Wall of Shame

The following is a list of registered users who have been blocked for a year or more.


  • Crime: Troll-like behavior on talk pages, refused to follow conventions on future history and naming despite being warned several times, personal attack on user talk pages, used a sockpuppet to continue similar behavior
  • Punishment: Blocked for one year for using a sockpuppet
  • Known Sockpuppets:Imperialreign88
  • Identifiable traits:Post-apocalyptic fiction, German wank



Best Ban of 2010

  • Crime: Troll-like behavior, personal attacks against other users, leaving messages on other users' talk pages and insulting them if they do not respond immediately, refusing to follow the rules of various Map Games, abusive emails in response to previous shorter blocks, warned various times to clean up her act, abusing multiple accounts
  • Known sockpuppets: Youngla0450
  • Punishment:1000 year ban
  • Identifiable traits: Swear words, bad grammar, delusions of grandeur.


  • Crime: Creating multiple contradictory or implausible articles in the 1983: Doomsday TL, stealing others work, taking credit for work he did not create, antagonizing other users, abuse of multiple accounts, refusal to follow the naming conventions and the rules of 1983: Doomsday, harrassing users about being promoted to the TSPTF, habitual liar, racked up large number of short blocks during his tenure, personal attacks left on user talk pages
  • Punishment:1000 year ban, no longer allowed to edit talk page
  • Known Sockpuppets:Chip1990, Chip2008, Martin, Commander data, Hamster1983, Hamster2010, Owen1984,, Martin1983
  • Identifiable traits: Very bad spelling and grammar, Star Trek references, also look for new users who have intimate knowledge of his recent ban, weak grasp on reality, copy/paste of content from other sources, opinionated about the new wikia look


  • Crime: Blanking articles, massive vandalism, reputation across Wikia for vandalism, inserting implausible information into completed Map Games
  • Punishment:Blocked for 1 year
  • Identifiable traits: Incredibly implausible additions to articles while reverting any attempts by other editors to erase them


  • Crime: Replacing content of articles with AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  • Punishment: Permanent block


  • Crime: Copying the work of another author from outside the wiki and posting it here claiming it was his own, after being caught in the act he still tried to lie
  • Punishment: Blocked for 1 year
  • Identifiable traits: Little understanding of wiki code


  • Crime: Extremely offensive and obscene article, see this. Vandalized LG's user page after LG marked his article for deletion.
  • Punishment: 1 year block
  • Identifiable traits: Gay erotica, vandalism, cuss words


  • Crime:Improper user page, false apology, vandalism to articles.
  • Punishment: 1 year block
  • Identifiable traits: Bad spelling, no understanding of alternate history, likes boobs

Anonymous History Guy

  • Crime:Sockpuppeting
  • Punishment: Permanent Block
  • Known Sockpuppets: Vhaul, HerMajestyShip
  • Identifiable traits: Tries to have his way on a map game - no matter what, removing negative things from his talk pages


  • Crime:Sockpuppeting
  • Punishment: Permanent Block
  • Known Sockpuppets and IPs: Confederatesoldier,, Southerndude, JSimcox,, Ceaser1345,,, TheLastAmerican
  • Identifiable traits: Tries to have his way on a map game, extremely implausible on them, very pro-south and confederacy in nature, tends to have references to the south or america in their username, refers to the "implausible history wiki," likes to bring up implausiblity, only posts on map games, makes map games that make no sense at all, very pro-south timelines

Arceus The God of Pokemon

  • Crime:Sockpuppeting
  • Punishment: Permanent Block
  • Known Sockpuppets and IPs: Frieza Sama, Head Chunin
  • Identifiable traits: Very India-centric, he used multiple accounts in order to try and stop "invaders" in his beloved India on the Principia Moderni Map Game. Very Implausible, and disregards the rules of map games. Very much an Indiaphile. Also, user page tends to name the nation they are "playing" and nothing more. Seems to often have "anime" references in the names as well.


  • Crime:Offensive, Removing Content, Spamming, Mass Removing
  • Punishment: Permanent Block
  • Known Sockpuppets and IPs:,
  • Identifiable traits: Vendetta against the Principa Moderni Game, and the Admins. Speaks poor english, refuses help.

Asma amin khurshid bhandari politician

  • Crime: Cross-wiki vandal, noted for spamming links to external sites, making spam blogs, uploading self-promoting useless spam images, and ban evasion through IPs and sockpuppetry.
  • Punishment: Year-long block
  • Known Sockpuppets and IPs: Asmaaminkhurshidbhandari,
  • Identifiable traits: Posts blank pages/blogs using the summary as the place for content. Claims to be some Pakistani politician and uploads images of herself or the Pakistani flag.


  • Crime:Sockpuppeting
  • Punishment: Permanent Block
  • Known Sockpuppets and IPs: Allenrobinson, Flyingninjapanda, Ninjasvswarriors
  • Identifiable traits: Tends to play China in Map Games, rather Sinocentric overall. Doesn't seem to like Tibet. Not the best ability to listen or write in English.


  • Crime:Sockpuppeting, spam, harassment
  • Punishment: Millenial Block
  • Known Sockpuppets and IPs: BattleStriker99, WhenMidwestCityCrumbles, TotalWarrior12, FutureMan201, GlobalConqueror, TerminatorWarrior
  • Identifiable traits: Bad grammar, dislike for administrators, obsession with science fiction and space (especially dystopian scenarios), general childishness, (after 30/3) excessive spam and image macros with little if any sense.

Mscoree, Tr0llis, et al

  • Crime: Sockpupetting, lying to evade bans, rigging Sterling Awards, attempting to rig TSPTF elections, refusal to follow conventions, impersonating administrators, intimidating behavior, harassing users, conspiring and collaborating attacks on pages, users, and the wiki
  • Punishment: Victim of the almighty sarlaac ban. In its belly, he will find a new definition of pain and suffering as he is digested over a thousand years.
  • Known Sockpuppets and IPs: Fritzmet, Harvenard2, Ratcolor, KLinkinLogsAssassinGirljjj444
  • Identifiable traits: Manipulative, charismatic among new users, vendetta against games and users, refusal to follow orders, pseudo-intellectualism, various in-jokes, a swarm of malicious users popping up at the same time, tends to post paintings or shock images as profile pictures.
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