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Membership badge of the TSPTF

The Time Stream Protection Task Force are the management of this wiki, and those that keep the peace. These are broken up into three levels, the Directors (Bureaucrats), Curators (Admins) and Archivists (Rollback).

The TSPTF are in charge of maintaining the wiki's major pages, removing vandalism, banning irresponsible or vandalizing users, and maintaining the wiki forums. The TSPTF also can answer any requests or questions about something on this wiki, and they have the authority to delete pages.


The Directors are the highest tier of TSPTF in terms of abilities and powers. It is they who grant sysop powers to other editors. While bureaucrats are largely similar to Curators in general article editing, their opinions are almost always considered in important policy decisions that affect the whole site, as well as determining consensus in difficult cases. Other than that, the role of the Directors is similar to the role of the Curator, except they get to pick their very own funny title.


Curators are editors who have sysop rights. Curators are contributors who are active and who have been around for a while and are generally known and trusted members of the community. The community looks to Curators to perform essential housekeeping chores that require the extra access administrators are entrusted with. Among them are carrying out the consensus of the community on keeping or deleting articles, keeping an eye on new and changed articles to swiftly delete obvious vandalism, and meeting user requests for help that require administrative access. Since Curators are expected to be experienced members of the community, users seeking help will often turn to a Curator for advice and information.


Archivists are editors who have been granted rollback power to allow for a faster, automated reversion of vandalism. They are the foot soldiers in the ongoing war against vandals and trolls.

Officers Emeriti

The following is a list of retired members of TSPTF. For the time and energy they have given in patrolling this wiki their names are listed here so that they may be honored. They also retain their admin powers indefinitely.


Editors wishing to join the TSPTF should apply for a position at the request for user rights page. The number of Archivists is unlimited, so anyone who meets the requirements can try to be chosen whenever they want. Also since only current Curators can be Directors, any Curators who wish to be promoted to the Directors can do so as long as they meet the requirements. Openings for Curators, however, will be available only by announcement. So check to make sure the TSPTF is looking for new Curators before applying.


TSPTF members should keep an eye on the following pages to help keep the wiki "cleaned up" and running the way it should. TSPTF members are expected to play an active role in helping out on one or more of these pages. If you are an administrator, please sign up below for at least three areas you will help keep an eye on. If all of us work together it will not take much effort. (Note: Archivists are exempt from signing up for responsibilities they do not have the powers for)

Orphaned pages

  1. HawkAussie

Uncategorized pages

  1. NuclearVacuum
  2. Katholico
  3. CrimsonAssassin
  4. Scrawland Scribblescratch
  5. Monster Pumpkin
  6. Reximus55

Uncategorized categories

  1. Reximus55
  2. False Dmitri

Unused images

  1. NuclearVacuum

Dead-end pages

  1. Katholico

New pages

Watch for compliance with the naming conventions and whether the article is actually a future history.

  1. CrimsonAssassin
  2. FirstStooge
  3. Scrawland Scribblescratch
  4. Monster Pumpkin

Recent changes

Watch for vandalism; ban appropriately.

  1. Katholico
  2. FirstStooge
  3. Monster Pumpkin
  4. CrimsonAssassin
  5. Thewolvesden


Vote and carry out decisions.

  1. False Dmitri
  2. NuclearVacuum
  3. CrimsonAssassin
  4. Monster Pumpkin
  5. FirstStooge

Report Vandalism

Vandalism Archive

If you have seen users vandalizing pages, please report it here. Use the template below:

===[[Name of Article]]===
* Explain who is doing it ~~~~