much Does One Vote Count?
The United States Presidential Elections from 1872-1888 were some of the closest and most controversial in American political history. This examines the presidencies of the “victors” of those elections, in each of their respective timelines.
Hunnica: The Barbarian Rome
The Huns win at the Catalaunian fields and conquer Gaul. Rome is absorbed by Attila's empire. But Hunnica undergoes a "Romanization" and Rome rises anew.
Huns in Ireland
In the battle of Nedao, 454 AD, Attila the Hun's son Ellac escapes with 2000 loyal Huns (instead of being killed). He leads his small army across Europe to Brittany, adopts Christianity and defeats the King of the Britons Riothamus, founding the Kingdom of Brittany. Several years later, Ellac conquers the Irish kingdoms of Mumha (Munster) and Laigin (Leinster). By 500 he has unified Ireland under Hunnic rule (in addition to Brittany). Most of the British Isles are conquered by the Kingdom of Brittany by 700 AD. The Lindisfarne invasion is followed by a punitive expedition to Scandinavia, which results in the Vikings never engaging in large-scale invasion or colonization of Europe, preferring instead the Americas, and thus history changing dramatically.


Independent States
US states of California, Texas, Florida and Nevada become independent nations after seceding from Spain and Mexico and never join the US, UK takes control of the Oregon Territory and Alaska, and Hawaii stays independent. How will the USA be different when its only half the size as in OTL and how will this affect the rest of the world?
I am the walrus
John Lennon avoids his assassination.
Icarus Reality
The World has been divided into several superpowers. Due to the death or slight changes in the life of key scientists and conquerors, the Airship rules the skies.
If both Asteroids hit the moon
If You Want Something Done - Do It Yourself
East and West Germany defied the Allies and recognized each other as legitimate, independent, and foreign states.
An asteroid that missed the Earth in 1989 instead strikes it.
Impact Antartica
Imperial glory
Part of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 impacts central Antartica
Imperial Machines
What if Earth reached robots in 1900s beginning? click on Imperial Machines to read history.
Imperial Might
Central Powers victory, including a United Kingdom of Sweden and Norway that never split up.
Imperial States of America
At the beginning of the 20th century, a newly empowered America begins a policy of overseas expansion that has worldwide consequences.
Infinite Possibilities
The multiverse exists and adventure awaits.
Information Revolution of 1979
The development of technology follows a richer path than our own.
Interfaced Reality (Primary PoD 1940)
International reorganization
This shows many different situations in history like: the foil of the 1889 Brazilian coup, the Second Spanish-American War, the Chilean War, etc.
1940. France has been defeated and Hitler turns his eyes to Britain. The RAF is completely destroyed in a daring raid. The invasion of Britain begins.
Iran Nuclear Weapons
Islamic Spain
Island of east Africa
A Genoese officer transforms a region of divided city-states into a world power during the French revolutionary wars. The Latin Empire eventually rules the Mediterranean and finds its place in the sun. Now an open timeline.
Italy Victorious


James Dean Lives
JFK Lives
Japanese Alaska
William H. Seward does not survive the assassination attempt, April 14, 1865. As a result, the United States does not buy Alaska from the Russians, and it ends up in Japanese hands.
Japanese Victory
Japan wins World War Two and goes on to become a world power.
What if Earth was tilted in another way? If Africa was icy, but Antarctica was tropic?


What if a socialist revolution did occur in the United States during the Great Depression?
Jauna Pasaule Zvani
The Duchy of Courland's colony on Tobago is successful.
Jazz Greats Who Didn't Die Young
Five legendary figures in jazz history did not die in their 20s or 30s. Instead, they went on to ever greater achievements, sometimes not in jazz.
Jesse and Elvis Presley - Kings of Rock and Roll
Jesse doesn't die at birth but lives on. - open for adoption.
Jewish Hitler
what if Hitler embraced his alleged semitic origin. The POD is funding by his Jewish grandfather's family which encourages him sufficiently to pass the entrance exam in Vienna.
Joan of Arc Beaten
What if Joan of Arc lost, leading to the rise of Burgundy? Started at This Day in Alternate History, where Tom Veil also maintains the timeline.
Joan of What?
The year is 1429. It is the height of the Hundred Years War. England has the upper hand.
The French city of Orléans has been under siege for close to a year. It remains the last major stronghold of the Kingdom of France. It took the reportedly holy miracles of a young woman by the name of Joan to lift the siege and inspire the French armies to drive the English out of France. The martyred Joan became immortalised as Joan of Arc.
But what if this Maiden of Orléans did not appear? What if there was no Joan to save the French from the siege?
John List Becomes President
What if John List had used his false identity to become president of the United States?
Johnston Victorious!
In 1982, President Ronald Reagan approves of a military applications program, meant to allow supplies to be deployed safely to locations all around the globe. However, unexpected problems occur, that in the end lead to large benefits. The Trans-Universal Research Project (TURP) is born.
In real life, Joseph P. Kennedy Jr, elder brother to JFK and RFK, was expected to fulfill the Kennedy family's political hopes. Unfortunately, he died in 1944, a victim of war. The JPK timeline supposes that he didn't, and did indeed become the American President his father so desperately wanted him to be.
Judea on the Danube
Jewish refugees from the First Crusade and defeated Khazars are behind the POD (PODs?) of this althist. In OTL, the Magyars, a Turkic people who were allied to the Khazars, left the alliance and famously headed over the Carpathian Mountains, conquering the Carpathian Basin. While this still happens in the new timeline, their subsequent conversion never happens; instead, Jewish refugees eventually convert them to Judaism. The result is the first Jewish state since the fall of the Khazar Khaganate.
Just a Few More Years
What if the pro slavery Southerner, John C. Breckinridge, became president in 1860? How would slavery be taken in the 1860's and 70's? Could Lincoln come back and get the presidency? And will there be a civil war?


King of America
Prince Henry of Prussia accepts the offer to become King of the United States, forming a fourth branch of government. The ascension of the Prussian Prince as King of America would lead to a close relationship between Germany and the United States, leading to a very different World War I.
The Kaiser's New Clothes
Britain never intervenes against Germany in 1914, leading to a German-dominated Europe, a weakened Russia, a more isolationist United States and a civil war in Ireland.
The Kalmar Union
What if Cnut hadn't inherited all of England in 1016? What if both Norway and Sweden had never been properly unified in the 10th c.? What if the Norse hadn't abandoned Vinland? It all leads Europe and the world to a very different place.
The Kazakhstan Meeting
A disease kills off the Huns during the rule of Diocletian, and the Eastern European tribes never have to move. The Roman Empire expands until they come into contact with China.
The King and US
Elvis Aron Presley does not die in 1977, and kicks the drugs, gets in shape and stages another comeback. But this time, the comeback leads him into a political career, winning the White House but finding the business of government harder than he thought...
K.A.: The Kingdom of America
George Washington accepts the suggestion to turn America into a monarchy. The Senate is dissolved, the Continental Congress has little power, and the king has more power than anyone in the country.
Ögedei Khan doesn't die in 1241 and the Mongols go on to conquer much of Central Europe and devastate it. The plague follows soon after, mopping up the remains of much of Europe.
The Knights Resurgent
The Knights Templar rise to power and unite Europe under one banner.


The Doggerbank Incident escalates and WWI begins with Britain and Japan on the side of the Central Powers.

Korea Invasion 2012
The North Koreans decide that enough is enough and attempt to reunify the Korean Peninsula. The United States and other nations get involved and WWIII breaks out, turning Nuclear on May 29th, 2012.
Korean War Spills Over
General Lavr Kornilov begins his coup earlier, and is successful. Russia fights on to the end of World War One, with various changes major and minor throughout the world.


La Republique Populaire
Victor Hugo leads France into Socialism and intensive industrialization in preparation for Revanche against the imperial Germans...
Latin American Meiji
After Portugal is removed from Brazil, they decide to modernize in order to consolidate their position, alongside Argentina, play a major role in world politics, from World War 1 to the present day. Thus, there are 3 superstates in South America: Gran Colombia, Argentina and the Brazilian Empire.
Later outbreak of HIV/AIDS
HIV jumps the species barrier in the 1980's rather than the 1950's.
Let's Kill Hitler
The Führer is assassinated mid-speech in 1939, causing chaos in Germany and clashes between Nazi and Communist ideology! Another version of the Cold War, this time between North and South.
Liberty Lives
The United States avoids the possible tyranny of a single president and instead goes with a three man council to lead the executive branch of government.
The Lion of Britain
The British Empire reaches to some very new heights.
Lincoln Lives!
Abraham Lincoln narrowly escapes assassination and goes on to finish his term as president.
Live History
A series of different timelines all presented in the format as ongoing news stories.
London Event
On June 30 of 1908, a meteor destroy London and kill almost her population, Pope say is a punished of god and Europeans sacking London ruins and land occupation start by declaration of German Emperor Wilhelm II. 1908-1912 almost a First World War. 1908-1917 English/British diaspora. (in OTL that meteor is "Event Tunguska" in a low populated zone of Siberia Russia).
London tornado swarm
December 2006 - a swarm of 8 tornadoes travel through downtown London.
Long live Nelson!
There are four Points of Divergence, one in Europe, one in China, one in North America, and the last in Mesoamerica. Openly seeking willing and respectful contributors.
Long Live The Czar
Czar Alexander II survived the attempt on his life, resulting in the passage of his reforms, gradually leading to a democratic Russia and a very different Geopolitical situation UP FOR ADOPTION.
Long Live The King!
The Point of Divergence of the Long Live The King! is 24 September 1902. on which Ayatollah Khomeini was never born. it cause that Iranian revolution of 1979 never happens and shah of Iran never flee the country. It changes a lot of things in history.
Long Live the Qing Dynasty
China started to produce great technology borrowed from the West. They soon became an Asian power.
Long Live Kaiser Friedrich III!
Friedrich III lives, leading to a very different Great War.
Long live the Qing!
Lord Macartney's diplomatic mission was a great success - enamored with Western technology and innovation, Qing China modernises... but not politically. A powerful military could resist the Western powers, yet nonetheless, Great Qing is bound to fall. Various domestic tensions accelerate the process of the Chinese Revolution.
Long Live the Sultan!
The Turks win at Vienna, and remain a world power to this day.
The Louisiana Independence Timeline
What if Jefferson decided to let Louisiana become independent? How would that affect his career? What will Burr do? The US and Mexico collapse into many countries. France and Prussia form an unbeatable alliance. The world is very different in terms of borders.
The Arabs fail to conquer Persia, but discover America (or rather Almarevia).
The Norse colonize Vinland, and things go differently in Ingland after 1066.
Luna: Earth II
The Moon's core is 960 kilometers in diameter instead of a mere 480 kilometers. This lead to a stronger gravity, a magnetic field, and eventually, its own lifeforms.
L'Uniona Homanus
Lysander the Great
The great Spartan general-admiral Lysander takes advantege of new ideas in both land and sea warfare and makes Sparta a superpower.


Majors Mistake
Andrew Jackson is killed when captured by the British as a child and a Majors strikes through his heart.
Magic World
A world with a history similar to OTL, but with a few spots of divergence and convergence. Oh yeah, there's magic.
Magical race
A genetic mutation grants prehistoric man paranormal abilities.
Man in Space Soonest
The Many Nations of North America
After a victorious civil war for the South and a mysterious plague, the United States and CSA crumble during the 30's into a wide array of countries.
Map Games
A collection of collaborative alternate history games played on this wiki.
Maple Uprising
A successful uprising of the Canadas in 1840
Master of Rome
Mark Anthony wins in the Battle of Actium and destroys Octavian's military power before proclaiming himself Emperor of Rome. A different Roman Empire rises.
The Maxim
A shipment of 2 steam boilers gets mixed up, resulting in the death of Hiram Maxim in 1865. He never invents the machine gun. Anthony Duram, a ship wright is not killed by his faulty boiler and advances naval technology greatly.
Mexico Huertista
Mexico stays under the Huerta Regime for a slightly longer time, and leads to Mexico agreeing to the Zimmermann Telegram. The agreement leads to a new World War II and different world as we know it.
Mexican Axis
1917: The Zimmermann Telegram is never picked up by Britain intelligence, and Mexico, after negotiation with Germany, declares war against the United States of America. They are defeated, and later become an Axis power in World War II.
Mexican Empire
Agustin de Iturbide never abdicates and Mexico remains a monarchy that later goes on to become a major world power.
Mexico Grande
Britain's attempts to keep the North American colonies fail, and they eventually evolve into weak and loose confederation, while the Federal Republic of Mexico becomes the leader of the Western World.
Mid Century: 1933-1970: From The German Civil War to the Eastern War
Mighty China, Bad Japan
Parallel universe of western ideas in China and Japan.
Mighty Dai Viet Empire
Mighty Europe
The Y2K bug causes an accidental nuclear launch from the United States, prompting an international response and finally, a nuclear apocalypse.
The Mirror That Never Broke
Britain taxes the American colonies much more to prepare for an invasion of Spanish colonies in North America. The American Revolution happens earlier and larger, and the Imperial "Mirror" in the Americas never breaks...
Mission Un-Accomplished
President Bush dies in a plane crash on his way to the USS "Abraham Lincoln". Dick Cheney becomes President and runs for re-election with Condi Rice as his Vice-President.
Monkey Smashes Heaven
The mystical rebel Monkey God- Sun Wukong returns to earth in the form of Mao Zedong. He leads Sun Yatsen's People's Army in a Long March to Mongolia. His Godlike strength and intelligence radically shapes the Russian Revolution and 20th century science and technology leading to a World Communist Soviet Republic.
Montezuma's Revenge
Cortez and Pizarro fail in their conquests of the Americas and to this day the powerful Aztec and Incan empires exist. The Mississippian Mound-Builders remained strong, and with the support of a technologically vitalized Aztec Empire fended off the attacking western cultures. Also, the enigmatic Anasazi exist to this day... somewhere in the Southwest.
Morgen die ganze Welt
Otto Ambros dies in an accident. Now there is nobody to stop Hitler from using nerve gas. this leads to a much longer and more bloody world war.
Mosley's Britain
Explores the rise and fall of the British Fascists under Sir Oswald Mosley. Examines in detail their rise to power in 1935, the London Pact between Hitler, Mosley and Hideki, the Anglo-German invasion of France and the carving up of Europe between London, Berlin and Tokyo. Describes the disintegration of the Empire, the American invasion of England and the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbour and San Francisco. Witness the downfall of Mosley at the hands of the United States and the crumbling of Europe in the face of a Soviet invasion. Visit England today, defeated but proud, carved up into her component parts and subjected to the whim of the United States.
Motherland on fire
In 1613, after a devastating civil war and Polish invasions, a National Assembly was appointed the task of electing the next monarch of Russia. There was a number of candidates, including the popular leader Dmitriy Pozharskiy. In the OTL universe, Michael I of the Romanovs was elected, founding the Romanov dynasty, under the strong influence of his father, the Patriarch Filaret. What if Pozharskiy had been selected instead?
Mr Madison's War
What if the British had executed Madison in addition to burning down the White House?
Much ado about Nonsuch
Explores a union of England and the Netherlands in the late sixteenth century, and the repercussions of this.
Multiple American Republics
In this timeline the United States loses the civil war and the nation divides into different republics. With the nations on the west leaving the United States and Texas leaves the Confederate States of America.
Mussolini the Iron Caesar
Myers Way
Following the event of The Capitol Burns. September 11, 2001 attack not come, but in January 29, 2002: The Capitol building is destroyed when a Boeing 474 hijacked by Islamist terrorists during The State of the Union address. President Bush, Vice President Cheney, all but two of the Cabinet and most of Congress are killed in the attack. The survivors are Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton, who was not present, and Secretary of Veterans Affairs Anthony J. Principi, who was present but survived. Norton Become US President by Succession Line and elect Richard Myers to vice president.


Vαͽnα Ηραϗ by Mikhail Voronov
Ancient history as we know it is totally changed. The Achaemenid Empire marched triumphant upon Athens and Sparta after the crushing defeat of the Delian League at the Battle of Salamis. What followed was a history dictated by the Achaemenid Empire, and a forever changed Earth.
Napoleonic Deviations
Napoleon's World by KingSweden
In 1813, Napoleon conquers Russia. By 1815, France wins the Napoleonic War and controls most of Europe. In 2009, France is the only superpower of the world. The other major powers are China, Turkey and United States.
Napoleon's America by Casquis
Instead of launching his ill-fated invasion of Russia, he sends troops to America, where the colonies of New Spain and Quebec are annexed and joined by Louisiana. After Mexico achieves its independence, it emerged as a world power since it became independent while being an economic powerhouse and militarily important place for the French. Later on the USA becomes a power as well, and France loses its American possessions after loosing WWI
Napoleon's Australian Victory by Callumthered
What would happen if the New South Wales convict rebellion had been successful? As well as other minor PODs.
Napoleon's Spain
Corsica is sold to Spain in 1769. how would the world look if Napoleon rose to power there?
Native Revolution
What would happen if the Tarascans discovered gunpowder and advanced sailing and much more? What if they had resisted colonization by Europe? What if they colonized North Africa??
Nat Turner's slave rebellion
Nazi Alliance
Nazi Assault (1988-1990)
Nazi Nukes
In the world of Nazi Nukes Hitler never exiled his Jewish scientists, including Einstein. This led to the Americans not being able to develop the nuclear weapons, but more importantly, the Nazis were able to develop better weaponry, including nuclear weapons during the war. And by 1941 with the help of the Jewish scientists the Nazis had developed their first nuclear bomb.
Nazi Victory
Nationalization Gone Wrong
The year is 2009 and America is falling apart, the economy failing, much of the military is engaged in UN and NATO peacekeeping operations, and the nation isn't exactly moving towards energy independence. Then the final blow is struck, on February 8th 2009, Missouri senator Kit Bond is killed in an automobile accident while on his way to his office in the morning. The governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, a Democrat, appoints a democratic to the senate to replace Bond, giving the Democrats a filibuster-proof majority. One week later, on February 13th, former Secretary of The Treasury Alan Greenspan requests permission to meet President Obama. During their meeting, Greenspan suggests that the only way that the government will be able to get the nation out of the recession is to nationalize the banks, unlike in OTL, where Greenspan's suggestion was ignored, President Obama takes his advice and proposes a bill to congess regarding the nationalization of all banks in America. Opposition and support are met by both parties, but in the end the vote passes by a vote of 60-39, with the Minnesota senate seat still disputed between Franken and Coleman. The next day stocks tumble to the lowest ever recorded, and the economy is almost effectively shut down, history repeats itself, and Americans turn to revolutionary leaders that they would normally dismiss as radicals, losing all faith in the federal government, the majority of citizens support rebellious secessionist movements and the United States is effectively dissolved.
Never Ending Great War by Mitro
World War I never ends.
Nieuwe Wereld by EzraNYC
On August 27, 1664, at a time of peace, four English frigates sailed into the harbour of the Dutch colony New Amsterdam (now New York City). Without a single bullet being fired, the Dutch surrendered New Amsterdam to the English. But what if the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam never become New York City? What if the English never took control of New Amsterdam? What if instead of surrendering New Amsterdam to the English peacefully, the Dutch fought back; and won? New York City as we know it today would not exist.
This AltHistory wiki explores what North America and the rest of the world would have been like if the Dutch fought back.
New Albion
The British find San Francisco Bay in the 1590s, and their west coast empire expands. They judge their claim to be very valuable, and take the Mexican cession in 1848.
New Empires by Idontknow9797
After aliens from an alien invasion left Earth in the year 2000 BC, 6 groups of people were left in various places across the planet. These were the only people left so colonised the whole planet.
New England, Republic of
Following a loss in the War of 1812, the New England states see their chance to break free come. This is the history of the Republic of New England.
New England Secession
After President Roosevelt loses reelection to Alf Landon in 1936, and a series of blunders by the Democratic Party, the only remaining place left of center place in the country is New England. Feeling they are no longer a part of the United States, New England takes matters into its own hands...
What if the seamounts in the Atlantic, the Keregulen Plateau, and the Zealandia Plateau were just a little higher?
New Germany
In 1943, the Nazis attack and conquer Hawaii and other islands in the Pacific that belong to the USA. President Franklin D. Roosevelt orders all of the US army to fight back, but are overpowered, leading to

all of the American Continent being ruled by the Nazis.

New Israel
New Romanov Dynasty
The Children of the Tsar survive the killing of Nicholas II
New Wessex 776
A group of Anglo-Saxons cross the ocean in 776 and settle along the Wiko Miki River, in what would have been southern Maryland.
New World Order
New Zealand Two Way
In 1840,the French establish the settlement of Akaroa on the NZ South Island. *There*, they send a larger,ambitious contingent protected by military. The English fail to repel the French, and with Maori tribes joining either side, a Two Way New Zealand dividing the two Islands emerges.
Nixon Assassinated
Arthur Bremer succeeds in his attempt to assassinate Nixon on April 14th, 1972 in Ottawa and therefore doesn't attempt to assassinate George Wallace the following month. This event leads to the rise of a 4-party system in the following years.
Nixon's Early Resignation
Nixon's lawyers talk him into resigning before he has chosen a replacement for Spiro Agnew.
Nixon in '56
In 1956 Eisenhower, knowing he is getting old announces that he will not seek reelection. Vice President Nixon runs instead and is elected president in November.
Nixon's War
Nordic Empires by Joe Peacock
King Gustav I of Sweden exploits negativity towards Danish rule in Norway, aiding rebel forces to expel Denmark. A war ensues between the crowns of Sweden and Denmark.
No Abraham by Smith
The Biblical Abraham dies as a young boy, leaving a world without the effects of all Abrahamic religions.
No Communism by Michael Douglas
Lavr Kornilov wins the Russian Civil War and defeats the Bolsheviks, creating a world without communism.
No Jacobite Pretender
No Napoleon's Elba by Eastward Expansion

Napoleon makes peace with his enemies, and keeps his empire.

No 22nd. Amendment
What if the 22nd Amendment, creating a two-term limit for US presidents had never been passed into law.
No Barbarossa
Hitler decides not to attack Russia, and as a result, a very different WWII and cold war occur.
No Belgium
The Belgian Revolution is a bust, and the World Wars differ greatly.
No Civil War
Abraham Lincoln is defeated in the 1860 election, finishing in 4th place, and the House of Representatives has to choose between Northern Democrat Stephen Douglas, Southern Democrat John Breckenridge, and Constitutional Unionist John Bell for the new president. As a result, the Civil War is averted and the slavery issue is eventually resolved peacefully.
No Destiny
13 colonies dream independence, fight alone for that, w/o help of France, Spain, Netherland or any other European, they take Independence in 1786, but war is hard and later independence US citizens and government not agree the idea of Manifest Destiny and don´t run to the west of North America, the original thirteen United States still be just thirteen on the east cost and not (tries or obtains) to go up against the Treaty of Paris in 1783, not conquer Florida, Canada or the west of Mississippi river in her early history. A world with a real peaceful and non militaristic USA. An Under Construction and Open for Editing or Adoption Timeline
No Draft
In 1918 The Supreme Court rules that the draft violates the 13th Amendment.
No Christianity World
Jesus of Nazareth is released by the governor of Judea, Christianity dies out by around AD 100.
While shaking hands with Miami Mayor Anton Cermak, at Bayfront Park in Miami, Florida, on February 15, 1933, President-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt was shot in the lung and seriously wounded when Giuseppe Zangara, alleged at the time to be attempting to assassinate Cermak, hit Roosevelt instead. He dies on March 2nd from the wounds at Walter Reed General Hospital. John Nance Garner is sworn in as the 32nd President of the United States.
No Gettysburg
The Confederacy successfully sues for peace after Gen. Lee remains on the defensive, rather than invading the North and meeting the Union Armies at Gettysburg. It survives into the present day.
No Gold Rush
James Marshall dies of malaria in the early 1840s, and there is no one to discover gold in California.
No Halo
Bungie scraps the idea for the Halo video game.
No Islam
In this timeline Islam was never created.
No Lewinsky
In 1995 Monica Lewinsky accepts an internship with the Oregon Governor's office and Bill Clinton never faces impeachment.
No Marx
No More!
No Napoleon by Chris
Napoleon dies in 1797 during the French Revolution, causing a simpler peace in Europe, a causing a turn in history for colonialism, and greatly differing World Wars.
No native American's
The ice sheet does separate not allowing the population to arrive from Asia.
No Nintendo by
Nintendo makes the mistakes Sega did in OTL.
No Nuclear Weapon
In 1921 promising German theoretical physicist Albert Einstein dies in his first visit to the USA. He never makes contact with Ernest Rutherford or Leó Szilárd and the Manhattan Project never born. A world without useful atomic energy or nuclear bomb, a world without the Person of the Century. ACLARATION, No Nuclear Weapon plot was created sow many time before of Octuber 28, when Red Alert 3was released
No Punic wars by Chicagoan
In this timeline the Sons of Mars Pirate group raids a different town. In this town they are annihilated by the Romans and that results in no Punic wars, which results in two major mediterranean powers.
No Reagan
After bombing a speech at the 1964 Republican National Convention Ronald Reagan decides not to go into politics.
No Rome by Mscoree
Romulus and Remus are executed as babies on orders of Amulius of Alba Longa. Rome is never founded, leading to a different world, where Europe's culture is much different.
Nova Roma by Khalif Ali Husain2
Augustus and Livia dies early in 23 BC, changing world history forever. Leading to an Alternate Roman Empire, one more latin and classical, one which conquered Germania, and one which descendants would later discover the New World.
No Video Games by Kernigh
This timeline has no video games, because no one has the idea to apply computer technology to games.
No World War 1
Archduke Franz Ferdinand doesn't make a wrong turn, so the Serbian terrorists never get a 2nd shot to assassinate him and World War 1 never happens. As a result, the misery caused by Communism and Fascism is prevented.
No Rape of Nanking
General Tang Sheng-chi of the Chinese Republic Army ignores Chaing Kai-shek and agrees to a three day ceasefire with Japanese forces sieging Nanking on December 9, 1937. The result is a relatively peaceful occupation of the city and few atrocities committed by the invaders. There is no worldwide outrage and small, if any impact on Japanese-American relations.
North American Union
The Colony Crisis of 1776 is resolved peacefully. North America remains a part of The British Empire.
No Schlieffen Plan
General Moltke refuses to use the Schlieffen Plan thinking it too risky. Belgium is not invaded by the German Empire and Britain does not enter the war. Europe's other nations are worn down by the war while Britain remains a world power.
No Shay's Rebellion
John Hancock never gets struck by gout, so he runs for reelection as governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1785. As a result, Shay's Rebellion never takes place and the 13 states remain independent.
No Term Limits
George Washington never creates the tradition of term limits.
No Perot
Ross Perot never runs in 1992 or 1996 and the American political landscape is forever changed.
No Star Trek
Gene Roddenberry is killed in the line of duty as an LAPD officer in 1947. "Star Trek" is never created.
No Zimmerman Note
Non Lente
A timeline where many of the legendary empire never exist, but technology advance at a rapid pace.
Norse Superpower
North American Divisions
Nothing Changes
The Greeks adapt positional math notation and the number zero from the Babylonians.
Not One Step Back
The Soviets fail to hold Stalingrad, thus triggering a meta-POD. You can add your own scenarios or edit existing ones.
Not so dark ages
Not Revolution
Francisco I. Madero do not uprise against Porfirio Díaz, instead it, he wait until 1916, and he becomes president of Mexico through the peaceful way.
November Tragedy
A 1963 plane crash changes the course of American history.
Nuclear Realisation
Albert Einstein changes his mind over his support for Nuclear Weaponry in 1939.
Nullification Crisis
The South Carolinian Nullification Crisis over the 1828 Tariff of Abominations explodes into an early American Civil War during Andrew Jackson's presidency.
Nought Earth by Mister Sheen
Rome and China never develop past 0 BC, which has major effects on the rest of the world.
Nuclear Apocalypse by NaruKeyblade
A declaration of wars turns out to be a mistake. The survivors of the apocalypse are building new and old countries. Will it happen again?
Nuclear Winter


October Plotters
Ohga Shrugs
In the aftermath of Nintendo's betrayal, Sony decides to let it go, meaning the PlayStation brand is never created.
Ok Stalin
1945 - At the Potsdam Conference, Churchill and Truman accept Stalin's demand of an Allied invasion of Spain, in revenge for that country's volunteers fighting for Germany in Russia.
One Small Step for a Socialist...
Wernher von Braun is executed by the Gestapo in 1944; while Sergei Korolyov survives his hemorrhoid operation and leads the Soviets to a lunar landing in July 1969.
One of Many Deaths
Hitler is killed in the First World War, leading to a very different Second World War
One-Term Limit
George Washington decides not to seek re-election and therefore sets the one term precident.
One World
A successful League of Nations manages to unite the world.
Operation Nordlicht
Operation Valkyrie Succesful
Orbis Romanum
Antonius arrives just in time to stop the assassination of Julius Caesar. Rome is spared the civil wars that would have resulted.
John F. Kennedy wasn't assassinated, the shot missed and killed Governor Connally instead. Because JFK was around to see the Space Race to completion, it took a very different route ...
The Great Ottoman Empire
Osman I and other sultans created the greatest Muslim kingdom of them all.
Out of One, Many
The United States disintegrates into several independent countries soon after the American Revolution.
Over By Christmas?


Pac Never Got Shot

Tupac Shakur wasn't shot five times on the night of November 30, 1994. So there never was a feud between him and Christopher "Notorious B.I.G." Wallace.
Padenie Gruzii
Georgia does not give up after Russia's invasion.
A major fatal disease develops in precolumbian Mesoamerica. As the New World is ravaged by smallpox, the Old World suffers from papatlaca.
Pax Ottomania
After the capture of Constantinople, Mehmed the Second takes a more tolerant stance towards other religions. Shortly after, an early conquest of Belgrade brings about a manpower shortage. Recruiting more Byzantine Christians into the army, this only speeds up the now inevitable Ottoman westernization.
Patton Lives
Patton doesn't die in an automobile accident in 1945. The United States goes on to invade Russia in 1947.
Pax Columbia
With a weakened English Empire and a stronger Spanish Empire, South America becomes the world's hegemony in the late 20th century.
Pax Romana
Rome becomes a superpower
Peak Oil 1996
In 1956, Marion King Hubbert predicted that the peak of global oil production would occur shortly after the start of the 21st century. Unforeseen at that time was the tremendous economic growth in Asia. Thus, the Oil Peak occurred in 1996. More than 10 years later, civilization is in danger of becoming but a memory, as people now agree that Peak Oil was more momentous than the Black Death, Black Thursday, or the World Wars in human history, and much more devastating.
Pearson Wins
This timeline focuses on multiple points of divergence: The states of Hawaii and Alaska fail to become states and after the assassination of President Gerald Ford by Lynette Fromme in 1975, a little known Ohio Representative named Robert Pearson decides to run for the Democratic nomination and wins the presidency in 1980.
Penda Dies
In 642, Oswald of Northumbria kills Penda of Mercia at the Battle of Maserfield. Northumbria remains under one king, Oswald does not become a martyr.
Permian Extinction: Civilization
Sapient, or intelligent, life evolves shortly (some 90,000 years) before the Permian Extinction, which wipes out 95% of all life on Earth, like that extinction does in OTL (it is the biggest extinction ever to strike Earth). Civilization arises 11,000 years before the extinction, starting near the mountains in the middle of the Pangaean supercontinent. By the time of the extinction, airplanes ply the Tethys Ocean from and to the lands surrounding it and the larger Panthalassic Ocean is being explored, and there is a high level of technology. Then the Siberian Traps eruptions begin anew, releasing great clouds of methane (thus triggering the extinction)... how will the people react?
Persia Invades Eurasia
Persia invades Europe and Asia but does not keep the country borders, making it the worlds largest country.
Persian Meiji
In preparation for the Great Game, the Shah begins modernising Persia. As a result, it not only gets a bigger slice of Central Asia, it also becomes a major power to the present day with the Shah still in control.
Philippine Nations
The Philippine Islands divided into 14 countries (Ilocandia, Cordillera, Luzon, Palawan, Colonia, Bicol, Panay, Negros, Visayas, Zamboanga, Mindanao, Caraga, Sulu and Maguindanao).
Plague II
A new flu plague breaks out killing millions and affecting the entire world
Plan Aurora
Poland Falls
Russia annexes Poland in 1920, leading to a much different Second World War and a much different world.
Poland Is Not Yet Lost by Urlatormunte
Stanisław August Poniatowski is never elected a King of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. This leads to severe changes in Polish society which eventually result in the conslidation of Polish-Lithuania and the avoidance of its partitions.
Political Goths
Theodoric the Great has a son resulting in the creation of Wistr and a change in the view of politics.
Population Experiment
An Aboriginal Australian civilization forms, but with such a sparse population, they have an idea. A population experiment which would involve sending a group of 500 people to work in an isolated community closely monitored by the government. These people would raise hundreds of children every 9 months that are grown in AFDPs (Artificial Fetus Development Pod). The Dharawhal people are very advanced in technology compared to their European neighbors thanks to a crashed extra-terrestrial ship of unknown origin. Yet to discover the rest of the world, they set to densely populate the Australian continent.
Planet of the Lemmings
Lemmings take over the planet led by Mr. I.M.A. Lemming
Plan 17 Succeeds
At the beginning of the First World War, Plan 17 of the French army succeeds, and Germany is succesfully invaded in the first months of war.
Sweden withdraws from (what we know as) the Thirty Years' War in 1635. The war ends much earlier, and the Swedes move on to conquer much of Prussia.
Premysloides Dynasty
Premysl Ottokar II was one of most powerful, ambitious, talented and crucial medieval ruler and King of Bohemia. He was brave warrior, victorious Crusader, capable administrator, ruled as "Golden and Iron King" through money and military power. But he was also great-grandson of Isaac II Angelos, Eastern Roman Emperor. What if he took power over Roman Empire remnants - Nicean Empire - and restored started to restore glorious Roman Empire? What if Kingdom of Bohemia was too small for this great ruler? What if instead of Premysl Ottokar II would be Romanos V Angelos-Premysloides?
President Blackthorne
San Antonio Millionaire Allen Blackthorne is arrested for assaulting his soon-to-be ex-wife, Sheila in 1986. After receiving a deferred judgment, he gets counseling and changes his life around. After a chance meeting with Newt Gingrich, he considers a career in politics.
President Blagojevich
Rod Blagojevich is elected President in 2004 in a close race over Bush. Discusses how the country is affected, his 2006 impeachment, and the makeup of the 2008 election.
President Bogart
After Casablanca flops, Humphrey Bogart is disillusioned with acting and considers a career change..
President Cheney and the Second American Civil War
President Churchill
Lord Randolph Churchill, at the urging of his new and very pregnant wife, emigrates to the United States. His son, Winston, is born in New York, NY in 1874.
President Cobain
Kurt Cobain stays in rehab and eventually beats his drug addiction. In 2000 he enters politics by becoming the Governor of Washington and in 2008 is elected president of the United States.
President Dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmer becomes a born-again Christian after his father discovers one of his dissected cats. He becomes an ordained minister and later goes into politics.
President Davis
Jefferson Davis against all odds wins the Democratic nomination for president in 1852 and wins the general election subsequently becoming the 14th president of the United States of America. Examines the impact on the civil war,slavery and the Republican and Democratic parties.
President Dewey
homas E. Dewey wins the 1948 presidential election in a landslide after Dwight Eisenhower agrees to become his running mate.
President Dobbs
Disgusted with the political scene on both sides in 2004, CNN anchor Lou Dobbs makes a presidential run of his own as an independent. He doesn't win because of his late entry, but after garnering a lot of grassroots support he vows to try again in 2008...
President Dole
In 1996 Bob Dole is elected president of the United States of America.
President Dukakis
Michael Dukakis wins the 1988 presidential election against George Bush and becomes the 41rst President of the United States of America.
President Elway
After losing the Super Bowl to the Atlanta Falcons in 1999, John Elway retires and runs for the US Senate seat in Colorado as a Republican.
President Gingrich
Bill Clinton and Al Gore are assassinated in 1995 therefore Republican Newt Gingrich must assume the Presidency.
President John Glenn
After a narrow defeat by Walter Mondale at the 1984 Democratic Convention, John Glenn becomes the frontrunner for the 1988 Democratic Nomination. Vowing that he will not run for the office again unless it is for reelection, he manages to win a narrow victory over George H. W. Bush.
President Franklin
After Washington refuses to be the first president, Benjamin Franklin, despite his age, is drafted for the job. Examines his brief tenure in office and how America was affected.
Gaitan, President of Colombia
In 1950, Gaitán is elected president of Colombia. A populist leftist government, but supported by the CIA as a way to prevent true communism to become a major power in Latin America, Gaitan is neither one of the best or worst presidents. But butterflies from him surviving 1948, also prevented Castro to become leader in Cuba.
President Gary
After the tragic death of Vice President Al Gore when Air Force Two crashes in 1997, President Clinton appoints a new VP. When Clinton resigns in 1999, that man is elevated to the presidency.
President Goldwater
In 1964 Barry Goldwater is elected the 37th President of the United States.
President Hendrix
After Jimi Hendrix survives an overdose in his flat in 1970, Hendrix decides to enter rehab and eventually meets Ron Paul, who suggests a new avenue of work...
President Holly
Because of his wife's misgivings about the flight, Buddy Holly cancels the next stop of the tour for a few days until the weather is better for flying. After playing a concert at Duke University in 1960 he meets a very young Ron Paul and becomes interested in politics...
President Kemp
Jack Kemp returns to California after football and runs for Congress.
President King
In a bold move, Vice President Humphrey picks Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King as his running mate immediately after President Johnson decides not to seek another term. After King's near-assassination in April, the outpouring of support is enough to carry Humphrey and King to the White House. King would become the first black president after Humphrey steps down because of poor health.
President Kerry
In the wake of a pointless, illegal war, George W. Bush is defeated for re-election in November 2004. Explores the American political climate six months into the Kerry Presidency.
President Lee
Robert E Lee fights for the north rather than the the south in this timeline and is elected president of the United States in 1876.
President LeMay
When America is hit by a nuclear terrorist attack, the whole presidential line of succession is killed except for one: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Curtis LeMay.
President Lieberman
Joe Lieberman secures the Democratic nomination for President in 2004. He goes on to defeat George W Bush for reelection and thus becomes the first Jewish-American President of the United States.
President Limbaugh
After winning the Noble-peace prize over Al Gore in 2007, talk show king Rush Limbaugh enters the 2008 presidential race and wins in one of the most unconventional elections in US history.
President MacArthur
Douglas MacArthur wins the 1952 GOP nomination as a dark-horse candidate, and goes on the become one of the most revered and hated presidents in American history.
President McCain
After Senator John McCain defeats Governor George W. Bush in the 2000 Republican primaries, he is elected President in November 2000.
President McEwen
Instead of withdrawing from his 1988 bid for the US Senate, Congressman Bob McEwen decides to stay in the race and wins the election. He will continue to move higher and higher until he reaches the presidency.
President Manson
Charles Manson is more successful in his music career and eventually turns to politics.
President Mao
ao Jen Sheng, interested in leaving China, moves to America with his heavily Pregnant Wife. Their son Zedong is born on December 26 1893, in Los Angeles. Now an open timeline.
President McCormack
Oswald scores a triple in Dallas and assassinates President Kennedy, Vice President Johnson, and Senator Yarborough. With the president and vice president both dead, Speaker of the House John McCormack is sworn in as president.
President Mondale
Most believed the 1984 presidential election would prove to be an easy victory for incumbent Ronald Reagan. But Walter Mondale proved all doubters wrong.
President Nader I Presume?
The political surprise of the century would come with Ralph Nader won the election over the Democrats and the Republicans, breaking the "American Duopoly".
President Paul
With anti war moods growing within the Republican party and the economy beginning to go into a tailspin, Ron Paul manages to win the Republican nomination. When the primaries tak a different direction Democrats nominate Hillary Clinton. With the youth vote on his side in November Paul manages to defeat Clinton for the presidency.
President Pelosi
After President Bush and Vice President Cheney both resign over the Valerie Plame scandal, Nancy Pelosi is elevated to the oval office. Explores how effective (or ineffective) her administration would be. Now an open timeline.
President Perot
Ross Perot does not temporarily drop out of the 1992 Presidential election and after rising in the polls is elected President in November.
President Quayle
The press expects that it won't have Dan Quayle to kick around anymore after he is dumped from George Bush's re-election ticket in 1992, but it turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to him.
President Russert
This timeline is a tribute to the now-deceased Tim Russert, who truly was a prince among men and a fine journalist in OTL. In the timeline, the POD occurrs when he decides to stay in politics in 1984, instead of going into journalism.
President Scalia
After completing law school, Antonin Scalia decides to run for Congress.
President Simpson
After getting arrested for domestic violence on his ex-wife and assault on her friend Ron Goldman, OJ Simpson receives a huge wake-up call. After getting off, he meets Ron Paul and considers running for office.
President Sinister
Max Sinister is elected President in 2000 and immediately nominates the country for deletion because it has been abandoned for months and has little or no content.
President Tsongas
James Carville gets a headache and never comes up with the "comeback kid" description for Clinton. Tsongas wins the nomination and beats Bush in a squeaker.
President Ventura
Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura is elected President as an Independent in 2000.
President Welles
After the failure of Citizen Kane, The Magnificent Ambersons and The Lady from Shanghai Orson Welles turned to politics instead of filmmaking. He won over Eisenhower and was elected President of the United States in 1956.
Prime minister John Smith
Leader of the Labour Party John Smith doesn't die of a heart attack in May 1994, No PM Blair and what could have happened?
Prime Minister Mosley
Sir Oswald Mosley unseats Neville Chamberlain in the 1924 election. He rises to become leader of the Labour Party. There is no Second World War and the Cold War is between the forces of Democracy and those of Fascism.
Princip Arrest
Serbian terrorist Gavrilo Princip is arrested before his assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. WWI is delayed and results in a rich Africa; a democratic Socialist government in Russia; and an isolationist, agrarian USA.
Progressive USA
Roosevelt does much better in the 1912 Presidential election, not enough to win it but its enough to establish the Progressives as a viable party. This is in part due to a coalition with Eugene Debs. From 1912 to 1916 the Progressives make step by step gains in the House and Senate, and in both years get more votes than the Republicans, although they are defeated by the Democrats.
Project Cairo
Proud East Roman Empire
The Byzantine army won the battle of Manzikert.
Protectorate Paramount
England is Taken over by a Fascist party called the 'protectorate of England' led by the 'Lord Protector', and a very different World War Begins.
Prussians in Paris
Prussia resists Napoleon's Russian campaign and eventually defeat the French Empire.
Publick Occurences
The first newspaper in North America is not scrapped after the first issue in 1690.
Pure Arabica
The Bubonic Plague decimates Europe, killing nearly 2/3 of the population and reducing the Renaissance to ashes. The world was ill prepared for the Arab aggression and resurgence.


Republic of Quebec
October 30, 1995, Quebec. The yes vote is declared the winner with 50.80%. What happens to the newly-independent Republic of Quebec?
Quetzalcoatl's World
Christopher Colombus executed for heresy. What will happen in this new world?
Qu'il Tous
A battle in India in the early 19th century with a single extra casualty leads to France becoming the greatest nation in the world.
Quezon's Manilaners
What if the Philippines became the alternative homeland of the Jewish people?


Raging Bear
Stalin heeds allied warnings of Operation Barbarossa.
Richard the Lion Hearted
Richard creates one of the Most powerful empires the world has ever seen
Ready for the Mother Country
Tsar Alexei II takes command of the White Army and rallies them to victory over the Bolsheviks during the Russian Civil War. The restored Tsarist government rules over the country which eventually comes to dominate the European continent.
The real Invincible Armada
The Invincible Armada left Spain but it was the English fleet which was destroyed by cannons and storms. The Spanish army managed the conquest of England. English people had to find another land to live.
Rebellion of 61
This althist has two primary PODs. In the first, the nascent Confederate States of America is defeated at the (First) Battle of Bull Run, ending the brief Rebellion of '61. In the second, the Komei Emperor of Japan lives several decades longer than in our time line.
Red Alert
Hitler dies in his attempted coup, altering the course of history.
Red Cold War
The Soviet Union emerges as the victor of the Cold War after an Italian Civil War changes the course of history.
Red Germany
Hitler dies in World War I and Germany becomes the Communist Republic of Germany, allies with the Soviet Union, and is much more successful at fighting World War II. They establish a large communist empire which lasts until the present day.
Red Guardian
A new leader brings an early end to the Cultural Revolution causing an early start to Chinese economic reform meanwhile China faces off a massive Soviet invasion
Red Scare World
Adolf Hitler dies in 1916 when he is struck by lightning, resulting in the Nazis never coming to power. Due to the delay of World War Two as well as the Great Depression continuing well into the 1940's, the Soviet Union led by Stalin was able to continue its military buildup as well as influence the course of several communist revolutions before staging an attack on the West.
Red Victory
When the Axis powers do not enforce Operation Barbarossa and invade the Soviet Union the Soviets convince the Allied Powers to invade and occupy Germany, so World War 2 ends in 1943. After a series of events the Soviet Union succeeds in the Soviet-Afghan war. In 1984 the United States admits defeat in the Cold war and dissolves in 1992.
Referendum to Republic
What if the 1999 Australian referendum to become a republic get's passed, and Australia becomes a new republic at the dawn of the new Millennium.
Regnum Bueno - (Massacote.01)
Amador Bueno accepts to be the King of San Paulo, and manages to defeat the Kingdom of Portugal, becoming the first american nation, causing emancipation movements earlier.
Reoccupied France
France is occupied by the Allied following the Second World War
Republic of Rome
The Roman Empire never fell and grew into a large nation and still exists today.
Republican Century
Dewey wins in 1948, albeit narrowly, beginning a long period of Republican dominance in national affairs, and a great many events occur earlier or later than OTL. Operates jointly with "Democratic Century".
Return of the Tsar
What would happen if the Russian Federation revived their monarchy.
Reverse Tsushima
Vice Admiral Stepan Osipovich Makarov does not die in 1904, leading to a very different outcome for the Russo-Japanese War.
Revolution '68
The general strike and protests in May 1968 in France leads to the toppling of the French government, the first anarcho-syndicalist country, and a third front in the Cold War.
Rise and Fall
A story of the rise of the Confederate States and the fall of the United States.
Rise of India
Rise of Manchuria
After the Puppet State of Manchukuo rejoins China, a new leader emerges, claiming glory for Manchuria. Manchuria once again rises and declares independence. This time they're not backing down.

Rise of Rome

The Roman Republic manages to survive and continue its superpower hegemony into the 21st century. The course of history is changed forever.

Rising Sun
The Japanese manage to secure a victory over the Americans at the Battle of Midway in 1942, thereby crushing the American Pacific Fleet.
A timeline based upon the real life board game Risk this follows an alternate 20th century where various fighting nations vie for domination and power
Roaring 'Thirties
The Wall Street Crash is prevented and the world enters a new age of prosperity. Without economic depression to propel him into power, Hitler remains on the fringe on Weimar democracy, and World War II is avoided, with serious repercussions.
Robert Kennedy Survives
Robert Kennedy is not assassinated in 1968 and goes on to be elected the 37th President of the United States.
Roma Invicta
Augustus conquers Germany, causing drastic changes.
Roma Delenda Est
Hannibal manages to conquer and raze Roma in the scond Phoenician War. Without Roman influence, the world looks much different.
Roman Printing
A lead pipe manufacturer invents single letter printing. This practice is taken up by Augustus and printing acquires an association with the Roman Imperium.
Roman Superiority

Althistory if the Roman Empire was never weakened and destroyed by barbarians (Coming Soon!)

Romance Britain

After the Romans leave Britain the Romano-British culture survives and the Angles, Saxons and Jutes are driven out of Britain

Rome Never Splits
Rome Ne Forte Cadet

A wealthy Roman island province survives the fall of Rome and goes on to attempt to rebuild the Empire.

Rome Slowly Dies Off
Ronald Reagan stays an actor
The Gipper decides to stay in his career as an actor, and there are far-reaching political consequences.
The Roswell Incident
The US Army fails in its attempts to cover up the discovery of a crashed "flying saucer" and the government is forced to admit the existance of alien life.
Royal Christian Empire vs. Islamic Republic
Instead of accepting their home country, Christians and Muslims begin to unite the world under their respective religions. The two great alliances cannot co-exist, leading to the Great War of Religion, the last war on Earth.
Royal Prerogative
A timeline with many points of difference, beginning with James VI of Scotland being raised Catholic, continuing through Frederick the Great's unification of Germany, Alexander II surviving the attempt on his life and the Dutch failure to give independence to its Far East possessions. The world becomes a very different place, with different wars and the forging of new nations.
Royale: The Second Great War
In the most critical moment of World War I the United States are knocked out of the conflict by an unforeseen disaster resulting in a completely different World Order.
RPFDan's Alternate History of Sports
RPFDan's collection of sports related alternate history scenarios.
Rule Byzantium
A timeline in which the Comnenus Dynasty never died out, ultimately leading the the Fourth Crusade never sacking Constantinople and Byzantium Surviving, causing major changes throughout all of Europe and, later on ,all of the world.
Russian America Expansion
This is an alternate history in which Catherine II of Russia decides to send an expedition into OTL Alaska. This expedition travels father into Russia than the Russians would have done for many years, and on this expedition many useful resources are discovered making Russia expand farther into North America. This eventually leads to the creation of the independent nation, Yavukia.
Russian Commonwealth
An althist in which the Russian Empire survives World War One, a Commonwealth like organisation emerges as Russia relinquishes its territories, it competes with the other world superpower; the USSSWE, United Soviet Socialist States of Western Europe.
Russian Georgia
Russian Rise
Rossiskaya Imperiya KD
Rule, New Britannia
The famous crossing of the Delaware River goes disastrously wrong, stopping the fledgling Revolutionary Army in its tracks and changing the world forever...


Sacrifice of Angel's divergence
A time rift opens up shortly before WWII, and bombs from a nuclear war fall through. Later, a deadly disease ravages the globe, and is only stopped by a winter that kills many more. As a result, Hitler is killed, the US collapses into civil war, and Russia is totally depopulated.
Sacrum Romanum Imperium
The establishment of the Holy Roman Empire goes differently leading to a more unified Europe.
Santa Clara
When looking for a faster route from El Callao to Valparaíso in 1574, the portuguese-spanish explorer Juan Fernández discovers a big, and apparently non-populated island outshore South America. Soon, the "Key to the Southern Seas" became a spanish colony and a determinant site on the history of the region.
Sassanid Empire

Seleucid Legions

Antiochus IV Epiphanes dies later than in OTL, giving him time to expand the number of "Romanised" troops in the Seleucid army, effectively reforming the entire military, due to the defeat of the Makedonian phalanx in the Battle of Pydna in 168 B.C and their own defeat at the hands of the Roman legions at Magnesia in 190 B.C.

Sweden Victorious!
Savior of Pompeii
An explorer discovers the future eruption of Vesuvius and saves Pompeii.
Scotland says "Yes"
Scotland votes to leave the United Kingdom, indirectly allowing more independence movements around the world.
Sea Dragons
An ambitious, brutal Chinese pirate achieves his dream of creating his own kingdom by gouging the fledgling colony of the Spanish Philippines. A spark turns into a fire and generations of young Chinamen without opportunity are inspired to become mighty beasts of the water, here comes the rise of the Sea Dragons!
See Paris and Die
Field Marshal Erwin von Witzleben successfully assassinates Hitler in May 1941 during a military parade in Paris.
Seeing Red (Army, that is)

The Soviets go pre-emptive and attack Germany in late April of 1941.

Separatist Boom by João "like rio" Dinis
In 1987 the separatist movements of UK spreads to all the world.
September 11, 1777
Events at the Battle of Brandywine change slightly, rewriting the history of the United States.
Seven Days to the River Rhine
Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin develop a friendship which leads to the USSR becoming a member of the Axis Powers, changing the outcome of World War II
Seven Roman States
The late Roman Empire divides into seven separate nations just before the dawn of the Middle Ages. A shattered and splintering Roman Empire then survives to Modern times through these rump states.
Shattered Steel
Germany and Italy do not declare war on the USA.
Shock and Awe: The Second Korean War
Clinton makes up his mind to teach Kim Jong Il the hard way that developing a nuclear weapons program isn't as easy as it looks.
Short-lived US
An extended War of 1812 ends with the British Empire annexing the United States of America.
Shrewsbury Aflame
Henry, Prince of Wales, is killed during the Battle of Shrewsbury and so never goes on to be Henry V of England.
Sino-Australian Conflict
Kevin Rudd die on 4 of January 2007, not become elected as Prime Minister of Australia fluent in Mandarin favorable to Sino-Australian relations. Xenophobic incident in Australia result in a requisition of indemnización to chinese republic. The "hiperpopuler" China have some possibility of "Occupation" of the "not habited" Australia.
The Sky Filled With Stars
An asteroid strikes the Sahara desert at the beginning of the renaissance, causing worldwide starvation and throwing Europe back into the dark ages.
Socialist America
Marx moves to America instead of France, and authors his Manifesto with Charles Dickens. The rise of the communist movement in the New World.
Socialist Workers Reich
The Strasser Brothers and SA pre-empt Hitler with a bloody coup and establish a new regime lead by Reichbishop Martin Heidegger
Socialist World
Communism and Fascism gains world domination.
So Long America
Somaliland Independence by João "like rio" Dinis
When Somaliland declares independence, multiple wars happend
Southern Social Democracy
Soviet defeat
Moscow falls to the Germans in the 1941 offensive, drastically changing WW2.
Soviet West by Doctor261
Soviets invade the West Berlin, causing a 2-week war, but changing the history more than much.
Soviet Invasion
Communism sees a significant rise during the 1980s, which enables the Soviet Union to increase its military power. In 1988 Ted Kennedy is elected president and then eventually surrenders the United States to a Soviet invasion, which allows the Soviets to dominate most of the world.
Spartacist Victory
In 1918 after an uprising begins Rosa Luxembourg immediately joins Karl Liebknecht in supporting the communist revolution in Germany. In addition several members of Germany's Social Democratic Party in Parliament defect and join the revolutionaries leading to increased support & final victory for the communists in 1919.
When Hitler breaks the Treaty of Versailles by joining with Austria, Britain and the Livre Coalition decide to stop the German's getting more powerful, resulting in a very different planet.
Stalin dies many years before the October Revolution leading to a different state apparatus and international relations.
Stephen King of England
King Stephen's descendants maintain a grasp on the throne of England, while Matilda and the Angevins rule over Normandy, and later Aquitaine.
St. Petersburg on the Indian Ocean!
What if a few simple editing mistakes on a globe in the Real World was the reality somewhere else?
Successful German Socialist Revolution
Friedrich Ebert, the head of the German Social Democratic Party (SPD), dies in an automobile accident. Germany ultimately becomes socialist and the USA (an Axis power) decides to nuke Berlin.
Suez War by User:Sergei791
Britain, France, and Israel take back the Suez Canal in 1956, toppling Nasser and ultimately reasserting themselves as world powers.
Sultan Stalin
As Lenin leads Russia, Stalin separates the Muslim regions from the Soviet Union and creates an Islamic Empire.
Super China
China agrees to adopt Western Influence and become dominant power in the world to the 21st century.
Truman decides not to use nuclear weapons on Japan, In a last minute attempt to rattle the allies Japan orders a mass attack on China, Asia develops differently and the world follows.
Sundered Veil by Oerwinde
A British occultist group tears the barrier between the natural and supernatural allowing magic into our world in 1415
1983 a spaceship fall in a (spanish) South America town, with a infant in there, that is discovered and adopted by a police and his wife, the child is raised as Carlos Gonzalez and imbued with a strong moral compass. Not very early he started to display superhuman strong/strength, which upon reaching maturity and develov fly skill he resolved to use for the benefit of humanity. Not sow superman, whit a max speed of 52 km/h for longes times. NOT Superhuman stamina, durability, senses, intelligence, regeneration, longevity, super breath, heat vision and x-ray vision.
Superpowers by Red_VS_Blue
Following three major PODs the world comes to be shaped not by the countless small empires of OTL, but is dominated by several world superpowers.

The Roman Golden Age of the IInd Century continues on for another two, leading to the Roman Empire becoming the most powerful nation of Earth

The Mayan city states are joined together by one of their own genius inventors, and so a continental power came to dominate the New World before European influence, of the Romans, could arrive to crush it

Genghis Khan develops a closer relationship with his son Jochi and so a clear line of succession is made. Furthermore, because of this relationship, Genghis Khan focused more on his conquests on Central and Eastern Asia, further solidifying the position of his empire on the continent

Survival of the Roman Empire
Emperor Julius Nepos is successful in retaking the Western empire and reestablishing Rome as the capital. The barbarian tribes are tamed and the empire survives into the modern times.
Swede Victorious
In 1708, the rising Swedish Empire led by Charles XII destroys Moscow and Russia falls into decline. Sweden soon becomes a rival to Britain to rule the OTL Victorian Era.
SS and JC PN
In 2001, a chance meeting between Steven Spielberg and James Cameron and a novel by Jules Verne inspire one of the most infamous movie trilogies of all time - Nautilus, based on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
Somaliland Independence
When Somaliland declares independence, USA and some states recognize the independence.


Taiping China
The Puritan Revolution is successful in China, in 1850 leading to a resurgence of Chinese power.
The Team that Could Have Been
Following a vote, the Melbourne football club mergers with the Hawthorn Hawks, resulting in a different play through of the decade.
The Twisted Past
New empires and world powers have sprung up all over the world.

The Glorious Age of American Imperialism

The American Revolution ends up differently when a successful Quebec Campaign is pulled off and Canada, and all of British North America, join the American Revolution

The Viking Empire
See how the world would have changed if the Vikings had conquered Canada! Will remain an open timeline until adopted.
Temujin's Failure
Terra Nostrum
Texas World
When Texas secedes from Mexico, instead of joining the US they manage to build a good form of government and get out of debt. Texas eventually becomes a superpower.
Tet Disaster
The US media report the Tet offensive as a Vietcong disaster and the USA is bolstered by this, thus leading the USA to win the Vietnam war.
The Assasination of Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe is assasinated shortly after being sworn in as president in 2002.
The American Empire
Franklin Roosevelt is killed by a bomb planted by an anarchist in 1919. A new man, William Ritterman, arises during the thirties and spells the end of American democracy. Allied with the Third Reich and the Japanese and Italian Empires, Ritterman creates an empire stretching from Tasmania to Tierra del Fuego, from Manila to Montreal, stopping on the way to implement a ethnic cleansing and a new Imperial dynasty. Now an open timeline.
The Best Album Never Released
In 1996, the rock band Weezer was planning to release an epic space rock opera called Songs from the Black Hole, but released another album, Pinkerton, instead. What if Songs from the Black Hole was released?
The Big Mistake
In 1677, Ludos V made a big mistake; he wrote two letters, one in which he declare the war to Spain and the other in which he thanks Germany for the help in the Austrian-Italian war. Unfortunately he sends the letter for Spain to Germany and the letter for Germany to Spain.
The Bolshevik:1916
In 1916, all the major revolutionary parties of Russia, including Lenin's Bolsheviks, merge, culminating in a democratic USSR and a very different Cold War.
The British Ain't Coming
65 million years ago, the Chicxulub impactor instead hits the landmass that would have become the British Isles, destroying the landmass. This leads to a world without the British Isles, and therefore no British influence whatsoever.

The Broken Experiment

After multiple failed Constitutional Conventions, The United states finally manage to ratify an amended Articles of Confederation, keeping the states powerful, and the fate of this newly freed league of states in the hands of it's warring citizenry. This lack of a strong government keeps the US out of the global scene.

The Capitol Burns
The September 11, 2001 attack did not occur, but on January 29, 2002: The Capitol building is destroyed when a Boeing 474 bound for New York City is hijacked by seven Islamist terrorists. The State of the Union address by Goerge W. Bush in front to 107th United States Congress is in progress at the time. List of Survivors and follow event change between derivet timelines: Myers Way, North American War and others
The Eagle Lives
The Byzantines defeat the Seljuk Turks at the Battle of Myriokephalon and survive to the present day.
The Eagle and the Rising Sun
Imperial Japan doesn't join the Axis of Evil, which thus hinders their drive to attack America. This causes the Attack on Pearl Harbor to never happen, but in the absence of Japan, the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany remain allies, with Stalin adding a powerful head to this new axis. He initiates a massive assault on China and Japan, in retribution for the Russo-Jap war that helped spark the Revolution. With Europe, half of Africa, and now Asia overrun by the Axis by 1943, the Soviet Union makes a suprise and devastating attack on Alaska. Barely managing to push back the Russians, the neutral Americans declare war on Russia, then the rest of the Axis. Although they have a tough fight to win against the staggering odds, the US is now aided by Imperial Japan to halt the Soviet takeover of the Pacific, and later support in defeating the invasionary forces of Hitler.
The Eagle Looks to the Right
The September 11 attacks destroy the Capitol building, and Bush dies of a heart attack upon hearing the news. Dick Cheney becomes President.
The end of New Orleans
three major hurricanes in one year seals the end of New Orleans
The (early) death of George Washington
The Empire
The British Empire reaches a compromise with its surly North American colonies and together they go on to change the world.
The Empire of the White Falcon
Erick the Red lived to a ripe old age contrary to reality, In the 1009 Expedition Thorvald sends envoy to Scandinavia of an ripe land, ready for taking, a large fleet arrives, the manifest destiny of finding the heavens took hold of the Scandinavian World. Through Valour Leif Erickson becomes King of Norway and the colonies
The First Stone
Braxton Bragg's Army of Tennessee decisively defeats William Rosecrans' Army of the Ohio at the Battle of Stones River (Murfreesboro) and pursues them to Nashville, which he then besieges.
The Found Order
The great black death
Deaths from the black death are far greater in number than in reality, with death tolls above 80%
The Great Collapse
On October 9th 1994, the world is plunged into darkness as a result of a a series of high profile terrorist attacks escalating into a global war over the formation of various new political factions after the fall of the Iron Curtain.
The Great Global War
The Central Powers win World War I, they ally with the new French Empire and the UK against the new USSR led by Trotsky, who becomes a close ally of the Japanese and Mao's Chinese Marxists. The USSR invades many countries, leading to a Great Global War. Resume of the events leading up to the war, and about the fronts of the war.
The Great Horde Lives
Just what the Title says. the Khanate is playing a Great Game with Russia in eastern Europe, Britain in India, and the Ottomans in the Middle East
The Great White Lady
Titanic's sister ship, Britannic survives its collision with a German naval mine off the coast of Greece. Britannic's survival leads to massive changes in the North Atlantic passenger market and helps lead to the rise of an unsuspecting competitor.
The Growth of Earth (Portal Page)
The Growth of Earth is an Alternate History that starts right from the beginning right up 'til the end! Read it now!
The Hammer, The Sickle, The Earth
The Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China intervene in the Korean War, just as the North Koreans are about to capture Pusan.
The Hammer of America
The Haudenosaunee
In 1311 the New World was given a chance to survive.
The High King
The Internet is invented in 1925
The Mediterranean Strategy
After hearing an argument presented by the German navy commander Erich Raeder and Major General Alfred Jodl, Adolf Hitler decides to postpone the invasion of Russia and focus on neutralizing the British. This culminates in a brutally efficient campaign in the Mediterranean that subsequently changes the outcome of World War II.
The Hundred States of Europe
A radical alteration to the future of Europe results in the division of every country between Alsace-Lorraine and Estonia to the county level to create a more democratic and stable Europe. Fifty years later the USA is fascist, Spartan state gutted and overstretched after an unending war with the equally damaged China and USSR and the greedy powerhouses of Western Europe have a stranglehold on the world economy.
The little ice age was not so little
The Khan's World
The Khan's World is an alternative history in which Chinggis Khan did not die in the late summer of 1227 after his campaign against the Xi-Xia and instead continued his conquests well into his 80s, with staggering consequences on world history.
The More Things Changed (Timeline)
A graduate from the University of Chicago moves to Plattsburgh, New York. An Indian-born PHD graduate is offered a position as a professor at Mount Royal University in Calgary. An estranged father fails to make it in the United States, and reunites with his family in Alberta. One media company outbids another for a newspaper in New England. The first black Governor of Virginia mounts a long-shot bid for the US Senate. Time winds slowly to world off-kilter from our own, for better or for worse.
The New Empire
After years of decline the British and French Empires rise again, but this leads to a long lasting and bitter rivalry between the two empires.
Failing to enlist the support and funding of the Catholic Monarchs, in 1492 Christopher Columbus turned to a more unusual backer, the Knights Hospitaller of Rhodes.

The New Holy Land

After failing to enlist the support and funding of the Catholic Monarchs, Christopher Columbus turns to an unusual backer, the Knights Hospitaller of Rhodes.

The New League
What would have happened had Manchester United chosen the perfect manager after Sir Alex Ferguson's 2013 retirement.
The Old Right Victorious
Senator Robert Taft is nominated by the Republicans for president in 1948 instead of Dewey and wins in a landslide.
The Outbreak
The year is 1957 and United States scientists have developed something even deadlier than atomic weapons to use against the Soviets: an air-borne virus that causes horrible blistering, gangrene and insanity in its victims. The Russians get wind of this and attempt to steal the virus in order to create their own batch, but a botched theft causes the virus to spread over the entire Earth! Now the horrors of pulp fiction become reality as four-fifths of the population turn into terrifying zombies out to eat the flesh of the uninfected in what is now known as The Outbreak .
The Pacific Rise

The empire of the pacific.

The Punic Wars
The Return
In the winter of 1990-1991, a virus of unknown origin, known as the Somali Hemorrhagic Virus, appeared in Somalia. Reports of extreme violence in the Somali Civil War and thousands of dead in combats force the United Nations to take decisive action and send a task force to the country. Up to thirty thousand soldiers of twenty-five countries, most of them from the US, entered Somalia to reestablish law and order. However, what they found was a situation by far worse than what the UN though it was facing.
The Right Blunder
Austria sides with Russia in the Crimean War, leading to a hard-won but tangible victory, changing the European alliance system forever. Italian and German unification is delayed by 30 years, Habsburg power remains, (in a modified form), for many decades longer, the Saudis never rise, and Russia becomes a (rather revanchist) republic.
The Rise of Civilization - 15,000 BC
Civilization arises in 15,000 BC not 4000 BC
The Sicans
The Sican tribes of Sicily disperse after their empire's collapse in 95 BCE...but that's just where it starts.
This is the alternate history of World War II, which ends with an official German Victory
The Legacy of the Glorious
In 1870, two years after Queen Isabel II de España has been dethroned, Spain is in the look for a new King that may give force to the new Kingdom of Spain. When a Prussian prince becomes chosen, sparks and war will appear between France, Prussia and Spain.
The Splintering of America
The Third Rome
Ivan the Terrible controls his temper, resulting in the birth of a grandchild, and the life and rule of his heir, Ivan V. Russian history is forever re-directed and The Third Rome rises in the East.
The Third Superpower
Australia Secedes from Britain and becomes a world superpower
The Thousand Year Reich
The Invasion of Berlin by the Soviets is stopped by Hitler's forces, causing Hitler to declare victory over Europe and the United States. Germany becomes The United Republic of Germania and they expand their territory into most of Europe by the year 1950, hoping to repratiate every Dual Citizen German back to Germania by the turn of the milennium.
The State of Israel v. Joseph Mengele
Mossad agents capture Eichmann like OTL. But a few days later, Joseph Mengele is caught as well in Paraguay. This TL is unique as it is laid out in the format of a trial transcript.
The Sun Rises Over Sumter
After a primitive and short blitzkrieg by Confederate forces pierces American lines as the American Civil War begins, the two nations sign an armistice that continues to this day.
The UK Stays
The 2016 UK referendum about its EU membership returns with the result to "Remain".
The Union of Central America Continues
Jose Cecilio del Valles, despite liberal and conservative manipulations, wins the first presidential election for the United Provinces of Central America, setting the nation down the road to survival.
The Victory
France wins the Franco-Prussian war, thus stopping the rise of Prussia, therefore delayed German unity, no World War I, a stronger France, and a much different world! For the better?
The World without Alexander
Alexander is killed at the battle at the Granicus river, causing drastic changes in the course of history of all corners of the world over time.
Think Before You Act
There are two PODs here: first Napoleon does not invade Spain, and second, he does not do the same to Russia. Without his two biggest mistakes, Napoleon's dreams were finally realized and changed the balance of power not only in Europe, but in the world.
Timeline (Baltimore Armistice)
Timeline Saratoga
General Burgoyne wins the battle of Saratoga, and his army escapes capture.
Timur the Zoroastrian
When Timur the Lame converts to Zoroastrianism (for political reasons), the political and ideological make-up of the world is drastically changed.
To Comrade Trotsky, The World
Stalin dies of TB in 1919. Lenin is assassinated in 1921. Trotsky comes to power and sets about making a democratic/meritocratic socialist state, and exporting socialism to the rest of the world.
To Share a River
Raja Dahir, king of Sindh in OTL Pakistan, wins an astonishing victory against Arab invaders from the Umayyad empire, starting a prolonged conflict between the Islamic Empire and the newly allied Hindu and Buddhist states of India.
To the Red Planet!
Tooth and Claw
This timeline speculates what might happen if the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs c. 65,000,000 years ago failed to hit the Earth.
Toyotomi Japan
Japan did not become isolationist as it did here, and expanded to fill the Pacific Ocean, colonizing California.
Trade of the Century: John Elway for Joe Montana
John Elway of the Denver Broncos is traded for Joe Montana of the San Francisco 49ers in 1988.
8 uchronies (alternate earths) learn of the existence of one another after the event known as the Grand Unveiling. They discover that the central empire of one timeline is little more then a backwater in another. Wanting to restore what they perceive as the natural place of their religious, ethnic or political groups but unable to have more then a limited presence elsewhere, they wage a transdimensional cold war.
A group of my Alternate Histories, similar to Transbellum and For I have seen many worlds
Treaty of Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation
Tripartite Cold War
Riots in Singapore entangle with the Vietnam War, causing an increased investment in the war and the formation of the Viet-Malay Republic, dominated by South Vietnamese and Chinese Malay officials. As the country falls into a fascist government as a result of the Buddhist Crisis, it begins to support nationalist movements worldwide, leading to the rise of Viet-Malaysia as a third superpower of the Cold War.
Triple Alliance is Honoured
Italy honours the terms of Triple Alliance and join World War I on Central Powers'side.
Japan avoids militarism and does not participate in a Pacific War, allowing the Empire to take part in a three-way Cold War.
Trotsky Succeeds Lenin
Lenin's testament is published while he is still alive and Stalin is discredited. Trotsky leads the Soviet Union into the post-war era.
Twilight of a New Era (1914-1964)
What could have happened if the Archduke wasn't assassinated in 1914? This alternative history explores and develops that idea and the possible events that follow. This alternative history is on a limited timeline. It only develops events between 1914-1964.
Two Chinas
The Chinese Civil War ends in a draw between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China. What soon follows is the fall of communism in East Asia. 
Tudor Rose
Among several other changes in course, Henry VIII and Charles V work together in the conquering of France, raising Henry as its new King. Jane Seymour also survives childbirth and produces more children.


The USA falls and Britain and the Soviet Union rules dominant.
Wednesday September 22 2004, 10 nuclear explosion blow up in the United Kingdom, only in the biggest cities of England. An empire without Queen whose brothers nation present herself to protected, the fall of the 5th economy and second military spender of the world. Suspicions of betrayal, suspicion of success and just facts of world reorganization.
União de Sul África
A Portuguese South Africa rebels against England and the US buys Canada and Cuba. Hilarity ensues. Now an open timeline.
Union of the Egliriate Sentia
After the United States goes to war with both the Spanish and British empires, a new nation emerges.
United Commonwealth
Australia, The Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and Tuvalu unite.
United Germany, Divided Spain
Henry VI recovers from his Malaria and goes on to united the Holy Roman Empire. As a result, France and England form the League of Kings, and the Iberian Peninsula is divided between the two forces.
The United Kingdom at the World Cup (UKFATL)
In 1946, the Football Associations of the United Kingdom applied to enter the World Cup. FIFA refuses, stating that as one nation they may only enter one team. And thus the United Kingdom Football Association began it's long history.
United Kingdom divided 2008
A failing economy and terrorist attacks cause the United Kingdom to collapse as the succession of Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland results in a collection of city states.
United Kingdom Win
Post-WW2 history is much more favourable to the United Kingdom, which (although no longer the world superpower it once was) retains significant power and influence.
United Nations Reform
After years of change in the world, principally the down of the Soviet Union, Kofi Annan finally made the greater world organization become more realist, actual, multilateral, democratic. With support of the "vacational" president Clinton.
United Socialist States of America
Lincoln is assassinated in 1863, significantly changing the outcome of American history.
United States of Democratia
United States of Central Europe

Austria and Czechoslovakia unite in 1919, creating the United States of Central Europe. Fascism doesn’t rise, and Europe continues to live in a peaceful, scientifically developed world.

United States of New England
The War of 1812 goes from being a war against Britain to a full-flung civil war.
Australia becomes a republic in the late 1930's, and goes on to become a world superpower. (In progress)
Unternehmen Seeloewe
Hitler dies unexpectedly in the spring of 1940, leaving Nazi Germany in the hands of his deputy Rudolf Hess.
Unternehmen Seelöwe, 1941
The annihilation of the BEF at Dunkirk, followed by a successful Battle of Britain enables Nazi Germany to invade the British Islands, just before the attack on the Soviet Union. This is an open timeline. There are several possible scenarios after the German conquest of Britain. You may contribute to the existing scenarios or add new ones.
USA Kingdom
In order to replace the faulty Articles of Confederation, the Constitutional Convention chooses a king to head the government.
USSR Victorious
President Truman decides not to use nuclear weapons on Japan in 1945, which drastically changes the outcome of the Cold War.


Valkyrie Rides
The July 20 Plot against Adolf Hitler succeeds, and after a brief and bloody civil war, the Nazi regime falls in 1944. A peace is negotiated, but the shadow of the Nazis continues to plague Germany and hinder its post-war recovery.
Vastator Orbis
Aurelian dies early and Diocletian never becomes Emperor of Rome. The Crisis of the Third Century results in the permanent fragmentation of the Roman Empire. With no political apparatus unifying early Christianity, the religion does not become as widespread as in OTL. A shattered Rome stands against the new Sassanid Empire, waves of German migration, and the looming threat of the Huns on the horizon. Will disunity save Rome in this new age or will the forces that caused its OTL fall completely erase its legacy?
Vegetarian World
India becomes a major world power. The Cathars survive the crusades against them and vegetarian Catharism becomes a major religion in Europe and later elsewhere. Many other non-vegetarian related events occur, and this leads to a world not completely unlike our own, but quite different in many ways, too. The Vegetarian World has over 90 pages (and counting, as of April 2007) and is fully fleshed out (or "veggied out", as the case may be) with demographics info, maps, flags, and even some photos!
Vereenigde West-Indische Provinciën
The Dutch win the First Anglo-Dutch War (1652) and keep their colony of New Netherlands (VWIP) and expand it by capturing New England. In 1772 the 9 Colonies of New Netherland declare indepencence and that is the start of the war of independence. New Netherlands succeeds, renaming itself to 'de Vereenigde West-Indische Provinciën' (United West-Indian Provinces).
Via Latina
Various points of divergence in OTL lead to a world of airship-utilizing Latin-named countries.
Vice President Cronkite
In 1972, a staffer with Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern - who was having trouble finding a running mate - offers "most trusted man in America" CBS Evening News anchor Walter Cronkite as a potential running mate, instead of the unknown Tom Eagleton. In OTL, McGovern shrugs off Cronkite as a potential running mate, and instead calls Eagleton. However, McGovern later found out that Cronkite would've said yes, and been McGovern's running mate. This TL explores what would happen if McGovern hadn't shrugged off the staffer's suggestion, and instead called Cronkite before calling Eagleton.
Victory Lives!
Queen Victoria of England does not die in 1901 living in a longer life expantacy and dies in 1921.
Victorian Era
Under her, she created the most powerful and wealthiest industrial, commercial, and economic empire. She even bought the empire to a English Pax Romana.
Victorious 1848
Revolutions in Hungary and Spain succeded in 1848, and the Austrian Empire collapsed.
Victorian Era (new version)
Victory at Gettysburg
Vicuña of the East
A horse disease results in the failure of the Spanish conquest of Peru, causing paranoia among the worldwide Catholic community and the survival of the Inca Empire (known TTL as Peru).
Vietnam Victory
What the world would be like if the United States had won the Vietnam War.

Vikings in the New World

What if the Vikings didn't have respect for the natives?
Erik the Red refuses to adopt Christianity in 1000 ce. Cut off from Europe, the Greenland colony relocates to Markland (Labrador) where they wipe out the Dorset peoples and befriend the Inuit. By 1450, the pagan colonies of Markland and Vinland are strong enough to send ships back to Iceland and re-open trade relations.
Viva California
The Mexican-American War was a bust. The California Gold Rush causes a rush of American population to the valleys of California. The Mormons are all Spanish speaking and the US's sentiment of Manifest Destiny is turned northward, at least at first.
Von Schlieffen plan
Vow Of Revolution
A world where Korea threw off its monarchy and created a republic, The German Revolution of 1848 united Germany, America united North America and how these changes shook the world.


War of Die Welt
The Main point of divergence is 1942 with the beginning of world War 2 between Italy and Germany.--Jakezing2 23:56, 11 May 2009 (UTC)
Warring states
Washington Dynasty
George Washington accepts the offer to become the first King of America. Unlike in Kingdom of America the throne passes to his stepgrandson, George Washington Custis.
Washington's Flu
George Washington dies of pneumonia in 1790, passing the presidency to John Adams, who oversees the division of the nation.
Washington Shot at Murdering Town!
George Washington killed in his very first military mission. (An Open Time Line)
What if four(not one) reactors exploded in Ch. N.P.?
Wasteland Europe
What if the Marshall Plan hadn't been enacted?
Watergate? The hotel?!?
Bernard Barker, Vergilio Gonzales, Eugenio Martínez, Frank Sturgis, and James McCord succeed in their third break-in attempt of the DNC Headquarters, and leave without being caught by security guard Frank Willis.
Weimar World
Hitler is deported in the 1920s and there is no Second World War. (An open timeline)
Welcome to the USSA
A different form of the free world.
Welsh History Post Glyndwr
Owain Glyndwr won the 1st War of Welsh Independence in this ATL, follow Wales' path through history, from the 2nd English Occupation through to Nazi allied Wales and the Communist Republic put down by the American's in the 1950's
Western empires
An alternate WW2 where new empires are built instead of broken
Western Roman Glory
Emperor Romulus Augustus, the OTL final Roman Emperor in the West, manages to keep the Western Empire alive with massive consequences for the history of Rome, Europe and Humanity itself.
Western Union
"We Want Willkie!"
What if Sonic the Hedgehog began in 1929?
What Might Have Been
An "althist within an althist" at which Kennedy lost the 1960 US Presidential election to Richard Nixon who subsequently drew the US into a limited nuclear exchange with the Soviets over Cuba. The difference between this althist and others is that it is written from the perspective of someone in that timeline, in which our timeline is the real althist.
What Could Have Been
Lyndon Baines Johnson manages to lose the 1964 Presidential Election to Barry Goldwater. However, the althist is written in the reverse, in which someone in “that universe” is trying to write a timeline on what happened in “our universe.”
When the Dropshots began
Whims of Fortune
Fates of nations, empires, religions and cultures are mere playthings to Fortune; some rise to greatness only to be brought low, and some fall, only to rise to breathtaking heights again. In this ATL, follow the successes of the Kushans, the Vandals, the Rus and the Turks, contemplate the lost glories of Carthage, Babylon and Khazar, and weep for Rome and Mecca, whose greatness was denied by Fortune's fickle hand.
White Dawn
An althist in which the Whites prevail in the Russian Civil war, leading to the reinstatement of the Romanovs, which leads to a very different Europe.
White Star Jupiter
Jupiter is a white dwarf star instead of a gas giant. Jupiter's four main moons combine with three others and becoming planets the same size and having the same conditions as Earth.
White Victory
A scenario in which the White Movement is triumphant in the Russian Civil War, leading to many changes.
Wicked World
A mirror of our own world where the forces of evil hold sway.
Winged Hands of the Reich
Alien Space Bats aid Hitler in Operation Sealion in 1940.
With All My Heart
Hannibal succeeds in defeating the nascent republic. Thus ended the dream of Rome.
World of Lesnaya
The Battle of Lesnaya (1708) never occurs, allowing Sweden to remain a world power into the modern age
World of Warsaw
World War I: Germany and America
World War III-1956
Lester Pearson's UN solution fails and the Soviets aid Nasser repel the British, French, and Israeli forces. Escalation leads to World War-III.
World War III-2012
A US-led invasion of Iran results in a showdown between Russia and China against the United States.
World Without America
The American and French Revolutions are avoided and a world of Constitutional Monarchies prevails
Wrong War
Hitler delayed in the invasion of Poland until mid-September 1939. The Russians invade Poland on September 17th and Britain is forced to declare war on the Soviet Union before Germany invades.


XI: Serica & RomanumKagemoto vi Brooklyn


Y2K by Yankovic270
What would happen if the Y2K event so heavily prophesied had actually happened?
Y2K Cascade by Nmalekafzali
What would have happened if Y2K did happen, and it caused the launching of nuclear missiles all over the globe?
Yang Dynasty by
Yarmuk- Byzantine Victory by Nipponman
What would have happened to the fledgling Byzantine Empire had the Muslim hordes been turned back prematurely at Yarmuk in 636? Read on to find out!
Yellowstones Eruption by Red guy ~2
Yellow Turban Victory by Kaijucole
At the end of China's Han Dynasty, The Yellow Turban Rebellion emerges victorious in their campaign and the course of Chinese history along with the rest of the far east is dramatically changed.
Yetkinlik by Nilraat
The Ottoman Empire dominates Europe, and the world.
You Keep What You Kill by GutOverlord
YouTubeLess by ScribbledEggs
YouTube is never made because the Janet Jackson incident and tsunami never happen, so Vimeo takes its place.
Yugoslav Empire by
Serbia defeats the Ottoman Empire at the Battle of Kosovo and goes on to dominate the Balkans.


Zagoni Religion
AH about a fictitious African country
Zera by Chlewey
Some hominids reached the Americas before the modern Homo sapiens. This lead to a different fauna evolution in the Americas allowing later come Homo sapiens to domesticate suitable burden animals.
Zheng China by Hlanus
A lightning strike kills the Hongxi Emperor before his order to destroy the Treasure Fleets is carried out. This, interpreted to be Heaven's Will, facilitates the retention of the fleet and prevents China from lapsing into isolationism.
Zheng Dai La Da Dynasty by
Instead the Tang Dynasty, the Zheng Dynasty was set up.
Zulu by User:Riley.Konner
Shaka kaSenzangakhona, the ruler of the Zulu Kingdom, avoids assassination, and leads his people to conquer almost all of Africa.
Zhuge Liang's Fifth Northern Campaign

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