1875 us map althist

America in 1875. The Confederacy has acquired more western land. The F.A.I.T is formed by tribes to protect themselves from the Confederacy.

1868 us map althist

America in 1868. The Confederacy has gained more territory in Kansas and Colorado as well as gaining the New Mexico and Oklahoma Territory and a large strip of land from Nevada to Texas. The multicolored areas are former Union states that have been cut off from each other. The blue states are now British Territory and are no longer a part of the Union.

1864 us map althist

A map of the Civil War United States in 1864.

The main POD in this timeline is victory for the Confederate States of America over the Union in 1865 C.E. This, through a series of other events, led to the disunification and dissolution of the Union. The Confederate States also formed an alliance with Britain thereby increasing their military power with British military support. This was a major factor in the Confederate victory. As a result the United States of America ceased to exist as we know it which therefore greatly affected the rest of the world. Such effects are that the U.S. dollar never became a major international currency, World Wars I and II had very different outcomes without the United States joining the Allies, and the War on Terrorism never happened and did not have a reason to happen.

Slavery and racial segregation also lasted much longer and were abolished much later in North America. Much of the land that had been the former United States was also never industrialised as much in the OTL as the Confederate States who won the Civil War preferred its economy and land to be based on agricultural practices such as farming and fishing. This was one of the reasons slavery lasted longer as a larger human workforce is required for agricultural purposes rather than for industrial purposes which are largely automated.

The Confederacy also forged a mutual alliance between Britain which gave the Confederacy added military support especially for its Navy and also made Britain an important trade partner. In return Britain was allowed to reconquer much of the land occupied many of its former American colonies that had been part of the Union. The alliance proved crucial in defeating the Union.

Naturally, a few years after the Confederate States had won the Civil War it began expanding westward and began to conquer or destroy Native American tribes it encountered if they refused to move into Indian reservations. This convinced many Native American tribes to form a strong military alliance known as the Federated American Indian Tribes (F.A.I.T.) in 1875. The New Iriquois Confederacy later joined and merged with the F.A.I.T in 1877.

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