Alternative History

The First Buildup 1901 Weeks after the assassination of President McKinley, President Roosevelt says to congress that "The United States must keep a large and powerful military in order to ensure the survival of American liberty and to safeguard the good health of the union".

1902 A bill is passed in the senate that allows an unprecedented building and reconstruction of the military. It allows the massive expansion of the army as well as the navy and marine corps. President Roosevelt begins calling for action against America's southern neighbor Mexico.

1903 The United States Army now has more than three and a half million men while the navy has four hundred and fifty thousand men and the marine corps has three hundred thousand men under arms. President Roosevelt sends U.S Marines and warships to defend the Panama Canal. Roosevelt also says that their needs to be a U.S sphere of influence across Latin America.

But population was a problem to that empire situation, white USA citizen can not enslave, colonize, more that 100 millions of Mexicans, Filipinos, Caribbeans, and central Americans, and black people, all of them occidentals ("not African people") independent people can not be slaves. A idea came to president head, Soap, soap from fat.

The Great American War up, USA versus (self named) Spanish Empire, Cuban, Filipino and Mexican insurrection. In that time the recently self-created Japanese Empire try to conquer Hawaii. Black Americans hear about independence from Cuban blacks.