Alternative History
The American Standard System is a measurement system identical to OTL's Metric System. The base unit is the Meter, one ten-millionth the distance from the Equator to the North Pole.


The units of length and distance are all based on the Meter. The meter is divided into the Decimeter (tenths), centimeters (hundreths), and millimeters (thousandths). The meter is also incorporated into Decameters (Ten meters), the Hectometer (One hundred meters), and the Kilometer (one thousand meters). Most people are measured in centimeters.


The units of weight are defined by the meter as well. The base weight of the Standard Sysytem is the Gram. The gram is the weight of one cubic centimeter of water. It's divided into the decigram, centigram, and milligram. Larger divisions are the dekagram, Hectogram, and kilogram. Most people are weighed in kilograms. Also, one Standard Ton is 1000 kilograms.


Rather than create a whole new temperature system, the Standard System uses the Celsius scale. Zero degrees is based on the freezing point of freshwater. 100 degrees Celsius is defined as the boiling point of water.