After the assassination of president Abraham Lincoln and the collapse of the Confederacy, President Andrew Johnson decided that America must expand its influence and power in order to protect liberty, freedom and democracy. Soon after, Johnson began one of the greatest expansions in world history, and thus changed the course of human history.

1865 Weeks after the assassination of president Lincoln, President Johnson says to congress that "The United States must keep a large and powerful military in order to ensure the survival of American liberty and to safeguard the good health of the Union".


1867 Alaska is bought from Russia.

1868 Andrew Johnson loses to Ulysses S. Grant. Grant keeps the militarist tendencies and begins alliance overtures with Russia and China (to bring about an anti-British alliance)

1874 Alaska is admitted into the Union. This alarms Britain, who gets France and Japan together to form the Entente.

1875 Germany forms alliances with Italy, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire to form the Central Powers. That same year, the US industrial capacity is reported to be closing up on Britain.

1880 The United States begins probing into purchasing territory from Mexico

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