In our world, America claimed to have a stockpile of Atomic Bombs lying around. This was only a bluff, however, to get the Japanese Emperor to surrender and therefore end World War II. What if the United States actually did have a stockpile lying around?

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Point of Divergence

Exactly where America's Stockpile begins to differ from our timeline is unknown. Likely it was when the decision makers decided they needed more nuclear bombs.

The Beginning (1945-1948)

Japan refused to step down. Blood was shed, and countless lives were lost. America ended this with two Atomic Bombs, and so Japan surrendered after being told we had a stockpile. World War II was over, and America became a superpower. In 1946, the US Government decided that the Nazi Party needed to be fully eradicated - and so, Germany was nuked with three bombs. This shook the world, America became a feared nations. Many states were horrified. Not wanting to be connected to Washington DC's decisions, many states seceded from the union. Those were much of the west coast (becoming the California Republic), Texas (becoming the Texas Commonwealth), the Dakotas and the entire midwest (becoming Dakota) and the south (becoming Dixie). The United States still had a foothold over Nevada, where the bombs were stored, and the New England area. Tensions rose around 1948 when the United States began to negotiate with the Texas Commonwealth for its former bombs left in Fort Stockton. The Texas Commonwealth refused to surrender, and so began the long war.

The Great War of North America (1948-1957)

The Texas Commonwealth allied with the California Republic and Dakota, creating a wall between America and its precious bombs in Nevada. Even Mexico joined in with Texas during the war. The United States was severely limited in numbers, lacking in bombs. In 1949, the United States forcibly annexed Canada. Canada had a weak government and a poor army, they had no choice when joining. Battles were fought all over the borders, yet Texas and the other allied nations managed to keep the bombs from the US. In 1952, the allies agreed to not use the nuclear bombs in their possession, in fear of becoming like the United States. The United States finally took Dixie in 1954, and forced their soldiers into combat. The outlook was quite bleak for both sides. Texas, Mexico, the California Republic and Dakota remained strong.

The United States managed to create two atomic bombs by 1955, and used them against Dakota. Dakota helplessly disbanded, and those that remained there and did not flee to the south were executed. The US proudly reclaimed their territory and marched to the west, taking back their stockpile in Nevada. The other nations did not have the power to fight and surrendered in 1957. Most of the former Texas Commonwealth and California Republic citizens moved down south and waited in Mexico.

World War III (1959-1960)

The United States proudly reunited and continued to build bombs. Meanwhile, France and Spain decided to unite and take down the dangerous country. Most of Europe allied with them, while America used its bombs. Atomic Bombs were fired back and forth, resulting in the destruction of the northern United States and western Europe. The United States and Europe were in ruins.

Rebuilding (1968-?)

After waiting 10 years, survivors rebuilt. The former nations of the Texas Commonwealth, Dixie, Dakota and the California Republic rebuilt America and reunited as a new United States, while Europe was rebuilt by survivors and several nations of Asia. No Nuclear Bombs have been made since the last war.

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