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Gnome-system-file-manager.svg The following policy page is obsolete.

It is no longer part of the conventions in use in this wiki. The page has not been deleted from the website for reference purposes. You are welcome to comment on the talk page.

The Map Game Oversight Committee, presented by Strategos of the Edele Adelaars Scrawland Scribblescratch and a bunch of others.

A map game is a role-playing game in which each player controls the actions of an entire nation or people-group. A map game must always have a main page that includes a map of the area encompassed by the player nations and all posts by the players and moderators. All map games must have moderators that control NPC events and people, guiding the world and prevent inter-player conflict.

In the same manner as TSPTF requests, each map game has a time of two weeks to gather the votes which declare it successful or unsuccessful for making.


  1. Strategos of the Edele Adelaars Scrawland Scribblescratch
  2. Lieutenant Vivaporius
  3. Lieutenant United Republic
  4. Constable Nathan1123
  5. Constable Edgeofnight
  6. Constable ForsakenPear
  7. Constable Reximus55
  8. Firesofdoom

Committee Rules (proposed, not in place)

As adopted from Edge's vote on his proposed reforms.

  • The current members of the Committee will be all removed. All of them. No If, ands, or buts about it.
  • A new committee will be founded by 2 or 3 users who qualify. They will facilitate the voting for the rest of the committee members
  • The New Committee will have all members elected into a two tier hierarchy Superior and Lesser Members.
  • Possibly, a head of the committee will be elected. Although this is not important, it may serve to establish a clearer sense or order
  • The TSTPF and Committee will be seperate. An Admin will not automaticlly be a Superior member.
  • Now we get into the better things: Users on the committee will be expected to be either committee members or "professional" map gamers (on this wiki. their involvment in games on other wikis or sites is not relevant). Yes. This means if you want to play a map game, a committee member will be expected to step down.
  • Committee memebers will be elected by the people and fellow comittee members. Unlike the TSTPF, users must run for re-election. My proposal is every 6 months for superiors and every 3 months for lessers, but this can be argued about.
  • The above provides three unique benefits. First, It allows users to easily replaces members who are out of touch with the current situation without the need for a scandal. Second, it allows us to keep the committee small. Third, it makes the committee more responsive to the needs of the wiki.
  • The committee would act to beef up either the map game wiki or a new wiki to handle any overflow map games that the commitee decides does not meet the standards of this wiki.
  • If a staff of the MGOC is inactive for two weeks or more without any excuse, they must be removed and replaced. 

Map Game Regulations

NOTE: Any map game that does not meet these standards may be subject to suspension or pending deletion at any time by members of the Committee. PLEASE read these standards carefully and ensure your map game adheres to these standards at all times.

Game Rules

  • There shall be at any time a maximum of three concurrent map games
  • There shall be at any time only one map game determined to be "Alien Space Bats" by this committee, and this is only in the nature of the PoD - all games must have non-ASB play
    • Any map game that is deemed ASB will be given one week to retcon and rectify their game before it is locked
  • There shall not be more than one map game of any given time period or subject matter at a time
    • e.g: two concurrent map games about World War II is not allowed
  • Users will only be allowed to play in two map games at a time
  • Each map game will be assigned two MGOC officials, who will serve as overseers
  • Each map game shall adhere to a set of standardized regulations and rules
    • Algorithms and other rules outside the set rules are permitted
  • Map games must be approved by a 2/3 supermajority by this committee and non-committee players over a 7-day voting period.
  • A game must not start before the end of the voting period, even if it looks like it will be approved.
  • All map games must be titled: Map Game Title (Map Game)
    • All related pages must be followed by the suffix: (Map Game Title Map Game)
    • All related pages must be categorized by: [[Category:Map Game Title (Map Game)]]
  • Each turn must be designated by a Level 2 header
    • ==Year==
  • Each post must be be a separate bullet, with the nation name in bold
    • e.g: *Algeria: Produces more oil
  • At least one moderator must be playing a non-important nation (ie the Democratic Republic of the Congo)
  • The decisions of the overseers assigned to a particular map game are final
    • All disputes regarding the overseers must be reported to this page's talk page
  • Plausibility will be enforced, but not strictly
  • Any evidence of inadequate moderation spotted by the overseers will be given a warning; if problems continue, the moderator will be suspended
  • The game must be archived every thirty turns
  • Do not take up in-game disputes with this committee; refer them to your assigned overseers first

Map Rules

  • The map shall be updated every five turns or less
  • The map shall be categorized to prevent confusion
    • e.g: Axis vs Allies maps should be under the category: Axis vs Allies (Map Game) Maps
  • The map shall be named Year.MapGameName.FileExtension
    • e.g: 1938.5.AxisvsAlliesReborn.jpg
  • The map shall be at least 1500x750 pixels in length and height
  • Any map found in violation of these regulations shall be deleted
  • Any map game that is found to consistently violate these map rules will be locked

Active Games

Approved Map Games Waiting Start

Map Game Requests

Copy and paste this before filling in the information right below this:

===Map Game===
**Map games started before
*Description of game (and starting date)
*Length of turn
*Aye voters
*Nay voters

For previous requests, see archive.

Allies on the Oder

  • Mr.Orwell
    • Map games started before: look below for one
  • It starts in 1945 after Operation: Market Garden was a success and the Allies occupied Berlin and Prague. The USSR is much more pissed that it doesn't have Berlin. Follows a alternate cold war with a much more aggressive Russia.
  • Year
  • Aye voters
    • Voters
  • Nay voters
    • Voters
  • Discussion
    • Discussion

Little Bit O' Soul

  • Mr.Orwell
  • tried to start one but failed
  • It is 1962, Kennedy is President and the Soviets are sending nuclear missiles to Cuba. Yet in late 1950 UN forces held out against the Chinese onslaught into North Korea. The bloodiest battle of the 1950s broke out near Chosin Reservoir. The UN forces holding position left the Chinese in disarray and MacArthur chased them back across the Yalu, yet President Truman threatened to relieve MacArthur if he pursued the Chinese across the Yalu or used nuclear weapons. The short lived Korean War transpired into MacArthur running for President and becoming the Republican nominee. MacArthur would see to stop communisms advance across the world. MacArthur supported Britain and Israel's intervention in the Suez Crisis of 1956. MacArthur also gave money and weapons to the French to fight the "communist" rebels in its colonies. But in 1954 Vietnam was divided into a Communist North and Capitalist South. US advisors would continue to help South Vietnam in its war against the VC. Now in 1960 John F. Kennedy won the Presidency for the Democrats and decided with the civil war going on in South Vietnam to start sending troops in April of 1962 after a attack on Da Nang airbase in northern South Vietnam.
  • half year a day or 2 if people are slow
  • Aye voters
  • Nay voters
  • Discussion
    • I wasn't making it one sided to the west, to simplify it is that the South wins the Korean War and with president MacArthur does everything in his power to stop communism with the USA saying, not another nation would fall to the Reds. I just wanted a PoD to make a Vietnam era starting map game. So I settled on Korea. In fact most of the territory is still the same with some minor changes. MacArthur supplied the Cubans but the Castro's won out, and now the Warsaw Pact is shipping nukes to Cuba (this issue will be in 1962.5). The anti-colonial movements might win out in Africa. Kenya will become independent in a while with the Mau-Mau rebels. Egypt was crushed because MacArthur was convinced by the British that he was communist (Mac is easy to convince). In OTL the communist faction of the anti-colonial groups in Angola and Mozambique won out. The ANC is also partly communist. Mugabe and his supporters were communists. SWAPO was communist and won out. North Vietnam and the VC, communist but won out. Belarus still is trapped in a Soviet Era. The only reason why America is going into Vietnam early is because the VC attacked Da Nang airbase and this forced President Kennedy to act and send legitiment American troops. The Sino-Soviet split happened in 1961 so there's a reason why the Warsaw Pact lost power. The Israel situation is because Britain, France, and Israel invaded Egypt in the Suez crisis. In OTL they were pushed out, but in LBOS with the Brits convincing MacArthur Nasser was a commie, the USA supported the Brits expedition into Egypt. Plus isn't in 1961 when the Berlin Wall was constructed. I also suggest you redact your desicion once the timeline is complete for a then point to make. --Orwell
    • I find the premise very interesting. † ⌒⌒⌒\(;ᄋ;\)三(ノ>ᄉ<)ノ ~ ("니가먼저키스해!")

Ab Incunabula

  • Discussion
    • Seems like a good idea (I won't be joining but still) - Reclaim
    • Ok this has past it has been more than 2 weeks.I will move to the archive if there is no objections. - Reclaim....... Prince of Ulster........

War of the Rings

  • Scenario based in JRR Tolkiens MiddleEarth. (Ideally EExpanded projection).Start date: Two years before the Council of Elrond))
  • 1turn=1month

Prima Luce


  • Creator:Fallacyman (talk)
    • Map games started before: Ultra Realism
  • Description of game (and starting date) Set in February, 1916 in the fields of Verdun, France, players take on the places of military commanders, placing orders to different Korps and sending secret tactical movements to a mod email.
  • Length of turn: 1 week per turn
  • Aye voters
  • Nay voters
  • Discussion
    • Discussion

(Note: Any registered user can vote)

Cross and Crescent II

  • Creator: Kostdanila
  • Previously Created Map Games: Cross and Crescent and a lot of russian map games.
  • Game Description: restart of first C&C map game. 
  • Aye Votes
  • Nay Votes
  • Discussion

Nuclear Winter:1962

Creator: SamTheWox Map games started before:N/A

Description of game (and starting date):The U.S. finds that the Soviets are creating more Tsar Bombas. Due to the Cuban Missile crisis, JFK orders the army to DEFCON 1,then, launches 3 nuclear bombs hoping to kill the Soviet government.This is a mistake and Soviets fight back, not only killing the 2 superpowers, but unleashing a Nuclear Winter. Based off the Nuclear Winter:1962 ATL. Starts on Oct. 1962

Length of turn 1 month = 3 days

Aye voters

Nay voters

  • Voters



  • Creator: Solace
    • Map games started before: None on Alternate History, but a few on Future.
  • Description of game (and starting date): Animals takes place in the medieval ages prior to the establishment of the Roman Empire. The map game begins with Iron Age civilizations: Roman Republic, Carthage, Seleucid Empire, Warring State's period (China), etc. The map game begins in 264 BC, the beginning of the First Punic War.
  • Length of turn: Two Years
  • Aye voters:
  • Nay voters:
  • Discussion:

Viribus (Map Game)

  • Creator: Lafary
    • Map games started before: I did not start any. This is my first. But, there is always a first time. I hope I can learn and improve.
  • Description of game (and starting date): It is a map game that helps in creating a timeline. There are no points of divergence, events are based on the choices of the players. It begins at the beginning of the Neolithic, in 9,000 BC, in the rise of the first civilizations. Hope you like it.
  • Length of turn: 1 year per turn (a turn = 1 day in real life) (the game is focused on ancient civilizations, but after some years, if the game map works, we can reach the current era)
  • Aye voters
    • Voters
  • Nay voters
    • Voters
  • Discussion
    • Discussion

Great Powers of Europe

    • Map games started before: Pax Europa
  • Description of game (and starting date): It starts in 1871, just after the unification of Germany, where Europe needs a balance of power.
  • Length of turn: 1 year
  • Aye voters
    • Voters
  • Nay voters
    • Voters
  • Discussion
    • Discussion

Current Issues

For previous resolutions, see archive.

(Note: Only Committee members may vote)

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