Territory of American Samoa
Teritori o Amerika Sāmoa (Samoan)
Timeline: Yellowstone: 1936
OTL equivalent: American Samoa
US flag 48 stars.svg Seal of American Samoa.svg
Flag (48-Star US Flag) Coat of arms
"Samoa, Let God Be First"
"Sāmoa, Muamua Le Atua" (Samoan)
Star Spangled Banner

Samoa islands 2002.gif
Location of American Samoa in the Samoan archipelago
CapitalPago Pago
Languages English, Samoan
Ethnic groups  American, Australian, New Zealander, German, Pacific Islander
Demonym American Samoan
Government Territorial presidential constitutional republic
 -  Naval Governor MacGillivray Milne
 -  Total 199 km2 
77 sq mi 
Currency US Dollar
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American Samoa is a U.S. territory located in the South Pacific Ocean, between New Zealand and Hawaii. It is part of the Samoan archipelago. To its west is the former Imperial German territory of Western Samoa, which as of 1936, was administered as a trust territory on New Zealand.


With the Yellowstone Eruption of 1936, American Samoa lost all contact with the mainland United States. The territory had to be self sufficient so it relied on fishing and maintained contact through Western Samoa, Australia, and New Zealand. Contact was re-established with American Pacific-Asiatic Zone two years later, in what could be accepted as the successor to the United States government and its territories in the Asia-Pacific region. However, the Pacific War soon followed. American Samoa played a vital role for the Allies as it was used as a stop for the U.S. Pacific fleet to move from Hawaii to Oceania.

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