Alternative History
American Union
Union Américaine
Amerikanishce Vereninigung
União Americana
Американский Союз
Unión Americana
Flag of the United States
Motto: E plurbius unum
Official languages English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish
Secretary-General Barack Obama
Type of government Federative union of 50 countries plus 7 union territories
Capital Washington, District of Columbia
Largest city New York City, New York
Established April 30, 1789 (Inauguration of First Secretary-General); January 1, 1790 (Ratification of the Treaty of Philadelphia)
Currency United States dollar plus the 50 currencies of the member countries
Anthem The Star-Spangled Banner

The American Union is the organization of American nations to promote peace and cooperation. It is led by the Secretary-General.


Italicized members are union territories.

  • Republic of Alabama
  • Consulate of Alaska
  • Union Territory of American Samoa
  • Republic of Arizona
  • Democratic Republic of Arkansas
  • California Republic
  • Federation of Colorado
  • People's Republic of Connecticut
  • Republic of Delaware
  • Union Territory of the District of Columbia
  • Republic of Florida
  • People's Republic of Georgislavia
  • Union Territory of Guam
  • Republic of Hawaii
  • Confederation of Idaho
  • Republic of Illinois
  • Nation-State of Indiana
  • Republic of Iowa
  • Kansan Federation
  • Commonwealth of Kentucky
  • République de Louisiane
  • Republic of Maine
  • Federation of Maryland
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Michigander Federation
  • Republic of Minnesota
  • Union Territory of the Minor Outlying Islands
  • Republic of Mississippi
  • Republic of Missouri
  • Republic of Montana
  • Nebraskan Federation
  • Republic of Nevada
  • Republic of New Hampshire
  • Republic of New Jersey
  • Federation of New Mexico
  • Republic of New York
  • Republic of North Carolina
  • Republic of North Dakota
  • Union Territory of the Northern Mariana Islands
  • Republic of Ohio
  • Oklahoman Federation
  • Republic of Oregon
  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Union Territory of Puerto Rico
  • Republic of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
  • Republic of South Carolina
  • Republic of South Dakota
  • Republic of Tennessee
  • Republic of Texas
  • Republic of Utah
  • Republic of Vermont
  • Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Union Territory of the Virgin Islands
  • Republic of Washington
  • West Virginian Federation
  • Republic of Wisconsin
  • Wyoming Republic

List of Secretaries-General[]

  Federalist Party
  Democratic-Republican Party
  Democratic Party
  Whig Party
  Republican Party

No. Secretary-General Took office Left office Party Assistant Secretary-General
1 Gilbert Stuart Williamstown Portrait of George Washington George Washington April 30, 1789 March 4, 1797 Non-partisan John Adams
2 John Adams John Adams March 4, 1797 March 4, 1801 Federalist Party Thomas Jefferson