Alternative History
American Empire
Timeline: Rule Americana
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of American Empire
Location of American Empire
Vivat Americae (Latin)
("Long Live America")
Anthem "Long Live America! (Royal)

Hail Columbia (National)"

Capital Columbia D.C.
Largest city Greater New York City
Other cities Tokyo, Quebec City, Toronto, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Houston, Lagos, Manila, Havana, Taipei, Seoul, Tehran, Baghdad
Language English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Danish, Filipino, Arabic, Chinese, and many others
  others Atheism, Islam, Catholicism, Agnosticism
Ethnic Group 47.4% White
20.0% Asian
29.7% Black
2.0% Mixed
0.9% Other
Demonym American
Government Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
  legislature Emperor/Empress
Emperor/Empress Robert E. Lee V
  Royal House: House of Washington
High Chancellor Joe Biden
Area 13,005,478 mi2

33,684,033 km²

Population 1,013,020,002 (2020) 
GDP $56.598 Trillion (1st)
Independence from United Kingdom
  declared July 4, 1776
  recognized September 3, 1783
Currency United States Dollars($)
Drives on the Right
Calling Code +1
Organizations Eastern Pacific Organization, New Entente, American Alliance, European Defense Pact

About The Country

The American Empire, is a nation located in all seven continents. The population of the country is around 1 billion people making It the Second most populous country, only behind the British Empire, but the American Empire is still much more powerful, and larger. The capital is located in Washington D.C, and the largest city is Tokyo.

The Empire is made up of many states and territories, examples being Nigeria, Panama, Japan, etc.

The Emperor of the American Empire Is Robert E. Lee V. This is because when King George Washington's great granddaughter got married to Confederate General Robert E. Lee, they had a child and then that child had a child, and eventually years later Robert E. Lee V had became Emperor of the American Empire.


Rebellions are somewhat common in the empire, particularly in the Colonies of Africa and Asia. During the great depression in 1931, some of the Colonies had attempted to get independence, and this is still common place today. On December 29, 2019, many American citizens and officials had been harassed by the Native Africans, causing a bigger presence of American military personnel in American Africa. Later on January 7, 2020 armed Natives had attempted to murder many military personnel, Americans from Mainland US and American Officials. They had trapped around 500 military personnel, 2,500 American mainlanders and 15 American officials in a government building. Then burning the place to the ground. News about this reached Washington D.C around a few hours later and they had sent over 600,000 men and women to forcefully put down the rebellion. After 9 months the Americans had put down the rebellion but had lost 250,000 men and women due to the gourella warfare the Natives used. This gave a awakening to the Americans who decided to improve more rights for the native Africans, affectively making them official U.S. citizens.


The American Empire has maintained good relations with the French Empire, British Empire, Germany, Poland, Finland, Indonesia, and many more. They are hostile to Russia, the Grand Chinese Empire, Persia, Belarus, Turkey and much more.