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Goerge W. Bush is never in Florida during 9/11 and he and Dick Cheney are both in the White House and is hit by Flight 93 and Strom Thurmond at age 98 is sworn in as President. He stays President until his death in 2003 and his vie president is President because of his age and crtism regarding this John Kerry wins the 2004 election. In 2189, a black hole swallowed up Earth. The end.

The Dogger Bank incident leads to war. France and Russia and Ireland side with each other against Britain and Germany. Since the US Civil War which the UK supported the Confederates even though they lost and aggressive British rule in Ireland leads to terrism and gurrilla warfare Britain and Americas relationship detorrite and the US support France and Russia The US purchases Greenland after relently purchuring it due to trying to gain a Northen presence agianst the UK Candian colnies A group call the Worker's Unite is formed and the Russian communists and People's Arabia are members People's Arabia is a pan Arbian communist movement in the Ottoman Empire After the war Intermania is established the Ottoman Empire collapses Tukrey is a indepdent nation yet Ararbia unites into comunist state the Russian communists take power this will be goverment created by Viktor Chernov and Leon Troysky and Lenin Fascist goverment take power in France Italy Spain and form a alliance another war breaks out with increases communist presence the fascist allaice is suporrted by the United States India gains indepdence as a communist state the Unite Sates take Canada and the fasicst government fall Brittainy stays indepdence who were occupied by France a European Union is formed yet is Anglo German centric a threeway cold war between the Eurpoean Union United States and Russia eventually yhe communist states fall and tensions ease between Eupeoan Union and the US and Ireland gains indepdence as a show os easing tensions

World War One
Date 1904 to 1910
Location Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Pacific Islands, China, Indian Ocean, North and South Atlantic Ocean
Result Allies and Worker Unite Victory
  • Formation of Intermania in Europe
  • Formation of United People's Arabia
  • Russian communists take power in Russia
  • Brittiany gains indepdence and aligns with and enters the Sphere of Influence of Britain
  • Fascist parties take power in France, Italy, and Spain and form the Roman Alliance
  • Anglo America detorrie further
  • Increases IRA terrism in Ireland and Britain

British Empire

  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • India
  • Ceylon
  • New Zealand
  • Newfoundland
  • South Africa

Germany Austria Hungary Ottoman Empire Belgium Japan Italy Portugal China Greece Siam

France Russian Empire

World War Two
Date 1931 to 1937
Result Allies victory (Europe and Asia) United States victory (North America) India Victory (India Subcontient)

German Empire British Empire

France Italy Spain United States Ireland

Danish Norwegian Empire
Danske Norske Imperium
Flag Seal
Flag Seal
Mod det vilde nord og øst! (To the wild north and east!)
Capital Copenhagen & Christiania
Largest city Berlin
Other cities Berlin, Oslo
Language Norwegian
Population 12.355.000 (1910) 
Currency Rigsdaler

The year is 1520 and Christian II of Denmark, Sweden and Norway is on his way to Stockholm, where he had summoned the nobles of Sweden, both the anti-union and pro-union nobles to come to Stockholm to talk about the future of the union, the meeting stats with Christian II taking out a piece of paper which stated that the future king of Denmark and Norway would not interfere with the election of the kings of Sweden after Christian II death, but in turn the nobles of Sweden would not rebel under his reign and Sweden and Denmark would have a non-aggression pact till the end of time. The paper would be known as treaty of Eternal Peace.

After the death of Christian II in 1559 the Kalmar Union would fall apart Sweden would elect Svante Stensson Sture as king of Sweden, since Christian II would not have any male heirs, the throne would go to Frederick I of Denmark & Norway. Frederick & Svante would convert to protestantism. As Svante realise the danger of the Russians in the east and Frederick realise the danger of the catholics to the south, they would try to get an alliance with between them. At the same time Frederick I had reintroduce the sound dues to Sweden since they had been exempt since they were apart of Kalmar Union, those action were met by some hostilities from Sweden, Sweden would in turn lay claim to Gotland, Jämtland, Härjedalen, Blekinge, Skåne & Halland. But in 1564 the two kings meet in Lund to negotiate which would turn into the Treaty of Lund. Sweden will renounced all claims upon Denmark-Norway, Sweden will be exempt from the sound dues, Denmark and Sweden will go into a defensive alliance promising to come to each others defense if attacked.

In the Livonian War the outcome would be the same as in our timeline except for Denmark would also gain Dagø.

In the

Danish Gold Coast
Guld Kysten
Capital Christiansborg (1658–1874)

Kongensten (1874–1958)

Religion Christianity, Islam & Traditional
Government Colonial
 •  Established 1658
 •  Disestablished 1958
Kingdom of Dagbon
Danish: Kongeriget Dagbon
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Yendi
Largest city Kete-Krachi
Language Oti–Volta, Hausa
Religion Islam
Ethnic Groups
  others Somba, Gurma, Gurunsi & Abron
King (Ya-Na) of Dagbon Mahama Abukari II
President Haruna Iddrisu
Area 65.000 km²
Population 4,450,349 
Established 15th century
Independence from Denmark-Norway
  declared 1958
Time Zone UTC+0 (GMT)
United Republics of East Griqualand and Natalia
Verenigde republieken Griqualand oost en Natalia
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Kokstad
Largest city Pietermaritzburg
  others Xhosa, Zulu & Danish
Religion Christian


Population 7.000.000 
Established 1915
Independence from Denmark-Norway
  declared 1962
Kingdom of Britain
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of
Location of
(and largest city)
  others Welsh


  others Atheism


Ethnic Groups
  others Welsh

Cornish Manx

Demonym Briton
Monarch Elizabeth II
Area 76,314 sq. miles
Population 58,406,788 
$2.345 trillion
  per capita $40,149
Currency Pound Sterling (£)
Time Zone UTC±0
Drives Side left
Calling Code +44
Internet TLD .bt
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Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of short name
Location of short name
Capital capital city
Largest city largest city
Other cities other cities
language (official)
  others other language
title of head of state name of head of state
title of chief of government name of chief of government
Area area unit²
Population population 
Independence ind date
Currency currency


Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline is a timeline that have divergence from our time line is when Pangea break up 200 million years ago. Instead of forming the continents we know it froms Esia, Iria & Urepa all the other land mass sink into the water. But the other thing still happen like the extion of the dinasaurs.

The world of Urepa, Iria & Esia is a alternate world that consists of 3 continents Urepa, Iria & Esia. Each continent has its own cultures Esia have cultures looks like the cultures of Asia, Iria`s cultures is very mixed from tribe culture to medieval kingdoms to dessert culuture. Urepa`s  cultures can best be described as mixed since there are so many different culture on the continent.

The different nation is divided into culture grups which is moslty made from ethnicity, language and cultural traits. The different gruppes are the following: Nordic, Inut, Bulgar, Aspanien, Marruko, Badlands, Saxo, Eastern Khana, Western Khana, Kagyr, Citui, Urepa-Esias, Dessert people, Northern, Tribes, Wali-Maji, Jins, Line islanders, Esias, Elementel people, Traderes and others.

Republic of Arbanon
Republika e Arbërisë
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Republic of Arbanon
Location of Republic of Arbanon
Capital Krujë
Largest city Tiranë
  others Aromanian

Greek Bulgarian

Sunni Islam
  others Eastern Orthodoxy

Catholicism Atheism Sufi Islam

Ethnic Groups
  others Aromanian

Greek Bulgarian Serb Montenegrin

Prime Minister Edi Rama
Area 28,748 km2
Population 7,315,218 
$62.627 billion
  per capita $8,561
Independence from Ottoman Empire
  declared November 28, 1912
Currency Lek (ARL)
UTC +1 {{{timezone}}}
  summer UTC +2
Drives Side right
Calling Code +355
Internet TLD .ar

Nations of Urepa

Flag Nation Capital Language(s) Cultural sphere Population:
Flag of the Dano Empire (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Dano Empire Danoborg Nordic Nordic 10.500.000
Flag of zealand (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Duchy of Zealand Voteborg Nordic Nordic 90.000
25px Kingdom of Jut Handelby Nordic Nordic 2.450.000
Flag of Jammer (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Principality of Jammer Jammer Nordic & Saxo Nordic 500.000
Flag of Westhimmer (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Republic of Westhimmer Arsborg Nordic Nordic 1.000.000
Flag of Badland colony (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Badland island colony Nyhåb Nordic Nordic 20.000
Kimberland flag (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Kingdom of Kimberland Kimberby Nordic Nordic 250.000
Saxo flag (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Saxo Confederation Königstadt Saxo Saxo 10.000.000
Flag of Gluken (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Kingdom of Glüken Glücken Saxo Saxo 1.300.000
Flag of Flenstein (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Principality Flenstein Flenstein Saxo Saxo 197.000
Flag of Ruthen (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Principality of Ruthen Dremen Saxo Saxo 830.000
25px Tsardom of Kagyrgyn Kagyr Kagyrgyn Kagyrgyn 2.200.000
Flag of Krigen (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Krigen Empire Duntocher Krigen Krigen 9.000.000
Flag of Khanade (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Khanade Coast city Eastern Khan Khanade 3.300.000
Dongning Flag (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Dongning Empire Dragon city Urepa-Esias Urepa-Esias 2.300.000
Sun flag (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Sun Temple city Urepa-Esias Urepa-Esias 900.00
Flag of Ryuk (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Ryuk Ryuk city Urepa-Esias Urepa-Esias 1.100.000
Dongning Flag (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png The League of Free city states Dragon city Northern Northern 8.400.000
Flag of Venci (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Republic of Venci Dragon city Northern Northern 2.100.000
Flag of Holy Nation (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Holy Nation Holy city Northern Northern 1.800.000
Flag of Venci (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Commonwealth of Marco Marco Northern Northern 4.100.000
25px Republic of Aspanien New Spanien Aspanien Aspanien 6.600.000
Dongning Flag (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Kingdom of Bulgar Dragon city Bulgar Bulgar 2.000.000
Minnor Bulgar flag (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).PNG Duchy of Minor Bulgar Dragon city Bulgar Bulgar 100.000
Flag of inut (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Inut confederation Omenak Inut Inut 103.000
Flag of Alaut (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Aleut tribe Nanortalik Inut Inut 21.000
Flag of Yupik (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Yupik tribe Iqaluit Inut Inut 39.000
Flag of Badland island kingdom (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Kingdom of Badland island Morgugh Badlandish & Nordic Badland 67.000
Flag of Yupik (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Kingdom of Badland Drugezaz Badlandish Badland 3.000.000
Flag of north badland tribe (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png North Badland tribe Nugroz Badlandish Badland 21.000
Flag of north badland tribe (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png South Badland tribe Drarror Badlandish Badland 41.000

Nations of Iria

Flag Nation Capital Language(s) Cultural sphere Population:
Flag of Venci (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Commonwealth of Marco Marco Northern Northern 4.100.000
Flag of Venci (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Shara kingdom Marco Northern Northern 4.100.000
Flag of Venci (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Coast Kingdom Marco Northern Northern 4.100.000
25px Dessert kingdom Marco Northern & Desi Dessert people 4.100.000
Flag of Venci (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Dessert Empire Marco Northern & Desi Dessert people 4.100.000
Flag of Venci (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Hubbi Sultanat Marco Desi Dessert people 4.100.000
Flag of Venci (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Olag Sultanat Marco Desi Dessert people 4.100.000
Flag of Venci (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Stan Sultanat Marco Desi Dessert people 4.100.000
Flag of Venci (Urepa, Iria & Esia timeline).png Olag Sultanat Marco Desi Dessert people 4.100.000
25px Republic of Aspanien New Spanien Aspanien Aspanien 6.600.000
Kingdom of Badland island
Timeline: Urepa, Iria & Esia Timeline
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Religion Faith of Bogi & The Divine faith
Ethnic Groups
  others Dano
Demonym Badland islander
King Narfu II
  Royal house: House of Narfu
Population 67.000 
Established 1450

No. Name
Term of office Party Cabinet
Took office Left office
39 Zoltán Tildy
15 November
1 February
Independent Smallholders' Party
23 (1945)
40 Ferenc Nagy
4 February
24 September
Independent Smallholders' Party
F. Nagy I
24 September
30 June

F. Nagy II
24 (1947)
30 June
14 August
F. Nagy III
25 (1948)
41 Zoltán Pfeiffer
14 August
4 July
Independent Smallholders' Party
25 (1952)
41 Béla Kovács
4 July
18 April
Independent Smallholders' Party
B. Kovács
41 Béla Varga
18 April
24 October
Independent Smallholders' Party
B. Kovács

1947 Hungarian parliamentary election

Previous election
1945 ← 
31 August 1947
Next election
 → 1948

All 411 seats in the National Assembly
206 seats needed for a majority
Turnout 96.5%
First party Second party Third party
Leader Ferenc Nagy Mátyás Rákosi Árpád Szakasits
Last election 245 seats, 57.03% 70 seats, 16.96% 69 seats, 17.41%
Seats won
215 / 411
88 / 411
67 / 411
Seat change 30 seats 18 seats 2 seats
Popular vote 2,592,482 1,111,001 742,171
Percentage 51.91% 22.25% 14.86%
Swing 5.12% 5.29% 2.55%
Prime Minister before election
Ferenc Nagy
Elected Prime Minister
Ferenc Nagy

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Edward "Ted" Calvin
Timeline: The Endless War

Edward "Ted" Calvin
Portrait of Calvin

46th President of the United States
January 20, 2017-

Predecessor Walt Whitman
Vice President George Nelson

Senate majority whip
January 3, 2013- January 3, 2015

Predecessor Bill Tacoma
Successor Albert Vandenberg

Senator from New York
January 3, 2001-January 3, 2017

Born Edward John Calvin

August 4, 1960 Miami, Florida

Wife Claire Calvin
Political Party Democratic
Religion Calvinist

Edward "Ted" Calvin (born August 4, 1960) is an American Politician and Lawyer who is serving as the President of the United States, since 2017. A member of the Democratic Party, he had previously served as a senator from New York from 2001 to 2017, he also served as the Senate Majority Whip, from 2013 to 2015. Born into the Calvin family, his father John Calvin, served as the President of the United States from 2001 to 2005.

Calvin was the oldest son of Elizabeth and John Calvin. As such he is the son of a former United States president to himself become the American president, with the first being John Quincy Adams. He graduated from Harvard Law School in 1986, and worked as a lawyer in the firm, Harper and Hewitt. Calvin married Claire Calvin in 1987. In 2000, Calvin decided to run for the U.S. senate from New York, and won, while his father successfully became President that same year. As senator, Calvin successfully sponsored legislation for Education Reform, increased investment in American Industry, reforming the criminal justice system, and Jobs Programs for Americans. Calvin was elected president in the 2016 Presidential Election, when he defeated Republican incumbent President Walt Whitman with 329 electoral votes, to Whitman's 206.

Calvin signed many landmark bills into law during his first term. The main reforms that were passed include the American Healthcare Act (commonly referred to as AHA), the American Voting Act, the American Worker Protection Act, among many other pieces of legislation. Calvin also pushed for socially liberal policies, such as legalising same sex marriage, and ending several restrictions on abortion. In foreign policy, Calvin mediated a dispute between Palestine and Egypt, in what became known as the Washington Accords.

Calvin advocated for gun control in response to the Morgan Elementary School shootings in Alabama, indicating support for a ban on assault weapons, and issued wide-ranging executive actions concerning global warming and immigration. Calvin nominated 2 justices to the Supreme Court : Mo Perkins and William Jenkins who were confirmed as justices.

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