Alternative History
Tsardom of Alyeska
Timeline: Scenario 1733

OTL equivalent: Alaska, Western Canada
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Alyeska
Location of Alyeska
Anthem "Rebirth of Nation"
Capital Sitka
Largest city Aleksandrgrad
Other cities Mikhailgrad, Evegenigrad, Kaliningrad
  others English
Demonym Alyeskan
Government Constitutional monarchy
  legislature Duma
Tsar Aleksey V
  Royal house: Romanov
Independence from Russia
  declared 13 December 1866
  recognized 13 December 1866
Currency Alyeskan Ruble
Calling Code +4

The Tsardom of Alyeska is a constitutional monarchy in North America. It has had strong ties with its former owner, Russia, since independence in 1866. Alyeska is a strong trade and military ally with the United States, and has negative relations with Hudson. Alyeska has the second largest population in North America at 265 million, behind the United States. Alyeska fought in the latter four of the seven Global Wars.