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In a world where much is different, where different decisions have been made, where technology has advanced at a greater pace, and where many who never got their chance to impact the world have done so, it will be the choices of those people that decide the direction of the future and the fates of those around them. This is the world of Alternity.

The World of Alternity

Below is a political map of the nations of the world circa 1997 (Alternity's current year).

Current date in Alternity - June 5, 1997.

  • Note: The map (and list) may change as the timeline progresses or is updated.
World Map (Alternity)
Rank Name Capital Largest City Population
1 Federal Republic of India Delhi Karachi 1,320,758,000
2 People's Republic of China Beijing Shanghai 1,230,075,000
3 United States of America Washington, D.C. New York City 441,315,000
4 Soviet Union Moscow St. Petersburg 264,863,000
5 Empire of Brazil Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro 187,256,000
6 Kingdom of Java Jakarta Jakarta 130,553,000
7 Japan Tokyo Tokyo 126,752,000
8 Empire of Mexico Mexico City Mexico City 112,504,000
9 Federal Republic of Nigeria Abuja Lagos 110,420,000
10 Federal Empire of Germany Berlin Berlin 93,886,000
11 French Republic Paris Paris 88,658,000
12 Kingdom of Egypt Cairo Cairo 84,190,000
13 Republic of Vietnam Hanoi Saigon 83,750,000
14 Kingdom of Italy Rome Rome 83,646,000
15 Republic of Korea Haeju Seoul 77,691,000
16 Republic of Colombia Bogotá Bogotá 77,535,000
17 Kingdom of Siam Bangkok Bangkok 74,391,000
18 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland London London 71,407,000
19 Kingdom of Ethiopia Addis Ababa Addis Ababa 69,124,000
20 Federal Republic of South Africa Pretoria Johannesburg 68,800,000

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